Aliens, Predators, and Orlando

Most are no doubt familiar with the late 70’s and late 80’s sci-fi thrillers Alien (1979) and Predator (1987). I assume that most are also well acquainted with the prodigious spinoffs, sequels, prequels, and crossovers spawned (heh) by both franchises. For the uninitiated, Alien introduced  us to a ragtag group of space cowboys returning to Earth aboard the Nostromo after a mission to space when they encounter a signal transmitted from a desolate planetoid. When the Nostromo lands on the planetoid, the crew discovers the wreckage of an alien craft, the remains of a deceased alien within the ship, and a chamber full of alien eggs. During the course of the crew’s assay, one of the eggs hatch and a hatchling attaches itself to the face of one of the crewmen and an alien subsequently bursts from the crewman’s chest while aboard the Nostromo. Unbeknownst to the crew they are explicitly expendable: their employer, the Wayland-Yutani corporation, knows of the creature’s existence and intentionally sent the crew to the planetoid to recover the organism at all costs, likely for development into some sort of biological weapon. Naturally, the mission goes horribly wrong when the target alien unexpectedly gets out of containment and cannibalizes the entire crew save the intrepid Ripley.

Predator, on the other hand, follows a crew of high T special forces agents enlisted by the CIA to rescue a high ranking official being held hostage by guerrillas in the Central American jungle country of Val Verde. Led by Maj. Alan “Dutch” Schaefer and supervised by former commando George Dillon, the team heads into the jungle to rescue the official, only to discover that they are “expendable assets,” intentionally sent there by USG not to extract an official, but to retrieve valuable intelligence from captured operatives. Unfortunately, the mission goes badly awry then the crew encounters the titular antagonist, an extraterrestrial predator that picks the crew off one by one, save the intrepid Schaefer.

On June 11, 2016, many celebratory LGBTQ folks and allies went to the Pulse nightclub (a gay venue) in Orlando, FL to enjoy the freedoms afforded them by virtue of living in an open and liberal society. Unfortunately for them, their celebrations went horribly awry and ended tragically when an American-born Afghani with Islamist leanings and an abiding hatred of faggotry named Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, entered the club and slaughtered 50 unsuspecting homos while wounding 53 more before himself being killed. The event now has the dubious distinction of being the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history and the most significant terrorist attack since the September 11 attacks. Unbeknownst to the party goers, Mateen was known to the FBI and called 911 during the attack to inform authorities that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The question of why these mass murder psyops always seem to happen in June aside, what’s the connection between the three? Let’s begin with the films. What was it that made both Alien and Predator so poignant to viewers both then and now? Certainly, the storytelling in both movies was sterling and both were superbly acted. Nevertheless, the common theme shared by both films is apparent to every viewer. Thematically speaking, the crux of the problem, the catalyst for the supervening events in both films was elite malfeasance-particularly the willingness of elites to lie to and sacrifice non-elites for the sake of some unspecified agenda, whether pecuniary, programmatic, or ideological. In Alien, the Nostromo’s space cowboys were deceived by the Wayland Corporation and sent on a suicide mission so that the Corporation could create the ultimate bioweapon. In Predator, USG sent a cadre of “expendable [CIA] assets” into the heart of darkness to retrieve intel from a guerrilla faction. This is no different from what occurred in Orlando on Saturday night. Granted, cause and effect are much more tenuous than they were in either Alien or Predator, but the impulse remains the same-sacrifice of the lows for the benefit of the highs. The true battle is always and ever between the highs and the lows, with a healthy dose of pretext and a high body count in the middle.

Let us think about things logically. Mateen was known to the FBI and he openly voiced his opinions to anyone who would listen. Yet, he was deemed not to be a threat back in 2013. More abstractly, the Establishment Left struggles to reconcile the fundamentally irreconcilable differences of all the constituent parts of its coalition by falsely advancing the notion that everyone is equally capable of participation in a liberal democracy, that there are no differences between groups worth discussing, and that to suggest otherwise is incorrect and/or racist. The Left has people putting themselves at risk, running around believing utter balderdash that is false on its face: that Islam is not the problem, that it is a “religion of peace,” that it is racist to exclude Muslims from civic participation and from entry into the the U.S., that No True Muslim would do what Mateen did, that the true danger is from Angry White Christian Men, that guns are the problem, that homophobia is the problem, et cetera ad infinitum. So people are left incapable of parsing the truth from the lies. 

The Left has turned normies into total retards undesirious of looking at the totality of the evidence, lest they discover something that conflicts with the narrative. Narrative preservation is possible only when every element is viewed as discrete and unrelated. Meanwhile, those made of sterner stuff, those who are willing to call events as they see them, those who might save the world-are actively suppressed.

How is Orlando not a product of the active malfeasance of the political classes? 

How could the Left at once claim to advance the cause of liberal, Western democracy (and its attendant degeneracy) and in the same breath argue for the wholesale importation of individuals from cultures that hate liberalism and openly preach the gospel of its overthrow? How can the Left observe Muslims pledging allegiance to ISIS and shouting Allahu Akbar while gunning people down, and insist that it has nothing to do with Islam? Does it make sense to promote homosexuality as a value while simultaneously promoting a lax immigration policy that would allow in individuals who view the killing of homosexuals as a mitzvah? Casualties will naturally result from these clashing values; Orlando is the most recent evidence of this. Nevertheless, Americans are continually browbeaten by their (((elites))) into welcoming destablilizing elements into the country without questioning their motives, their allegiance to the state, or their compatibility with the wider culture.

Our (((elites))) are no different from the elites in Alien or Predator, actively weaponizing our ignorance and goodwill to use against us. Whether corporate or governmental, in every instance the powers that be are setting us up. In every instance, they know something you don’t know-and they’re not telling. We are being played. They are not above lying to us to get their way. We are all expendable assets in the ongoing struggle for power and supremacy. I feel for the families impacted by the events in Orlando, but this is the reality. We are the prey. And these events will continue to happen, so long as individuals are prevented from accurately identifying the nature of the problem and neutralizing the threat. We will continue to be cannon fodder in the war to vindicate prog ideology.

It’s time for us to begin approaching anything that our (((thought leaders))) and actual leaders advance with intense skepticism. It’s high time that we all become conspiracy theorists. The powers that be will dissimulate, will lie to you, will use you and then will kill you if doing so would enable them to accomplish their ends. Now we know: we are besieged from within and from without.

It’s time to act accordingly.





I often ponder what precisely is wrong with the average person. Look closely and it becomes abundantly clear there is something very wrong with the vast majority of people one encounters. Mere observation of the symptoms is child’s play; accurate diagnosis of the disease is considerably more challenging. More often than not, the disease vector is obscured due either to pure ignorance or to bald chicanery designed to defeat understanding. The answer to this question comes in quiet contemplation:

Misery is the consequence of valuing that which is degenerate.

An elegant yet simple truth. A lens through which to view the world and understand the brokenness of her myriad inhabitants. We are fallen and in our fallen state, we have pursued that which pulls us further into the quagmire of our own imperfections. We are fallen, and have embraced that which has degenerative effects on our societies and upon our souls. To make values out of antivalues-to worship at the altar of decadence-is to create hell on earth. This is why the average person is so vacant and bereft. Their souls have been obliterated after a lifetime of placing destructive filth at the center of their universe.

Consider your average American cubicle drone. In particular, consider the typical female cubicle drone. Observing women is instructive as they are disinclined to question prevailing wisdom and are more swayed by considerations of “propriety,” regardless of how inverted and bastardized the notion may have become. Observe the extent to which they are mindless automatons floating about through an empty existence. Listen to the way in which they rhapsodize about their pets’ every shit even while they express disgust at the thought of growing and nurturing another human being. Notice how dour they are before they have their morning jolt of caffeine. Look at the importance which they imbue their trifling makework jobs. These are people who live small and profoundly unhappy lives.

Why? Consider what the Average American Female values. She values the perfection of petty minutiae over the comprehension of the big picture. She values maintaining the *pretense* of economic independence over the management of hearth and home. She values a consumerist and promiscuous existence in Sodom and Gomorrah coastal megalopolises. She values good feelings over truth. She values the ability to acquire trinkets over the creation of durable relationships. She values human equality even in the total absence of evidence that such a thing exists. She values credentials over character. I focus on women but we all value ephemeral and meaningless things because we are dutiful slaves who do as our masters command without wondering: “what is the purpose of all of this?” We run the script we were handed over the protestations and screams of our spirit.

Where do these “values” ultimately lead? To the grave, over a long enough time horizon. In the short term they lead to isolation, loneliness, barrenness, bitterness, anxiety, and to despair.

We are miserable because we value that which is degenerate. We are miserable because everything we have been taught to value is a lie. 

This is not a uniquely Western (or American) phenomenon. As the West goes supernova, it spews its dreck far and wide. Contentment and tradition are gauche. Maintaining appearances up to the point of starvation and striving to reduce oneself to a perfect economic unit divorced from all other contextualizing forces is de rigeur.

Unhappiness is natural. That miserable feeling in the pit of the stomach is an indication that something is wrong, that something needs fixing. While I am far from critical of bona fide clinical mental issues, I believe that depression and misery are, more often than not, side effects of venerating the dissolute and losing sight of the upright. I think it worthwhile to be introspective when these feelings surface, to determine what has caused the psychic imbalance. Quite often, the anguish we feel results from valuing the worthless and destructive while letting that which we ought to cultivate lie fallow due to our inattentiveness.


Rules for Realists: 10 Tips for the Young Lady of Worth

It’s rare for me to bump into many kids substantially younger than myself anymore; just a sign that I’m one step closer to death. When I do interact with those in the 18-25 demographic, I’m always struck by two things: (1) how generally deluded about life they are and (2) how much worse the indoctrination has gotten since I was that age.

The problem is particularly acute for females, who tend to be more suggestible and are often diehard adherents of the “go along to get along” school of thought. Unfortunately, as societal indoctrination has grown all the more expansive and bizarre, the field of opinions that may be acceptably held and voiced has simultaneously contracted. Opinions that were considered laughably antiquated when I was 18 in 2005 (say, that women might be happier in the home or that it’s not economical for companies to hire pregnant women) are now considered thoughtcrimes of the highest order​ now that I am 28 in 2015. Expressing opinions like the former can now have catastrophic implications for one’s social life and possibly one’s employment opportunities.

Nonetheless, truth remains truth and the brave must not be afraid to speak it. Human nature will not be conditioned away by 50 years of false ideology. Men and women are as they have always been, and young girls especially ignore this fact to their peril (and great unhappiness). To that end, I have written a list of ten pointers for young girls. These are things that no one will tell you in this day and age, but that you should be aware of to avoid the lies put to you and the unhappiness that they will ultimately bring.

(1) Feminism is a Lie: feminism has jumped the shark. It has not been about equality or women’s rights in at least 30 years. At this point in its history, it is exclusively a misandrist, supremacist, and socialist movement that aims to torpedo relations between the sexes and to secure gimmedats for women at society’s expense using mechanisms of guilt and the machinery of the state. Feminists are insidious and will always try to get you to ignore both reality and your biological yearnings (for children, for a husband, for the hearth). They will try to convince you that the only meaningful things are being “educated” and having a job. Swallow this lie and you will squander your most fertile years in a cubicle, pushing papers at a job you hate, watching as your opportunity to have a family slowly fades away. Never make the mistake of believing that feminism has your best interests at heart. You must eschew this destructive ideology.

(2) Know yourself and order your life accordingly: what do you want out of life? What do you want to be? I will be the first to admit that being a wife and a mother is not for everyone. Some of you might be very ambitious honey badgers with big asses and big dreams. That is OK. What is not OK, however, is to go through your life on autopilot, blithely unaware of your desires. No one can “have it all” in life regardless of what feminists will tell you. Some choices necessarily foreclose others. If you want to be a go-get em’ tank grrrl career woman, then take the steps necessary to improve yourself and achieve your goals. HOWEVER: if family and relationships are your priority, realize that attending school until you are 30, moving from place to place, and incurring mountains of debt is a recipe for failure. You will not be an attractive prospect to men if you take this route. You need to be secure enough in yourself to avoid succumbing to the pressure to obtain more and more “education” and over leveraging yourself that will be put upon you by nearly everyone you will meet. You must realize that choosing one will make having the other substantially more difficult. You must prioritize.

(3) Read: turn off the goddamned TV. There is nothing of value there. Read deeply, improve yourself, learn new things. Read things that make you think; read things that make you laugh. Your erudition as compared to the average culturally lobotomized female in your age cohort will be noted. Furthermore, reading will endow you with the tools necessary to be a fully actualized individual and come to sensible conclusions about your world in a time when nonsensical pap is treated as gospel.

(4) Don’t Whore: do not believe the feminists. The rules are still the same in that the rules are still different for men and for women. Men are admired when they have lots of sex because sex is hard for them to get. Women are scorned when they have lots of sex because sex is easy for them to get (and because it cheapens the value of sex and makes men less likely to commit). Men do not wife whores. As a female, you will feel the worse for wear if your mileage is up. Sleeping around excessively will make it harder for you to pair bond with one man and makes it likelier that you will divorce in future.

(5) Stay in Shape: your personality is not the only thing that matters. Most men will not be attracted to the fat girl with the beautiful face, or the fat girl with the heart of gold. Men are visual and are attracted to visual cues indicative of health and fertility. Fat has never been one of those indicia. Being overweight will impair your chances of obtaining a high value man who maintains attraction for you. Do not believe the hype (fatkini, HAES) Fat acceptance is a cancer, and there is nothing wrong with looking good. If you’re currently eating right and maintaining an exercise regimen, good on you. If you currently aren’t where you’d like to be physically then get a gym membership (make sure to do weights AND cardio), dial in your diet, and work towards your goals. The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

(6) Don’t be a harridan: living that virago lyfe will leave you single in a kitty litter scented apartment. You can be “strong” and “independent” without being strident and annoying. Learn how to radiate strength rather than shouting strength from the mountaintops and pushing people around.

(7) Have reasonable expectations: not everybody is beautiful. Not every body is beautiful. If everyone were beautiful, no one would be beautiful. Not everyone will have a life of wealth and leisure. Leagues are real. You must be aware of where you stand on the 1-10 scale and act accordingly. If you are a 5, do what you can to improve and be honest with yourself. Female fives do not get male tens, except in the rarest of instances. If you are an average girl (and most are), learn to be happy with the average guys who will take interest in you. The alternative to this is to be pumped and dumped by attractive players who will never commit to you, negatively impacting your happiness and your self worth. Never confuse being realistic for being fatalistic.

(8) Develop cooking skills: there is nothing more disgusting than a woman who takes pride in not being able to cook. Aside from being unable to feed yourself, it projects an image of slovenliness and worthlessness. Cooking is one of the most fun and meaningful things you can do for yourself and for others. It will also make you healthier and more attractive as a partner.

(9) Develop domestic skills more generally: learn how to decorate. Keep your home tidy. Learn how to sew, if the fancy strikes you. Overall, learn how to turn a house into a home. This ability will also make you more attractive as a partner.

(10) Do not listen to your female friends: like it or not, they are always in direct competition with you and will dispense advice to you that will cause you to take serious losses. They don’t know what men want, they don’t know what they want, and odds are that they’re thoroughly indoctrinated and will give you drone advice that will lead to disaster. Don’t listen to them about “career” advice, don’t listen to them about romance, don’t listen to them when they say that you’re “too young” to do X, Y, or Z. Reality must always factor into any considerations that you make. Most young females have a tenuous grasp on reality as it is. Their advice often reflects this.

That’s all I have. Stay up, girls.

The Family is the Target

A certain interview has been making the Internet rounds, and it is interesting indicator of the culture’s generally downward trajectory.  In a culture marred by decay and perversion, institutions reinforcing the sublime and the normal will inevitably be looked upon with suspicion.  So when we listen to an interview asking whether “having a loving family [is] an unfair advantage,” it’s apparent on face what the conclusion will be.  The assumption is embedded in the question.  The Leftist Western elite will not rest until society is so fractured and riddled with decay that it will collapse under its own weight.

The interview is a segment on an Australian radio program with the sophisticated title of “The Philosopher’s Zone.”  In the present installment presenter Joe Gelonesi has a sit down with self-styled philosopher Adam Swift in which the two discuss the interplay between “social justice” and the family.  The crux of the argument is clear: the nuclear family is diametrically opposed to the causes of social justice and radical equality and while it must not be completely abolished, it must at the very least be radically transformed.

While this is nothing more than a repackaging of the classically Marxist view of the family as an oppressive bourgeoisie construct preventing the establishment of a global communist Shangri-La, this is the first time that I have heard the view espoused so openly on such a mainstream platform.  This is too open and too flagrant to leave any doubt that the left is bitterly antagonistic towards the family and seeks its utter destruction.  It casts aspersions on the family by encouraging feelings of guilt and the propagation of lies.  It denies the existence of the core, immutable principles of natural law that give rise to the family.

Swift is a totalitarian and a radical egalitarian masquerading as an academic and a philosopher.  To him, rights should only exist to the extent that they promote the collective.  Individual rights must be extinguished; individualism must be exterminated.  He longs to sharply limit the field of “permissible” activities that parents may engage in with their children.  If just one child does not have parents invested enough to read him a bedtime story, then we must question the value of that activity and criticize it as antithetical to social justice.  Good parents must feel guilty for being good parents.  If one child is unable to attend private school, then “private schooling cannot be justified by appeal to these ‘familial relationship goods,’” his concocted theory of “social justice.”  So what is the implicit conclusion?  Private schooling must be abolished.  To the totalitarian, every individual action has to redound to the benefit of the collective before it can be “allowed” or “justified.” Swift longs to deny the superiority of the two-parent heterosexual family and to vaunt degenerate socially engineered alternative models as being just as good as the model that has existed naturally for millennia and has produced the most outstanding human outcomes bar none.  Consider the alternatives.

The superior must be held in thrall to the inferior.

The genius must flagellate himself before the idiot.    

Swift, as a true Leftist has no interest in human edification.  Rather, his vision is one of debasement.  For all his lies however, the interview makes it clear that he realizes that equality does not exist and can never occur naturally.  Rejiggering is necessary.  To be brought to life, his vision mandates that the exceptional must be actively handicapped not so that the mediocre will have a better shot at greatness, but so that no one will rise to be greater than anyone else.  The state apparatus must impose a lowest common denominator of equality upon all.

Thus we see the Leftist utopia: squalor, slavery, broken families, and idiocracy.  But at least we’ll all be equal.

On Beauty and Subversion

It’s difficult as a thinking person to examine the present zeitgeist without coming to the conclusion that something within society has gone completely awry.  We watch as all values are inverted and as all standards are abandoned as relics of a more judgmental, less enlightened time.  We live in an era of relative values and subjectivity, an era wherein nothing is knowable, objective, or true.  Nowadays, to assert that absolute truths do exist, or that the continued acceptance of cultural relativism within a society leads to decadence and ultimately, decline is to expose oneself to attack and ridicule, as well as the possibility of stiffer social and employment penalties.  Nowhere in the culture is this inversion of values more apparent than in the spreading cultural antipathy towards aesthetics and ideals of virtue and beauty.

Beauty is perfection.  Beauty represents goodness and transcendence.  Beauty elevates the human race.  Beauty is inspiration and pleasure.  Humans are evolutionarily programmed to recognize, appreciate, and seek out beauty, and to create works of heartbreaking beauty in music, literature, and visual arts. Above all, beauty is truth.  Preferences exist, but true beauty is undeniable.  One might prefer the clanging of pots and pans, but no one can deny the beautiful mastery of Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor; similarly one might claim to prefer the aesthetics of a urine splattered cross in an art installation but that individual can never deny the perfection of the Sistine Chapel.  Nonetheless, we are encouraged to ignore our senses, and to embrace the hideous in every form.  The urine stained cross is now high art; the cacophony of banging pots and pans we are supposed to consider the magnum opus of the finest musical minds.  Put simply, this is the complete uglification of the culture.

There are three key questions: (1) what causes this malignant attitude to develop and spread?  (2) Why has the notion that things are either objectively beautiful or objectively ugly become one that no goodthinking individual dare entertain?  (3) How exactly does this antagonism towards beauty manifest itself?  This denigration of the beautiful is nothing more than an effort to subvert society, brainwashing individuals into believing that the denial of absolute truths and concrete realities is acceptable, even necessary if the denial ultimately results in a “better” and more radically egalitarian society.

Subversion as it relates to accretive cultural destruction is best defined by Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet defector who worked as a propagandist during the 60’s.  According to Bezmenov, subversion is the gradual process by which an enemy undertakes measures to change the perception of every individual within a target country.  Perception is altered so severely through the constant use of various forms of propaganda that individuals are rendered unable to come to sensible conclusions about anything and become unwilling to fight for their very existence.  The target society becomes a sitting duck for the enemy.  Subversion succeeds in destruction by undoing logic and lowering defenses; it succeeds by twisting the mind so much that it becomes unable to discern the truth from a lie.  Bezmenov further explains that subversion proceeds in four distinct stages: (1) demoralization, (2) destabilization (3) crisis and (4) normalization.  We are concerned here with demoralization, as the erosion of the beautiful is in no small part a tool in the work kit of subversion.

To observe the assault on beauty, one need look no further than any of the various liberal pop culture e-rags that proliferate in all corners of the internet.  The so-called “body-positivity” movement (also known as HAES, or “Health at Every Size”), exhorting us to close our eyes to the ugliness of obesity to the cry of “all bodies are beautiful!” and to embrace it as “real beauty.”

Embedded image permalink

Transgressive obesity.

We see this in the efforts to do away with Barbie and to replace it with other grotesqueries that are said to represent “beauty across various spectra.”  It can be seen as comic book heroes peak physical perfection are redrawn to reflect the average and the typical.  Women are discouraged from attempting to achieve a feminine ideal of beauty and are instead encouraged to put as little effort into their looks as is possible and to adopt “gender neutral” fashion.  Graffiti is pushed upon us as art, and we see the veneration of Banksy, the graffiti artist whose “work” you can obtain as prints from any online art retailer.  We are told graffiti adds neighborhood character.  Whether that character is good or bad is of no relevance.

It’s not vandalism; it’s vibrancy.

There is, furthermore, the strange trend of photographing the abandoned flotsam and jetsam of American life to show the “haunting beauty” of these sites has become all the rage on electronic compost sites like Buzzfeed.  Musically, frankly scatological music is pumped over the airwaves and it hits the Top 40.

The process of demoralization continues unhindered because of a lack of standards combined with a deathly fear of passing judgment on absolutely anyone or anything, even if the person is acting in the basest manner, and even if the thing is completely lacking in virtue or value.  Why?  Because we are taught, almost from birth, that everything is the same, and that everyone is equal: to discriminate is to deny the inherent equality in all things and all people.  We are taught to ignore that the pursuit of the beautiful and the avoidance of the ugly is an evolutionary survival mechanism that enables the preservation of the species.  We are forced to internalize a lie.  Therefore, to say that obesity is bad because it causes severe health complications, and that obese people are disgusting eyesores is a thoughtcrime of the highest order. That would be to imply that the fat are not the equals of the fit.  We should think that Melissa McCarthy is as beautiful as Zoe Saldana.  We cannot say that gender neutral fashion is bunk, and that a woman in a flawlessly tailored dress looks better than some androgyne in a shapeless jumpsuit.  We cannot say that Banksy is a hack but Botticelli is a genius, because to juxtapose the bankruptcy of one and the beauty of the other, to recognize the objective truth of the relative value of each contribution to the artistic cannon, is to immediately make a statement about the inferiority of the former.

This is not petty.  Demoralization has a profound spiritual impact on society.  Interacting with the average lobotomized, zombiefied leftist makes this clear.  Nowadays, people are so used to being told what they believe that their minds lack vigor and are useless for critical thought.  This general mental lassitude makes people unable to resist lies and the imposition of inverted values.  It makes them likely to accept any harebrained assertion, truth or reality notwithstanding.  It creates a generation of people without strong beliefs about anything, who will regard the downfall of their country with little more than a shrug and a yawn.  This is the endgame of subversion: self-destruction through inertia.

Dr. Theodore Dalrymple should have the last word: “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”