A Word on Brexit

Farage Victory.jpgBrexit was a success, contrary to what the naysayers, doomsday prophets, and the muh shekels EU loyalist crowd predicted. 17,410,742 (51.9%) – Leave vs. 16,141,241 (48.1%) – Remain. I think that this was the single most important thing that Britain has done for itself in its entire recent history, and I am happy for them. Britain chose its own side. It took a stand for nationalism and sovereignty, prioritizing these low time preference ideological intangibles over more high time preference materialist tangibles like cheap labor and slightly more affordable goods. And how this stand has scandalized the (((globalist elite))), who, comfortably ensconced in their ideological echo chambers and gated communities, fundamentally misjudged the nature and direction of the zeitgeist. People still cherish their nations and still take pride in their national identities. They do not relish the idea of an undifferentiated, borderless world. They are not ashamed to stand up against their eventual demographic replacement, regardless of how many times they are decried as racists/xenophobes/islamophobes.

Whether British leaders will effectuate clearly articulated will of the people remains to be seen. I’m certain that the (((elites))) have some punitive financial chicanery planned for Britain that in the short term, will make things slightly more difficult. Thankfully, Britain did not make the mistake of shackling itself monetarily to the European Union, and as for the coming economic trials – this too shall pass. Sterling has held strong; Britons have already shown themselves to be prepared to play the long game.

It will be interesting to see how things across the Continent (across the West in general, really) develop over the next few years as people rediscover the wonders of nationalism and national pride while eschewing globalism.

May 6/23/16 be the day that the European Uncucking begins in earnest.





The #Brexit referendum takes place today. Much has already been said about a UK exit from the EU from individuals and entities on both sides of the argument, so I won’t belabor the point.

I hope that Britain secedes from the European Union today. The EU has done nothing but destroy national sovereignty across Europe and has hobbled Britain. It has done so by extracting far more value from the nation than it has ever returned to the nation or its people in benefits, by dumping innumerable immigrants onto its shores, by decimating once thriving industries, and by slowly eroding its unique culture & national character. A LEAVE vote is a vote for Britain to reclaim itself, to once again determine its own future; a LEAVE vote is a vote for Britain to chart its own course forward and to save its heritage from extinction. Britain does not need the European Union. The British created the British Empire, perhaps the most powerful global empire since the Roman Empire, without the support of the “European community.” Britain has produced some of the greatest individuals and innovations that the world has ever known-without the assistance of the “European community.” Britain’s historical excellence is undeniable; its ability to rise from the ashes once the chains of the EU have been thrown off is to my mind, a certainty.

I hope that a successful succession will inspire other European nations to do the same. The reality is this: these nations are no longer nations, but rather vassal states subordinate to Brussels which exercises viselike control over the continent. Brussels now rules Europe through unelected “leaders,” who rule by edict and usurp the will of the people by upending the democratic process through centralizing & concentrating power in a supranational body outside of Britain’s shores. I hope that a Brexit will reinvigorate the rest of Europe and encourage other nations to choose freedom, sovereignty, and greatness over slavery, globalism, and undifferentiated mediocrity.

Global Putsch


When I first read Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, I was inspired by the boldness of his vision and by the breadth of his analysis. I agreed with his conclusions for the most part, and I particularly enjoyed his treatment of the three dominant political ideologies of the 20th Century: Marxism, fascism, and liberalism. I, at the time, still believed in the possibility of a hybrid solution, one that could effectively marry a robust vindication of Tradition with salvage from the more positive aspects of the Enlightenment. I hadn’t completely soured on the liberal project yet, and like many with a burgeoning awareness of postmodernism’s downsides, I believed that the only thing wrong with liberalism was that it had gone too far.

It is now abundantly clear that Dugin was correct in his assessment: the problem is liberalism itself. Liberalism sows the seeds of civilizational destruction wherever it finds fertile hearts and minds. History has been progressing towards the singularity with some alacrity, and taking the time to thresh the wheat from the chaff of liberalism is an indulgence made possible by ignorance and conditions of plenty. An unqualified belief in the beneficence of liberalism was possible before our treacherous global elites visited the “migrant crisis” upon the European populace, and before European elites assembled to thwart the unambiguously expressed political preferences of the people. Such a belief was quaint in a world before amnesty by executive order, before the cramdown of the TPP, before the federalization of marriage by judicial fiat. This was a world before public bathrooms were federalized to preserve the peace of mind of mentally ill deviants, before Paris, before Belgium. In short, the belief that the beneficial effects of liberalism could be sundered from its more poisonous aspects was an opulent fantasy that appeared plausible only during a time before elites weaponized liberalism and openly used it against the populace in order to concentrate their own power.

The good is inevitably co-opted in service of the bad.

Dugin was prescient and his theory sound, with one qualification: fascism may have failed, but it is far from dead. Necessity has resurrected it, and now the fashy Global Right is having a moment as those conned by liberalism become aware of its myriad failures and begin to seek draconian solutions in response. The masses have watched in disbelief as the Rule of Law touted by the global plutocracy has been subverted by the very same, turned into the Law of Rule for the purpose of advancing an increasingly illiberal & anti-human agenda. We now see that the political system ostensibly in place to express our will has become so pozzed and disordered that it now derives its power from its ability to circumvent the will of the people rather than its ability to be responsive to it. Anarcho-tyranny is the present reality, as liberal elites sic underclass filth on the middle class in order to destabilize it and eventually collapse it. People have seen the writing on the wall and are resisting the featureless, globalist, technocratic future that the powers that be have mapped out for them.

How else can the sudden rise of the Right be understood? How else can the sudden popularity of the alt-right be explained? How does one explain the hard pivot from milquetoast Romney to Trump-an unabashedly chauvinist, nationalistic, and pro-America candidate-within four years? How does one explain Hofer’s near victory in Austria? Or the rise of German shitlordette Frauke Petry? How is it that some ragtag Romanians threaten to burn down asylum centers and dares their local government to blink? How is it that this guy, who made a name for himself by extrajudicially offing derelicts as mayor of Davao City wins the presidency and pledges to keep killing sonsofbitches on behalf of his people if  he determines that they deserve it?

Around the world, people are doing what has long needed to be done. They now understand that if the state is not working for you, it’s working against you. They realize that if there is to be any future at all, active measures must be taken against all traitors working to spread chaos for their own ends. Civilization can only be saved by those willing to engage in savagery on its behalf; belligerence is the only way to neutralize agitating, subversive, fifth columns that would cheerfully commandeer the machinery of liberalism to advance lies and slavery. The pendulum is shifting again towards the strongman, towards the centrality of the state, towards jingoism, towards hypermasculine values, and towards isolationism. A hard reset to fash is necessary to clean house before creating a foundation for a functional future because the liberal values of inclusion, femininity, collaboration, and mortification have produced nothing more than licentiousness, weakness, and empty consumerism.

We are at quite the historical juncture. That electricity you feel is the world waking up from its slumber. From a billion people collectively realizing that everything is fucked and there will be no great unfucking. Billions of people realizing that we must create our own futures through bellicosity, brutalism, and blood if there is to be a future at all. Constitutions won’t save us. Incrementalism and gradualism have been exposed as philosophies of the grave; moderates are just traitors who came late to the party. Ultimately the Fourth Political Theory will come to life, a coalition of nationalists united in their efforts to root out globalist subverters, merchants of untruths, and the useful idiots whose nonchalance has led to the proliferation of filth and decay worldwide. Extremism is the order of the day, and this new right is animated by a will to survive, fiendish irreverence, by an atavistic, pagan energy. And it is all very necessary. There can be no redemption for liberalism.

I’ll end on this note:


“The end times and the eschatological meaning of politics will not realise themselves on their own. We will wait for the end in vain. The end will never come if we wait for it, and it will never come if we do not. This is essential because history, time, and reality have special strategies to avoid Judgment Day, or rather, they have a special strategy of a reversionary manoeuvre that will create the impression that everyone has come to a realisation and an understanding.… If the Fourth Political Practice is not able to realise the end of times, then it would be invalid. The end of days should come; but it will not come by itself. This is a task, it is not a certainty. It is active metaphysics. It is a practice.”


On the Migrant Shitstorm


What I hate most about crises of any sort, the current European “migrant crisis” being no exception, is that such events tend to trigger outpourings of the most asinine, basic bitch sort from the most unsophisticated and frankly, unintelligent of individuals. These crises are the worst because they invariably lead to the mobilization of half wits, followed by a deluge of retarded punditry belched up by people of a type who believe that because they feel deeply about the issue in question, that all of their vacuous mewlings in this regard have some profound meaning or contain some heretofore undiscovered truth or unconsidered perspective. To them, feelings should have complete dominion in a world of stark facts and hard realities.

Wrong. Millions of people are illegal and they should go back to where they came from posthaste.

Wrong. Millions of people are in fact illegal and they should go back to where they came from posthaste. Typical shit prog social media offering.

This is the liberal mind at work. And of course it must be, as no other viewpoint to the contrary can be platformed or articulated nowadays without a serious risk of reprisal to the dissident. There can be but one position on the crisis: the right one. And the right position is Western prostration and self flagellation before the uncivilized hordes. The opposing position, the notion that one would desire his country’s elites to institute policies to repel these invaders and preserve his nation so that it remains one predominantly of co-ethnics and co-nationals is of course, fascism. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

This is no exaggeration of what these retards think. From the bowels of Tumblr came this gem turd of commentary:

Migrant Dreck

The United States, like Western Europe is facing its own “migrant crisis” of sorts. The only difference is that our migrants, rather than coming from Mogadishu and Damascus, hail from Tijuana and points further south. As in Europe, the numbers are staggering: a critical mass of illegals have already comfortably taken up residence in the U.S. and go relatively unmolested while a veritable tidal wave of impoverished illegals is poised to hit the country in the very near future. Americans, who have been stunned into acceptance of this state of affairs by open borders hypnotists and by the soma of multiculturalism, are beginning to wake from their collective slumber and are taking a hard look at things. Ghastly people that they are, they are beginning to demand that America remain a country of Americans rather than being “fundamentally transformed” into an unrecognizable potpourri of the Earth’s wretched.

They are not happy that their elites have allowed their country to be overrun by peoples with whom they have nothing in common, who do not share their norms, and whom they will be forced to support indefinitely through their expropriated tax dollars. They are beginning to demand leaders who will take affirmative action against criminal invaders and to restore America to its former greatness, hence Trump. To leftists however, this awakening is little more than veiled racism. From the Tumblrina:

Y’all do realize that Hitler had similar views about Jewish people that Trump has about Latinxs (sic). Back then nobody thought Hitler would win and somehow he did and then fast forward to all the shit that went down. Y’all need to stop playing and start paying attention to Trump- he’s not kidding.

I’ve actually studied a lot about Hitler and the general formula that goes into the making of a genocide. Someone on my Facebook today said “Trump is just trying to define what it means to be an American” and it sent chills through me. Hitler was just trying to define what it meant to be German. And Turkey in the early 1900s was trying to define what it meant to be Turkish. Which was a large part of the Armenian genocide. Intense nationalism that leads to hatred is fucking scary, and this man is definitely a threat. I’m sure people don’t believe that Trump could order the same things to happen as Hitler did, but here’s the thing: there are two different schools of thought about the Holocaust. And that is that it was premeditated and the other is that it just built up. It was either his plan all along or the atrocities developed with time. Hitler didn’t begin his career with “burn the Jews” he began it with “re-empower Germany and deport the weaker non-Germans who are a threat to us.”

To these idiots, Trump is a neo-Hitler and nationalism is a precursor to genocide. Trump’s views are so similar to Hitler’s that the only rational conclusion that one could reach is that he intends to establish a Third Reich in America that will be mercifully and gloriously cleansed of mestizos should he be elected. But really, what Hitlerian views does Trump espouse? What are his views specifically on the Latixn Question? None, of course. Trump won’t even call for a moratorium on immigration. His views are on illegal immigration to the United States, of which Latixns indisputably comprise the vast majority. His further view is that we should prevent further illegal immigration to the country and deport illegals currently residing within the country, as they have broken our laws to gain entry, are by and large a drain on this society, and are incompatible with our values.

What this Tumblr post doesn’t say is far more interesting than what it does say. By its logic, to assert that nations have unique characters and identities that are worth preserving and will be obliterated by the arrival of hoardes of unlike “migrants” who are more often than not the shittiest of the shit tier of their respective nations is to advocate for genocide.

To assert that nations are sovereign and that they must defend their borders and peoples against impoverished shit-flinging Vandals willing to sacrifice their children for dentures, who desire not to contribute to their target nations, but to sack and pillage them, is to ready the Zyklon-B.

To recognize that porous, undefended borders are a sign of a failed state that has lost its will to exist and is ripe for ravishment and to fight to preserve the state for posterity, to prevent it from being torn asunder is to be a Nazi or a bloodthirsty Turk.

To believe that nation-states and their citizens have interests that do not align with the interests of citizens from other nations, and that its is a leader’s foremost responsibility to attend to those interests and to place them before the interests of global citizenry is not to “define what it means to be X,” it is to call for ethnic cleansing. You are not allowed to be nationalistic. You are only allowed to be cucked and fucked by all comers.

Mexico for the Mexicans, and America for the Mexicans too, I suppose.

The problem is that these types are such cretins who are so ignorant of anything beyond their own assholes that they are incapable of viewing historical events contextually and drawing parallels between historical events and current ones. They mention Hitler’s Germany without recognizing why or how the Nazi Party rose to power. The abortion of a government that preceded the Third Reich, the Weimar Republic was the context that the standard Tumblr prog fails to comprehend. This republic was star-crossed and plagued by instability from the start due to the staggering reparations that Germany had been forced to pay under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and due to the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Germany was piled upon by the international community, encouraged to be ashamed of itself and forced to grovel before the world for the role it played in WWI.

Weimar Germany had to contend with an expansive and increasingly expensive social welfare system, hyperinflation, waves of immigration to Germany from other surrounding poorer nations to the East. It also had to deal with the destabilizing influence of Jews within the society, who were often leftists determined to spread the reach of the October Revolution of 1917. (Note the ethnicity of the majority of the assassinated Reds listed under the “commanders and leaders” section). German society during this era was awash with decay and degeneracy. From 1919-1932, Germany was brought to its knees. Germans were demoralized, Germany was being infiltrated by immigrants hostile towards the country and ignorant of its values, deeply in debt, and had no prospects on the horizon for a future substantially better than the dim present.

Hitler promised to restore German greatness, to recapture lands ignominiously lost after WWI, and to stabilize the nation. He recognized what many other Germans recognized: that immigrants and leftist, radical Jewry posed threats to the sovereignty of the German state and diluted the national character. He promised to restore fiscal health. Though it could be argued that he arrived at a terribly wrong solution, he certainly came to the right conclusions-and Germans recognized this fact.

America and Western Europe find themselves in parallel situations. Both are seemingly in the winter of their respective existences. Once great empires fueled by the ingenuity and productivity of its citizens are now saddled with debt, plagued by cultural rot, assailed by hostile migrants who will do nothing but depend upon the every growing state for even basic sustenance. Unemployment is high and the native peoples are encouraged by agitating, envious minority interest groups not to feel proud of their history and accomplishments, but to feel shame for being oppressors and colonizers. They are bidden to let hostile, useless, and culturally incompatible foreigners into their nations as penance for these historical “sins.” The primary sin is having been capable enough to create flourishing oases of civilization in cultural deserts while most of the world has only been able to turn paradises into latrines.

The rising popularity of nationalist parties and candidates in Europe and more recently in America with Trump’s entry into the presidential race is a sign of things to come. Things cannot continue as they are, and the West must develop a backbone if it is to survive.