Global Putsch


When I first read Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, I was inspired by the boldness of his vision and by the breadth of his analysis. I agreed with his conclusions for the most part, and I particularly enjoyed his treatment of the three dominant political ideologies of the 20th Century: Marxism, fascism, and liberalism. I, at the time, still believed in the possibility of a hybrid solution, one that could effectively marry a robust vindication of Tradition with salvage from the more positive aspects of the Enlightenment. I hadn’t completely soured on the liberal project yet, and like many with a burgeoning awareness of postmodernism’s downsides, I believed that the only thing wrong with liberalism was that it had gone too far.

It is now abundantly clear that Dugin was correct in his assessment: the problem is liberalism itself. Liberalism sows the seeds of civilizational destruction wherever it finds fertile hearts and minds. History has been progressing towards the singularity with some alacrity, and taking the time to thresh the wheat from the chaff of liberalism is an indulgence made possible by ignorance and conditions of plenty. An unqualified belief in the beneficence of liberalism was possible before our treacherous global elites visited the “migrant crisis” upon the European populace, and before European elites assembled to thwart the unambiguously expressed political preferences of the people. Such a belief was quaint in a world before amnesty by executive order, before the cramdown of the TPP, before the federalization of marriage by judicial fiat. This was a world before public bathrooms were federalized to preserve the peace of mind of mentally ill deviants, before Paris, before Belgium. In short, the belief that the beneficial effects of liberalism could be sundered from its more poisonous aspects was an opulent fantasy that appeared plausible only during a time before elites weaponized liberalism and openly used it against the populace in order to concentrate their own power.

The good is inevitably co-opted in service of the bad.

Dugin was prescient and his theory sound, with one qualification: fascism may have failed, but it is far from dead. Necessity has resurrected it, and now the fashy Global Right is having a moment as those conned by liberalism become aware of its myriad failures and begin to seek draconian solutions in response. The masses have watched in disbelief as the Rule of Law touted by the global plutocracy has been subverted by the very same, turned into the Law of Rule for the purpose of advancing an increasingly illiberal & anti-human agenda. We now see that the political system ostensibly in place to express our will has become so pozzed and disordered that it now derives its power from its ability to circumvent the will of the people rather than its ability to be responsive to it. Anarcho-tyranny is the present reality, as liberal elites sic underclass filth on the middle class in order to destabilize it and eventually collapse it. People have seen the writing on the wall and are resisting the featureless, globalist, technocratic future that the powers that be have mapped out for them.

How else can the sudden rise of the Right be understood? How else can the sudden popularity of the alt-right be explained? How does one explain the hard pivot from milquetoast Romney to Trump-an unabashedly chauvinist, nationalistic, and pro-America candidate-within four years? How does one explain Hofer’s near victory in Austria? Or the rise of German shitlordette Frauke Petry? How is it that some ragtag Romanians threaten to burn down asylum centers and dares their local government to blink? How is it that this guy, who made a name for himself by extrajudicially offing derelicts as mayor of Davao City wins the presidency and pledges to keep killing sonsofbitches on behalf of his people if  he determines that they deserve it?

Around the world, people are doing what has long needed to be done. They now understand that if the state is not working for you, it’s working against you. They realize that if there is to be any future at all, active measures must be taken against all traitors working to spread chaos for their own ends. Civilization can only be saved by those willing to engage in savagery on its behalf; belligerence is the only way to neutralize agitating, subversive, fifth columns that would cheerfully commandeer the machinery of liberalism to advance lies and slavery. The pendulum is shifting again towards the strongman, towards the centrality of the state, towards jingoism, towards hypermasculine values, and towards isolationism. A hard reset to fash is necessary to clean house before creating a foundation for a functional future because the liberal values of inclusion, femininity, collaboration, and mortification have produced nothing more than licentiousness, weakness, and empty consumerism.

We are at quite the historical juncture. That electricity you feel is the world waking up from its slumber. From a billion people collectively realizing that everything is fucked and there will be no great unfucking. Billions of people realizing that we must create our own futures through bellicosity, brutalism, and blood if there is to be a future at all. Constitutions won’t save us. Incrementalism and gradualism have been exposed as philosophies of the grave; moderates are just traitors who came late to the party. Ultimately the Fourth Political Theory will come to life, a coalition of nationalists united in their efforts to root out globalist subverters, merchants of untruths, and the useful idiots whose nonchalance has led to the proliferation of filth and decay worldwide. Extremism is the order of the day, and this new right is animated by a will to survive, fiendish irreverence, by an atavistic, pagan energy. And it is all very necessary. There can be no redemption for liberalism.

I’ll end on this note:


“The end times and the eschatological meaning of politics will not realise themselves on their own. We will wait for the end in vain. The end will never come if we wait for it, and it will never come if we do not. This is essential because history, time, and reality have special strategies to avoid Judgment Day, or rather, they have a special strategy of a reversionary manoeuvre that will create the impression that everyone has come to a realisation and an understanding.… If the Fourth Political Practice is not able to realise the end of times, then it would be invalid. The end of days should come; but it will not come by itself. This is a task, it is not a certainty. It is active metaphysics. It is a practice.”



Donald Trump, Fascist?

Donald Trump is a fascist!” is the accusation that has been on many a spittle flecked lip ever since Herr Trump has risen to electoral prominence by advocating such radical courses of national action as enforcing national borders against waves of illegal immigrants seeking to sack the nation via dole dependency and wage compression, selectivity in terms of those who are allowed access to the country, and governing in a manner informed by principles of logic and reason while allowing facts to speak for themselves. Certainly, Trump appears to flirt with reaction: the patriarch of a large family who has run an unapologetically jingoistic presidential campaign, who asserts the nation’s right to sovereignty and to continued existence on its own terms rather than on the terms of the cuckmunity community of nations. All of this is quite laudable. Unlike the other candidates who stand for suicide by open borders, capitulation, and corporatism, Trump stands for nationalism, vigor, and bellicosity – if and when necessary.

Naturally, to the thoroughly cucked any display of will, fortitude, or pride will seem fascist, preferring as they do to lead a life of abdication, weakness, and shame. The world “fascist” has been neutered & rendered meaningless phrase; it is now an empty slur used to discredit rather than define. Nevertheless, one cannot help but think that a truly fascist Trump, a Trump who fully embraced both the political and spiritual aspects of fascism, who upheld tradition, blood, soil, and continuity would be a wonder to behold. It would be truly galvanizing.

Firstly, there is no longer anything to be gained politically from centrism or moderation. These days, all of the action is at the poles. This explains the popularity of Sanders on the Left and Trump on the Right. To some extent, both parties realize that to remain relevant they must appeal to “extremist” factions within their respective bases, or at the very least, ride the reactionary wave to victory. Secondly, the demoralized populace longs for candidates who embody higher and more noble ideals, so long have they been mired in cravenness and baseness. The people seek to be led by an individual who is more than just a statesman, as it has become abundantly clear that mere statecraft is insufficient to halt and reverse the decline. It is quite fair to say that the people seek a leader in possession of an elevated type of spirit who will drive the nation to achieve something more transcendent.

Liberalism’s failures are becoming apparent even to the least sophisticated who intuit that something is amiss with the world but nonetheless lack the critical tools to diagnose the malady or the words to articulate how it has destroyed the world. People seek genuine values and are instead plied with ersatz ones. This yearning has contributed in large part to Trump’s appeal, and it is something that he ought to embrace more fully. He should become more Right & truly relate to the people in a spiritual way. The average American finds himself in a world that has toppled the noble and the upright only to replace those values with the anti values of pusillanimity and spiritual poverty, to hideous result. Not fully comprehending this, he seeks political and economic solutions. Of course, this extends beyond the merely political. But the current zeitgeist – this thirst for political change – I believe masks a deeper desire for a more profound sort of change. The leader who understands this and engages with this can channel the restless collective energy and redirect it towards more useful endeavors and higher aims.

The people are tired of being given license while the elites strip them of freedom. They are discombobulated by the civilization’s gradual slide into entropy and seek order. The radical individualism advanced by the various merchants of liberalism have resulted in a deracinated people who believe that it is their duty to systematically spay and neuter themselves and in the “bravery” of self mutilation. All which are symptoms of a debased spiritual condition. For Trump to openly take a stand against degeneracy and moral inversion and rootlessness, to call for a cultural reformation that would edify the nation in addition to his political platform would be a fashinating fascinating development.