A Word on Brexit

Farage Victory.jpgBrexit was a success, contrary to what the naysayers, doomsday prophets, and the muh shekels EU loyalist crowd predicted. 17,410,742 (51.9%) – Leave vs. 16,141,241 (48.1%) – Remain. I think that this was the single most important thing that Britain has done for itself in its entire recent history, and I am happy for them. Britain chose its own side. It took a stand for nationalism and sovereignty, prioritizing these low time preference ideological intangibles over more high time preference materialist tangibles like cheap labor and slightly more affordable goods. And how this stand has scandalized the (((globalist elite))), who, comfortably ensconced in their ideological echo chambers and gated communities, fundamentally misjudged the nature and direction of the zeitgeist. People still cherish their nations and still take pride in their national identities. They do not relish the idea of an undifferentiated, borderless world. They are not ashamed to stand up against their eventual demographic replacement, regardless of how many times they are decried as racists/xenophobes/islamophobes.

Whether British leaders will effectuate clearly articulated will of the people remains to be seen. I’m certain that the (((elites))) have some punitive financial chicanery planned for Britain that in the short term, will make things slightly more difficult. Thankfully, Britain did not make the mistake of shackling itself monetarily to the European Union, and as for the coming economic trials – this too shall pass. Sterling has held strong; Britons have already shown themselves to be prepared to play the long game.

It will be interesting to see how things across the Continent (across the West in general, really) develop over the next few years as people rediscover the wonders of nationalism and national pride while eschewing globalism.

May 6/23/16 be the day that the European Uncucking begins in earnest.





The #Brexit referendum takes place today. Much has already been said about a UK exit from the EU from individuals and entities on both sides of the argument, so I won’t belabor the point.

I hope that Britain secedes from the European Union today. The EU has done nothing but destroy national sovereignty across Europe and has hobbled Britain. It has done so by extracting far more value from the nation than it has ever returned to the nation or its people in benefits, by dumping innumerable immigrants onto its shores, by decimating once thriving industries, and by slowly eroding its unique culture & national character. A LEAVE vote is a vote for Britain to reclaim itself, to once again determine its own future; a LEAVE vote is a vote for Britain to chart its own course forward and to save its heritage from extinction. Britain does not need the European Union. The British created the British Empire, perhaps the most powerful global empire since the Roman Empire, without the support of the “European community.” Britain has produced some of the greatest individuals and innovations that the world has ever known-without the assistance of the “European community.” Britain’s historical excellence is undeniable; its ability to rise from the ashes once the chains of the EU have been thrown off is to my mind, a certainty.

I hope that a successful succession will inspire other European nations to do the same. The reality is this: these nations are no longer nations, but rather vassal states subordinate to Brussels which exercises viselike control over the continent. Brussels now rules Europe through unelected “leaders,” who rule by edict and usurp the will of the people by upending the democratic process through centralizing & concentrating power in a supranational body outside of Britain’s shores. I hope that a Brexit will reinvigorate the rest of Europe and encourage other nations to choose freedom, sovereignty, and greatness over slavery, globalism, and undifferentiated mediocrity.

When Vibrants Collide

This ad has been been making the social media rounds recently and progs are scandalized-scandalized I tell you!

From an article discussing the ad:

Just minutes before his birthday, Masonda Ketanda Olivier was beaten to death. The Congolese national was confronted by a mob of men late at night last Friday in New Delhi and killed. Police said the incident was a dispute over the hiring of an autorickshaw; Olivier’s friend, an Ivorian national, said it was a clear hate crime, with racial epithets repeatedly invoked.


In China, it’s a similar picture. In a 2013 account, an African-American English teacher recounted his students complaining about their instructor: “I don’t want to look at his black face all night,” one said.


Africans, whether on university campuses or elsewhere, across the country have also been subject to attack and abuse. Growing merchant communities in certain cities, such as in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou, rub up against a wider population that is ethnically homogenous and largely unfamiliar with the diversity and history of black populations elsewhere.

And we’ll leave this one here too, lest the white population decline triumphalists find themselves tempted to salve their troubled souls with palliative thoughts of a future America full of pacific beiges & browns living together in perfect harmony.

It’s high time that race denialists and diversity shills face two realities:

  1. A less white world will be a substantially more conflict ridden one.
  2. Diversity + proximity = war, always and everywhere.