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What a night! What a GREAT day to be alive. I never know what to say on occasions such as these. Even though I wanted Trump to win and anticipate his win, I nonetheless find myself rather surprised. Some thoughts:

  • Crypto shitlords were out there and came out in force.  Based on the conversations that I personally took part in and conversations that overheard from time to time, it was clear to me that there were more people who understood the gravity of this election and had no intention of voting for a globalist, corporatist shill like Clinton over a nationalist maverick like Trump. However, much of Shitlord Nation felt cowed into silence by the bullying and the inquisitorial e-tactics of the #I’mWithHer crowd.
  • The Left is horrible at meme warfare.  This is clearly the New Right/Alt-Right’s forte. Perceiving the enthusiasm gap between (sometimes rabid) Trump supporters and (largely tepid) Clinton supporters, and also perceiving the success that the Right has had with such non-sequitur memes as Pepe and the hook-nosed Shylock, the Left seized upon Trump’s offhand comment about Clinton’s being a “nasty woman” in a failed attempt to meme the desirability of their patently shitty candidate and the inevitability of a Clinton victory into being. The fact that they had to derive such a subpar meme from the distracted musings of their archnemesis should have told them that they were doomed for failure. Nevertheless, a fawning and sycophantic press trapped in an echo chamber gave this meme far more attention than it actually merited. Which leads us to…
  • The Media is not in the business of reporting news, it is in the business of creating news and manufacturing faux consensus.  Rather than accurately identifying the nature of the zeitgeist, they tried to create an entirely new reality based on misrepresentation, aspersion casting and wishful thinking.
  •  The Media lies incessantly.  The MSM lied up until the last. They lied about Trump being a rapist, they lied about Clinton being the best candidate, they lied about Clinton being preferred over Sanders, they lied about Trump supporters being bigots, they lied about Clinton leading Trump even as he was polling ahead of her, they lied about the depths of Clinton’s corruption. Make no doubt about it. This election heralds the end of the MSM as we know it.
  • Third party bids are for faggots.  After this election, no one will ever take third parties in America seriously again. Trump won decisively even with asshole Gary Johnson playing spoiler. Third parties are typically infested with bitter nincompoops and faggots who think themselves righteous because they don’t like the “regressive Left” and think of the nation state as an unfortunate relic of the past while bowing to the gods of free trade, perpetual growth and marijuanas. Read: lolbertarians.
  • New Hampshire was a weird bellwether.  While viewing the election coverage, I couldn’t help but notice that NH was undeclared but seemed to be leaning red for much of the race. I found this interesting, as Clinton won the NH primary handily back in 2008 and Obama won the state both in 2008 and 2012. I realized that if a state that reliably left and thoroughly cucked was leaning red, that portended not so great things for Clinton. In fact, I thought to myself that this close call situation effectively meant that Trump was guaranteed the win. Of course, I was right.

I think that this win is great for the nation. In spite of all of the histrionics of the Left I think that the final analysis will show that this win served to temper some worse and far more destructive impulses that were in the groundswell while keeping a hard right reset/correction at bay for slightly longer. I know that the road ahead is still uncertain and rough, and that Trump detractors will seek ways to make his presidency a failure. While I refrain from placing my faith in man and while I know that hope is not a plan, I still hope for a great four years. I’m fairly certain that we’ll have it.



Anglo common law has managed to strike a harmonious balance between bloodless logic and the need to accommodate human frailty. It demonstrates a surprisingly intuitive understanding of human nature and as such, has, over time, gradually developed into a nuanced legal framework durable enough to promote the rule of law without forgetting the human element. I actually believe that the Anglo legal tradition is perhaps the culture’s single most important contribution to the world. In 50 years, this system will likely vanish, consigned to the dustheap of history, buried under the enormous weight of the mass of retards that the West has been steadily manufacturing within the public mis-education system for the past 50 years. The Current Year is very hostile to the the notion that truth is indeed ascertainable and that uniform rules (based upon an understanding of how humans actually are) can be applied in order to effectively thresh truth from lies.

The children of The Current Year possess neither the ability to sustain the current legal system nor to create a parallel tradition that would be equal in magnificence. A system like our current one could have never emerged in an age or a time like the one we currently inhabit. This is an age in which emotion reigns supreme, where logic and rigor are scorned, and in which denial of fundamental human nature is viewed not as stupidity, but as virtue. Nothing methodical, admirable, or interesting could ever come from it.



I often ponder what precisely is wrong with the average person. Look closely and it becomes abundantly clear there is something very wrong with the vast majority of people one encounters. Mere observation of the symptoms is child’s play; accurate diagnosis of the disease is considerably more challenging. More often than not, the disease vector is obscured due either to pure ignorance or to bald chicanery designed to defeat understanding. The answer to this question comes in quiet contemplation:

Misery is the consequence of valuing that which is degenerate.

An elegant yet simple truth. A lens through which to view the world and understand the brokenness of her myriad inhabitants. We are fallen and in our fallen state, we have pursued that which pulls us further into the quagmire of our own imperfections. We are fallen, and have embraced that which has degenerative effects on our societies and upon our souls. To make values out of antivalues-to worship at the altar of decadence-is to create hell on earth. This is why the average person is so vacant and bereft. Their souls have been obliterated after a lifetime of placing destructive filth at the center of their universe.

Consider your average American cubicle drone. In particular, consider the typical female cubicle drone. Observing women is instructive as they are disinclined to question prevailing wisdom and are more swayed by considerations of “propriety,” regardless of how inverted and bastardized the notion may have become. Observe the extent to which they are mindless automatons floating about through an empty existence. Listen to the way in which they rhapsodize about their pets’ every shit even while they express disgust at the thought of growing and nurturing another human being. Notice how dour they are before they have their morning jolt of caffeine. Look at the importance which they imbue their trifling makework jobs. These are people who live small and profoundly unhappy lives.

Why? Consider what the Average American Female values. She values the perfection of petty minutiae over the comprehension of the big picture. She values maintaining the *pretense* of economic independence over the management of hearth and home. She values a consumerist and promiscuous existence in Sodom and Gomorrah coastal megalopolises. She values good feelings over truth. She values the ability to acquire trinkets over the creation of durable relationships. She values human equality even in the total absence of evidence that such a thing exists. She values credentials over character. I focus on women but we all value ephemeral and meaningless things because we are dutiful slaves who do as our masters command without wondering: “what is the purpose of all of this?” We run the script we were handed over the protestations and screams of our spirit.

Where do these “values” ultimately lead? To the grave, over a long enough time horizon. In the short term they lead to isolation, loneliness, barrenness, bitterness, anxiety, and to despair.

We are miserable because we value that which is degenerate. We are miserable because everything we have been taught to value is a lie. 

This is not a uniquely Western (or American) phenomenon. As the West goes supernova, it spews its dreck far and wide. Contentment and tradition are gauche. Maintaining appearances up to the point of starvation and striving to reduce oneself to a perfect economic unit divorced from all other contextualizing forces is de rigeur.

Unhappiness is natural. That miserable feeling in the pit of the stomach is an indication that something is wrong, that something needs fixing. While I am far from critical of bona fide clinical mental issues, I believe that depression and misery are, more often than not, side effects of venerating the dissolute and losing sight of the upright. I think it worthwhile to be introspective when these feelings surface, to determine what has caused the psychic imbalance. Quite often, the anguish we feel results from valuing the worthless and destructive while letting that which we ought to cultivate lie fallow due to our inattentiveness.


Ghost World

Charnel HouseI recently read an essay in which the postmodern experience was likened to living in a “corpse world.” Poignant and elegant. Striking, because that is precisely the nature of life in the West. The vague malaise, the listlessness that is the hallmark of the average Westerner, the aimless hedonism-all of the defects of spirit that have developed as a result of living in the graveyard that is late Western civilization. The unease and the despair experienced by the average Westerner is a despair that dare not speak its name because it cannot; the consequences of being surrounded by death but lacking the discernment necessary to recognize decay, to distinguish between that which affirms life and that which ensures death.

The experience of existing in the postmodern charnel house is a profoundly discomfiting one because there is something utterly ridiculous about striving to live in the midst of death. Every value that once fortified man against despair and enabled him to forge meaning out of meaninglessness has been cast off like so much trash. Where we once found solace in God, we are now forced to bow to the ersatz gods of science and nihilism. Where we once took pride in blood and nation, we are now perfunctorily and regularly informed that yielding to such  natural stirrings make us “literally Hitler,” and forced to sublimate this healthy energy-channeling it instead into the pale substitutes of sports and abortive & increasingly exotic identities. Where once stood the family and the status derived therefrom, there now stands atomization, malignant individualism, and aimless status seeking through employment, virtue signalling, and the acquisition of baubles.

Graveyard values subscribed to by the living dead, who live in a world that has already become a mausoleum.

In America, the Trump paroxysm is the latest manifestation of these graveyard sensibilities. Many intuit that the civilization is accelerating towards the abyss. But, as the average soul is incapable of accurately perceiving the true nature of the problem, they seek an earthly & political solution to what is essentially a spiritual & transcendental problem. The problem is that the culture has degraded past the point of redemption; the zeitgeist of progressivism is naught but poorly masked decline that functions to render body from soul. Everyone-from the  most aware to the least-has begun to feel the demoralizing effects of the current state of affairs and they seek out anything that looks like salvation.

I have no quarrel with Trump. Given the current state of things, he may well be the best of the vast array of bad options that we have been presented with. Nevertheless, a Trump presidency will be nothing more than a speed bump on the road to perdition-it may retard the collapse but it cannot prevent what is at this point, an inevitability. In this ghost world, Trump plays necromancer: a wizard looked to to raise the nation from the dead, to restore some vestige of former greatness, to discover some truth in an age of lies.

All the while they amble through valleys of death, looking high and low for life, unaware of their folly.