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What a night! What a GREAT day to be alive. I never know what to say on occasions such as these. Even though I wanted Trump to win and anticipate his win, I nonetheless find myself rather surprised. Some thoughts:

  • Crypto shitlords were out there and came out in force.  Based on the conversations that I personally took part in and conversations that overheard from time to time, it was clear to me that there were more people who understood the gravity of this election and had no intention of voting for a globalist, corporatist shill like Clinton over a nationalist maverick like Trump. However, much of Shitlord Nation felt cowed into silence by the bullying and the inquisitorial e-tactics of the #I’mWithHer crowd.
  • The Left is horrible at meme warfare.  This is clearly the New Right/Alt-Right’s forte. Perceiving the enthusiasm gap between (sometimes rabid) Trump supporters and (largely tepid) Clinton supporters, and also perceiving the success that the Right has had with such non-sequitur memes as Pepe and the hook-nosed Shylock, the Left seized upon Trump’s offhand comment about Clinton’s being a “nasty woman” in a failed attempt to meme the desirability of their patently shitty candidate and the inevitability of a Clinton victory into being. The fact that they had to derive such a subpar meme from the distracted musings of their archnemesis should have told them that they were doomed for failure. Nevertheless, a fawning and sycophantic press trapped in an echo chamber gave this meme far more attention than it actually merited. Which leads us to…
  • The Media is not in the business of reporting news, it is in the business of creating news and manufacturing faux consensus.  Rather than accurately identifying the nature of the zeitgeist, they tried to create an entirely new reality based on misrepresentation, aspersion casting and wishful thinking.
  •  The Media lies incessantly.  The MSM lied up until the last. They lied about Trump being a rapist, they lied about Clinton being the best candidate, they lied about Clinton being preferred over Sanders, they lied about Trump supporters being bigots, they lied about Clinton leading Trump even as he was polling ahead of her, they lied about the depths of Clinton’s corruption. Make no doubt about it. This election heralds the end of the MSM as we know it.
  • Third party bids are for faggots.  After this election, no one will ever take third parties in America seriously again. Trump won decisively even with asshole Gary Johnson playing spoiler. Third parties are typically infested with bitter nincompoops and faggots who think themselves righteous because they don’t like the “regressive Left” and think of the nation state as an unfortunate relic of the past while bowing to the gods of free trade, perpetual growth and marijuanas. Read: lolbertarians.
  • New Hampshire was a weird bellwether.  While viewing the election coverage, I couldn’t help but notice that NH was undeclared but seemed to be leaning red for much of the race. I found this interesting, as Clinton won the NH primary handily back in 2008 and Obama won the state both in 2008 and 2012. I realized that if a state that reliably left and thoroughly cucked was leaning red, that portended not so great things for Clinton. In fact, I thought to myself that this close call situation effectively meant that Trump was guaranteed the win. Of course, I was right.

I think that this win is great for the nation. In spite of all of the histrionics of the Left I think that the final analysis will show that this win served to temper some worse and far more destructive impulses that were in the groundswell while keeping a hard right reset/correction at bay for slightly longer. I know that the road ahead is still uncertain and rough, and that Trump detractors will seek ways to make his presidency a failure. While I refrain from placing my faith in man and while I know that hope is not a plan, I still hope for a great four years. I’m fairly certain that we’ll have it.


A Word on Brexit

Farage Victory.jpgBrexit was a success, contrary to what the naysayers, doomsday prophets, and the muh shekels EU loyalist crowd predicted. 17,410,742 (51.9%) – Leave vs. 16,141,241 (48.1%) – Remain. I think that this was the single most important thing that Britain has done for itself in its entire recent history, and I am happy for them. Britain chose its own side. It took a stand for nationalism and sovereignty, prioritizing these low time preference ideological intangibles over more high time preference materialist tangibles like cheap labor and slightly more affordable goods. And how this stand has scandalized the (((globalist elite))), who, comfortably ensconced in their ideological echo chambers and gated communities, fundamentally misjudged the nature and direction of the zeitgeist. People still cherish their nations and still take pride in their national identities. They do not relish the idea of an undifferentiated, borderless world. They are not ashamed to stand up against their eventual demographic replacement, regardless of how many times they are decried as racists/xenophobes/islamophobes.

Whether British leaders will effectuate clearly articulated will of the people remains to be seen. I’m certain that the (((elites))) have some punitive financial chicanery planned for Britain that in the short term, will make things slightly more difficult. Thankfully, Britain did not make the mistake of shackling itself monetarily to the European Union, and as for the coming economic trials – this too shall pass. Sterling has held strong; Britons have already shown themselves to be prepared to play the long game.

It will be interesting to see how things across the Continent (across the West in general, really) develop over the next few years as people rediscover the wonders of nationalism and national pride while eschewing globalism.

May 6/23/16 be the day that the European Uncucking begins in earnest.



Aliens, Predators, and Orlando

Most are no doubt familiar with the late 70’s and late 80’s sci-fi thrillers Alien (1979) and Predator (1987). I assume that most are also well acquainted with the prodigious spinoffs, sequels, prequels, and crossovers spawned (heh) by both franchises. For the uninitiated, Alien introduced  us to a ragtag group of space cowboys returning to Earth aboard the Nostromo after a mission to space when they encounter a signal transmitted from a desolate planetoid. When the Nostromo lands on the planetoid, the crew discovers the wreckage of an alien craft, the remains of a deceased alien within the ship, and a chamber full of alien eggs. During the course of the crew’s assay, one of the eggs hatch and a hatchling attaches itself to the face of one of the crewmen and an alien subsequently bursts from the crewman’s chest while aboard the Nostromo. Unbeknownst to the crew they are explicitly expendable: their employer, the Wayland-Yutani corporation, knows of the creature’s existence and intentionally sent the crew to the planetoid to recover the organism at all costs, likely for development into some sort of biological weapon. Naturally, the mission goes horribly wrong when the target alien unexpectedly gets out of containment and cannibalizes the entire crew save the intrepid Ripley.

Predator, on the other hand, follows a crew of high T special forces agents enlisted by the CIA to rescue a high ranking official being held hostage by guerrillas in the Central American jungle country of Val Verde. Led by Maj. Alan “Dutch” Schaefer and supervised by former commando George Dillon, the team heads into the jungle to rescue the official, only to discover that they are “expendable assets,” intentionally sent there by USG not to extract an official, but to retrieve valuable intelligence from captured operatives. Unfortunately, the mission goes badly awry then the crew encounters the titular antagonist, an extraterrestrial predator that picks the crew off one by one, save the intrepid Schaefer.

On June 11, 2016, many celebratory LGBTQ folks and allies went to the Pulse nightclub (a gay venue) in Orlando, FL to enjoy the freedoms afforded them by virtue of living in an open and liberal society. Unfortunately for them, their celebrations went horribly awry and ended tragically when an American-born Afghani with Islamist leanings and an abiding hatred of faggotry named Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, entered the club and slaughtered 50 unsuspecting homos while wounding 53 more before himself being killed. The event now has the dubious distinction of being the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history and the most significant terrorist attack since the September 11 attacks. Unbeknownst to the party goers, Mateen was known to the FBI and called 911 during the attack to inform authorities that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The question of why these mass murder psyops always seem to happen in June aside, what’s the connection between the three? Let’s begin with the films. What was it that made both Alien and Predator so poignant to viewers both then and now? Certainly, the storytelling in both movies was sterling and both were superbly acted. Nevertheless, the common theme shared by both films is apparent to every viewer. Thematically speaking, the crux of the problem, the catalyst for the supervening events in both films was elite malfeasance-particularly the willingness of elites to lie to and sacrifice non-elites for the sake of some unspecified agenda, whether pecuniary, programmatic, or ideological. In Alien, the Nostromo’s space cowboys were deceived by the Wayland Corporation and sent on a suicide mission so that the Corporation could create the ultimate bioweapon. In Predator, USG sent a cadre of “expendable [CIA] assets” into the heart of darkness to retrieve intel from a guerrilla faction. This is no different from what occurred in Orlando on Saturday night. Granted, cause and effect are much more tenuous than they were in either Alien or Predator, but the impulse remains the same-sacrifice of the lows for the benefit of the highs. The true battle is always and ever between the highs and the lows, with a healthy dose of pretext and a high body count in the middle.

Let us think about things logically. Mateen was known to the FBI and he openly voiced his opinions to anyone who would listen. Yet, he was deemed not to be a threat back in 2013. More abstractly, the Establishment Left struggles to reconcile the fundamentally irreconcilable differences of all the constituent parts of its coalition by falsely advancing the notion that everyone is equally capable of participation in a liberal democracy, that there are no differences between groups worth discussing, and that to suggest otherwise is incorrect and/or racist. The Left has people putting themselves at risk, running around believing utter balderdash that is false on its face: that Islam is not the problem, that it is a “religion of peace,” that it is racist to exclude Muslims from civic participation and from entry into the the U.S., that No True Muslim would do what Mateen did, that the true danger is from Angry White Christian Men, that guns are the problem, that homophobia is the problem, et cetera ad infinitum. So people are left incapable of parsing the truth from the lies. 

The Left has turned normies into total retards undesirious of looking at the totality of the evidence, lest they discover something that conflicts with the narrative. Narrative preservation is possible only when every element is viewed as discrete and unrelated. Meanwhile, those made of sterner stuff, those who are willing to call events as they see them, those who might save the world-are actively suppressed.

How is Orlando not a product of the active malfeasance of the political classes? 

How could the Left at once claim to advance the cause of liberal, Western democracy (and its attendant degeneracy) and in the same breath argue for the wholesale importation of individuals from cultures that hate liberalism and openly preach the gospel of its overthrow? How can the Left observe Muslims pledging allegiance to ISIS and shouting Allahu Akbar while gunning people down, and insist that it has nothing to do with Islam? Does it make sense to promote homosexuality as a value while simultaneously promoting a lax immigration policy that would allow in individuals who view the killing of homosexuals as a mitzvah? Casualties will naturally result from these clashing values; Orlando is the most recent evidence of this. Nevertheless, Americans are continually browbeaten by their (((elites))) into welcoming destablilizing elements into the country without questioning their motives, their allegiance to the state, or their compatibility with the wider culture.

Our (((elites))) are no different from the elites in Alien or Predator, actively weaponizing our ignorance and goodwill to use against us. Whether corporate or governmental, in every instance the powers that be are setting us up. In every instance, they know something you don’t know-and they’re not telling. We are being played. They are not above lying to us to get their way. We are all expendable assets in the ongoing struggle for power and supremacy. I feel for the families impacted by the events in Orlando, but this is the reality. We are the prey. And these events will continue to happen, so long as individuals are prevented from accurately identifying the nature of the problem and neutralizing the threat. We will continue to be cannon fodder in the war to vindicate prog ideology.

It’s time for us to begin approaching anything that our (((thought leaders))) and actual leaders advance with intense skepticism. It’s high time that we all become conspiracy theorists. The powers that be will dissimulate, will lie to you, will use you and then will kill you if doing so would enable them to accomplish their ends. Now we know: we are besieged from within and from without.

It’s time to act accordingly.


The Unbearable Autism of Gender Neutrality

New guidance issued from the New York mayor’s office now prohibits city bars and restaurants from refusing to serve alcoholic beverages to pregnant women. According to the the Mayor’s office, this refusal is prohibited by the New York City Human Rights Law which classifies pregnancy discrimination as “discrimination based on gender.” Thus, refusing to serve alcohol or raw fish to pregnant women constitutes rights violations. Quoth the legal wizards on the Commission on Human Rights, in part:

While covered entities may attempt to justify certain categorical exclusions based on maternal or fetal safety, using safety as a pretext for discrimination or as a way to reinforce traditional gender norms or stereotypes is unlawful.

Naturally, this development has been made possible by a confluence of factors: a culture so degraded that it has enshrined as paramount value the primacy of corrosive individualism, fanatic adherence to the ideology of gender egalitarianism, and the devaluation of the lives of the unborn. This guidance is the logical product of a society in which the individual is free to engage in any manner of life destroying acts while those who aim to preserve life are denounced as bigots. This is the perverse morality of a dying civilization. This is the logic of a society so collectively autistic that it views dysgenesis as an acceptable price to pay for complete equality between the sexes.

The logic implicitly operational here is that the genders are equal in every sense, so much so that any deviation from a common standard of treatment is per se suspect, even when there is a material physical condition present in one group that would militate for the disparate treatment in question. There is no functional difference between a man and a pregnant woman that would justify a bartender’s abstention from serving alcohol to a pregnant woman, even though the risks of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) are known to all and have been known to all for decades. We live in a world in which is exercising judgment is a crime and to make an observation is a sin.

But what else could one expect from a state that demurs to hold pregnant women accountable for willfully engaging in behaviors deleterious to the health of “the fetus”?

In 2003, a New York court found that child protection law does not apply to pregnant women whose actions could influence the health of a fetus.

If child protection laws do not extend to the child in utero, and the mother cannot be held legally responsible for conduct that harms the child while in utero, then why should it matter if a pregnant woman indulges in one, two, or even ten drinks?

Higher Education is Becoming Increasingly Irrelevant

Progs hold as an article of faith the inherent value of education. In leftist/equalist cosmology, education is imbued with magical properties of a sort that can transform dim students with IQs of 85 into latter day Einsteins while somehow preventing the 14 year old project chick with the 28 year old mother from becoming baby mama number 5 to a resident stoop goon. Not only is education so magical that it has the power to spin straw into gold, it is so powerful that it can defy the economic law of supply and demand and retain full potency even after its value is diluted as a result of overmatriculation. Progressives are above all Credentialists who regard the credential as an amulet, a modern day rune that brings the bearer success and fortune regardless of whether he majored in Transgender Unicorn Studies or Electrical Engineering. Colleges and universities are above all concerned with bottom lines, easy money, and indoctrination: thus a credentialist culture that acts as a pipeline, funneling kids from institution to institution comes as a boon to the college-industrial complex. Any policy working to put more asses in university seats will be welcomed by higher ed for pecuniary reasons while being passed off as high minded “social justice.”

So, it should come as no surprise that institutions of higher learning have begun to drop standardized testing as an admissions requirement. George Washington University is the latest to join the party.

George Washington University on Monday became one of the largest and most prestigious schools to join a nationwide movement against admissions tests, announcing that it will no longer require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores. 

The Washington, D.C., school’s new policy will go into effect on Aug. 1 and applies to both freshman applicants and transfer students. The university said in a statement that it came to the decision based on the findings of its Task Force on Access and Success.

GWU now joins such (mostly) venerable schools as Wesleyan, Brandeis, Bryn Mawr and Temple in the standard lowering bonanza.

Members of the task force examined the value of test scores in understanding how a student performs at GW,” the statement said. “They reached the same conclusion as many other institutions: that the best predictor of academic success in college is a student’s high school record, especially their high school GPA. This conversation led GW to adopt a test-optional policy.

GWU should do whatever it wants with its admissions policy. What it shouldn’t do is try to force feed readers this disingenuous tripe. Everyone knows that not all high schools are created equal. The D student graduating from New Trier High School would be better equipped for life than the A student graduating from your average Chicago public high school. Common are the tales of public school graduates unable to properly read the words on the document certifying the achievement of basic academic proficiency. If 40% of incoming freshmen, whose high school grades were ostensibly solid enough to qualify for admission at public universities require at least one remedial course to bring them up to speed with the general college population, it would seem obvious that high school performance is not as predictive of fitness for or success in the university context as GWU and its ilk would like us to believe.

“The test-optional surge recognizes that no test — not the SAT, old or new, nor the ACT — is needed for high-quality admissions,” FairTest Public Education Director Bob Schaeffer said in a statement sent to The Huffington Post. “Many independent studies and practical experiences have shown that test-optional admission enhances both academic excellence and diversity.”

I hate to break it to you Bob, but there is no way that a lowering of standards will enhance both excellence and diversity. It will only enhance one at the expense of the other. GWU’s new admissions policy won’t attract “diverse” higher achievers capable of excelling in rigorous disciplines, but rather will attract “diverse” credentialist strivers who skate through cake majors. Consider this story:

Wake [Forest University]’s [test optional] policy drew Natalie Casimir to the university.

Casimir, 18, from Mooresville, N.C., said she thrived in the International Baccalaureate program at her public school and got mostly A’s and a few B’s. But she didn’t have the knack for testing. She took the ACT twice and got middling scores. Then she got a 1580 (out of 2400) on the SAT at the end of 11th grade. She was despondent.

“It really hit me hard,” she said. “I felt like my work in the classroom wasn’t adequately depicted in the test scores. I kind of panicked. I had only really known of schools that took SAT or ACT scores. I thought, maybe I’m not good enough to get into a really good school.”

Casimir’s gut conclusion was likely the correct conclusion. The story continues:

But she was. An older brother tipped her off to Wake Forest’s policy, and she fell in love with the school. She applied without submitting test scores and got in. A daughter of Haitian immigrants, Casimir is now a rising sophomore and plans to major in English with minors in political science and Spanish.

No further comment. Back to the original story.

A study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling last year found that at schools with test-optional policies, there was virtually no difference in cumulative GPA or graduation rates between students who submitted scores and those who did not.

Which is probative of nothing. As we’ve already established, high schools regularly churn out A average graduates who haven’t yet mastered the fundaments of reading and math. Furthermore, universities will stop at nothing to prevent attrition.

“For economic growth and social stability, America will need to find successful paths to higher education for hundreds of thousands of additional first-generation-to-college, minority, immigrant, rural and [learning differences] students,” the NACAC report said. “This study provides the research support for optional testing as at least one route by which that can happen.” 

But does it actually have this effect? What’s ironic about this push to foster “economic growth and social stability” through expanding access to higher ed will have the opposite effect. Academic rigor will become the first casualty, as standards are abandoned and fluff majors proliferate to accommodate the influx of inferior students. As educational standards plummet, the devaluation of the college degree will accelerate, leaving these subpar students with mountains of debt, no marketable skills to speak of, and a worthless degree. A glut of degrees on the market will depress the cost of hiring degree holders while intensifying competition for a dwindling number of positions.

Not only will credentialing even the most mediocre students not provide greater access to wealth for those students, it will entrench cronyism and nepotism, as employers scramble for ways to separate the wheat from the chaff of human capital. The marketplace will prove more brutal a threshing mechanism than university ever could be. Rather than becoming empowered, these students will become resentful and will blame the system for their inability to succeed, eventually becoming a critical mass of malcontents determined to topple the system they believe to have wronged them. They’ll become a huge liability.

Progressive utopianists will not stop their chimerical pursuit of equality. They can’t abide the thought that not everyone is capable of success in college. They won’t accept that not everyone should go to college or that the heritability of intelligence means that education cannot create what isn’t already there. The considered and compassionate response to these realities would be to encourage kids to pursue alternative paths to success and satisfaction, rather than forcing them in the direction of college where they will either become mediocrities or outright failures.

But who are we kidding. There’s nothing compassionate about prog social justice theology. They are happy to sacrifice as many lives as necessary on the altar of Leftism.  Education is magic!

Planned Parenthood Scandal

This story broke today. Planned Parenthood, caught dead to rights brokering sales of the organs & tissues obtained from expertly aborted babies. Here is the WaPo account and here’s the New York Times’ spin heavy version of events versions, for those concerned about the first site’s ideological bent. Some observations after watching the truncated video & following the coverage:

  • Right wing/alternative media outlets were covering this story almost from the start. The major news outlets in contrast, only began breaking the story late this afternoon and then only with generous spin doctoring. Goes to show that there is no longer any such thing as objective, factual reporting. The media is no longer in the business of disseminating information; it’s all about ideology and agenda.
  • This is disgusting, but hardly that surprising.
  • The good doctor Nucatola’s sang-froid concerning Planned Parenthood’s aborted fetus offal trafficking is unbelievable.
  • Does anyone genuinely still believe that abortion is about “choice” as opposed to bottom lines and mild eugenics?
  • Ultimately, these revelations aren’t grizzly enough to deter thousands more “liberated” women from becoming dupes for what amounts to a federally funded organ sale cartel operation.
  • This explains why the pro-choice hooligans are so eager to define potential human life as “clumps of cells.” The purpose is to dehumanize the human fetus, justify and encourage abortion as “freedom” and “choice” in order to have a steady stream of organs to harvest and sell.

Honestly though, if it required a story like this to wake people up to the inhumanity of legalized abortion murder, this country has truly descended into the abyss.

Dylann Roof Update

Another Dylann Storm Roof update: apparently the gun used in the Charleston murders was purchased by Roof after a background check failed to flag the fact that he already had a criminal record.

In a statement on Friday, the FBI said a background check flaw allowed Dylann Roof, the suspected gunman behind last month’s fatal shooting in Charleston, to purchase the gun that killed nine people inside a historic black church

The Times is calling it a “loophole,” but it just looks like good, old-fashioned incompetence.

Under federal law, the F.B.I. has three days to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to deny the purchase. If the bureau cannot come up with an answer, the purchaser can return to the dealer and buy the gun.

In the case of Mr. Roof, the F.B.I. failed to gain access to a police report in which he admitted to having been in possession of a controlled substance, which would have disqualified him from purchasing the weapon. The F.B.I. said that confusion about where the arrest had occurred had prevented it from acquiring the arrest record in a timely fashion.

None of this is the point, however. I distinctly remember the initial news reports saying that the murders were carried out with a .45 caliber given to Roof by his father.

Dylann Storm Roof, the suspect in the church shooting, was given a gun by his father as 21st birthday present in April, his uncle told Reuters.

While it’s entirely possible that new information is slowly trickling in, it seems likelier to me that the powers that be are trying to memory hole the older report to create stronger support for the gun control narrative.