Critical Fash

Q: What’s a young shitlord to do when he’s trapped in the foul heart of the Cathedral and can’t get out?

A: Remain a crypto-shitlord, dropping the occasional HBD bomb when the occasion presents itself during class lectures?

B: Go full shitlord, counter signal like mad in the student newspaper, and ready the popcorn?

My ultra dildo alma mater is currently embroiled in a brouhaha over a pair of articles written by a Mussolini in the making who apparently failed to realize that the wages of badthink at such an institution is social death.  He now finds himself excommunicated and excoriated; even the Huffington Post has come to sup at the table of his disgrace. Quite the escalation, considering that this is a relatively minor campus level escapade.

It’s important to note that one of his columns was completely expunged from the website. From what I could gather, it was an article suggesting that indigenous peoples should appreciate the benefits of colonialism. To my chagrin, I could find nary a cache nor an archive.Thus, my commentary will be limited to the one article still available on the interwebz.

First, a threshold question: what is a kid like this doing at a university like Brown? Brown prides itself on attracting a “diverse” student body of “free thinkers” who will eventually graduate and “challenge the status quo.” Methinks however, that it has begun to believe its own mythology. Brown, and its thoroughly pozzed Ivy League compatriots have long ceased to be places of intellectual inquiry, diverse thought, and freely exchanged ideas. They are now no more than leftist finishing schools for lucky sperm and the occasional bitter diversity tokens, propounding naught but equalist dogma, demanding complete and utter adherence to the orthodoxy of the current year. Divergent thought is dealt with quickly and harshly. This was the case even while I was there and it has become even more problematic (heh) in the intervening years. It would seem that our fashy goy has made a terrible error in this regard and as a result, has committed himself to four years of leftist purgatory. I’d feel sorry for the kid, if I didn’t suspect that he knows what he’s doing.

Now on to the article. In “The White Privilege of Cows,” our (semi) pseudonymous M. Dzhali Maier grapples with the interplay between evolution, race, and social outcomes. His thesis is a simple one, clear and unobjectionable in every way to the non retarded: evolution endowed certain peoples with certain abilities. This fact, and this fact alone is the root cause of the unequal outcomes that are especially pronounced in an ethnically diverse society such as ours. The nature of his heresy is apparent on its face: daring to dispute the validity of the common wisdom dictating that everyone is basically the same and that social inequality is due only to the bogeyman of white privilege while simultaneously being impudent enough to assert that race is a biological reality that heavily influences ability, which in turn influences group outcomes.

The cringing editor’s note goes out of its way to fall on its sword for publishing an opinion piece that “relied on the repeatedly disproven premise that race is a biological category,” going so far as to include a link to a book denying the existence of a biological basis for race written by a fellow whose name is echoey enough to suggest that he is likely a member of a tribe that would stand to directly benefit from the left’s depredations against the study of racial & biological differences as a legitimate field of socio-scientific inquiry.

People like these can’t bear to consider that inequality is, and will ever be, a feature of the human condition. We are not all the same. They can’t bring themselves to analyze the facts, lest the facts present them with several unbearable truths: that human inequality is intractable and deep-rooted, that human differences cannot be erased with dem programs, and that genetics is (in many ways) destiny. These differences go beyond the merely phenotypical. The mere notion that readily observable traits that are distributed unequally and at random across different human populations could lead to disparate outcomes between these groups could be linked to race is so anathema to bonehead leftists that they decry a completely innocuous opinion piece exploring these themes as racist, even though nothing negative was said about peoples of any race. To even make a racially tinged but indisputably factual observation as it relates to the historical record and the evolution of groups of people is to be, in some way, supremacist.

The suggestion that some groups were better able to develop and sustain civilizations while others remain to this day incapable of developing rudimentary agriculture due to genetic differences that are often positively correlated with race is crimethink, a fash-out that will be neither forgiven nor forgotten at Brown.

Edit: 10/08/2015 3:34 PM: It appears our shitlord is actually a female autiste. I’ve also obtained a copy of her deleted article, which is attached below.

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