Behold the living dead:

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Longing for death’s sweet embrace.

Secret Life of the Human Pups is a sympathetic look at the world of pup play, a movement that grew out of the BDSM community and has exploded in the last 15 years as the internet made it easier to reach out to likeminded people. While the pup community is a broad church, human pups tend to be male, gay, have an interest in dressing in leather, wear dog-like hoods, enjoy tactile interactions like stomach rubbing or ear tickling, play with toys, eat out of bowls and are often in a relationship with their human “handlers”.

The fate of Western civilization is the abattoir. Bit by bit, we begin to understand why. Boundaries are passe, limitations on individual comportment are philistine. In 2016, everyone demands to be themselves and demands acceptance, no matter how putrid those selves are and no matter how cancerous their acceptance would ultimately be to society as a whole. It’s 2016, goyim! No longer is it sufficient to be a functional human being. One must seek relevance through the concoction of increasingly exotic and idiosyncratic identities. Therefore: entire documentaries dedicated to men seeking to have their neg holes pozzed while wearing full body latex dog suits. Pups, you see. Simply harmless gentlemen innocently enjoying the surrender of assuming the personality of a dog while being anally violated.

But it’s all okay, because none of this affects you. Slippery slope don’t real, you provincial cunt. IT’S STUPID TO THINK THAT THIS COULD EVER LEAD TO ANY KIND OF NORMALIZATION OF BESTIALITY. Or anything like that.

The one thing that no one seems to understand, or at least the one reality that everyone studiously avoids is that nothing affects anyone until all of these discrete nothings combine to create one massive conglomerate of something packing enough of a wallop to completely obliterate a civilization. And how can a civilization endure, once values of licence and cum are substituted for foundational principles of order and temperance? Once the door is opened to one vice, all of the auxiliary perversions traipse in behind it in short order-because on what authority could the door be closed to them?

The average person spends so much time genuflecting before the gods of tolerance and liberalism that they are unable to perceive the extent to which pathological dysfunction has become the law of the land and the currency of the realm. They fail to see that everyone around them seeks only to debase themselves and in this pursuit, have become corrupt, capricious, and cum obsessed. That the condition of the average person’s soul has become little better than that of a third world favela.

A right wing junta is looking pretty good right about now. That and some piping hot ovens. 

Child Labor is Better than Indoctrination

There’s a seventeen year old kid working at my side gig. I was surprised when I found out how old she actually was, as I initially assumed that she was at least in her early twenties. When I took a second look at her, I realized that she indeed looked like a standard teen but that I’d automatically added a couple of years to her age simply because I was so unused to seeing teenagers in the workplace nowadays. I attribute this trend to a confluence of cultural and legal factors: cultural prejudices that work to discourage teens from taking up even limited employment and the legal reality of child labor laws that sharply curtail the types of work available for kids and the amount of time they can spend in the workplace on a weekly basis. Indubitably, these laws serve some purpose in that they prevent the exploitation of children by the more unscrupulous. No one wants to see the return of the 10-year-old black lunged chimney sweep.

Though the intended purpose of these laws and cultural attitudes is ostensibly the protection of minors, the effect is rather different. Instead of protecting children from exploitation, the cultural prohibitions do little more than work to create fundamentally useless people ripe for indoctrination. Teens by and large are told that to learn marketable skills is declasse, that prioritizing employment over indoctrination is to place themselves on a trajectory towards a future of prole squalor. So teens aren’t learning how to effectively engage with people, extemporaneous problem solving, mathematics, conflict resolution, or anything of this nature. They certainly aren’t developing skills or trades or learning to work with their hands. They’re not permitted to work more and a couple of hours a week, but they’re shunted into public schools to learn standard statist propaganda. They’re permitted to learn New Math and to graduate without understanding basic arithmetic. It’s preferable that these kids are miseducated & told false versions of history to inculcate self loathing and general ignorance of any and everything beyond their navels.

So rather than being gainfully employed and learning how it feels to create value and be rewarded for it, or learning the value of a dollar, these teens spend the majority of their time in government schools learning just enough to be ideal consumers but never enough to question what it’s all worth. They learn that every perversion under the sun is permissible, indeed, even more desirable than adjusted healthy behaviors. Kids are allowed to become drones. That is all.

After the standard kid has been thoroughly miseducated and mind pozzed and are useless for real work (because they were discouraged from working and because they learned nary a valuable or marketable skills in their government schools), they are herded into higher education to learn yet more worthless shit.

The design is to create a perfect circle from birth to death. Day care at three months, indoctrinated from K-12, and then further indoctrinated by the liberal shit machine that is the educational industrial complex, which teaches them to scorn everything Western and glorious while venerating everything foreign and despicable. They then graduate with some supremely worthless degree, then start paper pushing in some supremely worthless government agency, then die after suckling at the government gimmedat teat far into their dotage. The design is to create perfect drones, perfectly worthless people unable to think independently, bereft of soul, deracinated, detached from God, family, and nation. “Educated” to have the “right ideas” rather than to evaluate ideas or generate novel ones. “Educated” to be on “the right side of history” and crammed full of worthless trivia rather than information or skills of any utility. Kids are thoroughly abused by the system. But yet, we must limit child labor to prevent them from being abused by employers. What constitutes abuse that we must shield youth from? From learning how to be halfway worthwhile human beings.

The fact is that kids are trained to become worthless adults because worthlessness is currency in the marketplace of a fallen world. Worthless people do not generate, but they can be filled to the brim with nonsense: with destructive ideologies, with meaningless buzzwords, and with stupid opinions. Kids in their late teens, who would have been considered fully adult 100 years ago are now infantilized and encouraged to drift through an extended adolescence, qualified to do nothing but drift, consume, and regurgitate Party approved ideas.

Communique from the Cathedral: Time Capsule Edition

The thing about the culture’s incrementally leftward drift is that by the time the drift becomes noticeable, things have already progressed far beyond the point of no return. The reality is that the cancer of leftism is capable of lying dormant within a culture for years, waiting for an opportunity to metastasize and overwhelm the healthy tissues of its host.

The question that consistently occurs to me when I observe Cultural Happenings in the West and as I watch Western civilization sucked into the vortex of degeneracy and filth is: “do they know what they’re doing?” That is to ask: “to what extent has this cultural rot has been purposefully unleashed?” It’s comforting to believe that The Happening is just happenstance. But ever so often, one comes across some. . .indication that there is an intelligent design behind the cultural decay. Every now and again, one encounters confirmation that the odious conditions of the day are merely the fruits borne of the frameworks designed to produce these very results, frameworks constructed decades ago by the usual suspects/assorted merchants of cultural declension.

The field correspondence in question comes from one of those typical dildo team building/indoctrination events that white collar drones have to attend for work on a quarterly basis or so. Our first assigned task at this event was reading a keynote address delivered back in 1987 at another similar dildo indoctrination event at another western public university of no note. Most of the speech was feelgood pabulum about “leadership” and “taking ownership.” It then quickly veered into Newspeak:

In culture there is strength. [C]ulture is the thing that keeps the herd moving roughly West.

In other words: “in culture there is strength, and its strength lies in its susceptibility to subversive influences that would manipulate it-and by extension the philosophical zombies looking to it for cues and guidance-and shift momentum perpetually leftwards.” The idea is to use culture not for generative purposes or to enable humanity to reach its apex, but rather to use it as a weapon to further degrade an already debased sheeple and keep them lumbering unquestioningly “West” towards their eventual doom “progress.”

It’s interesting to note just how long the academy has been surreptitiously embracing its role as destroyer of civilization proselytizer of the Gospel of Lies agent of cultural transformation, working diligently to ensure that generation after generation is so thoroughly steeped in prog ideology that they become completely impervious to logic and blind to the fact that leftism will ultimately lead to their destruction and to the implosion of the society that keeps them aloft. Yes, undoing civilization is the aim and it’s purposeful and the narrative concepts that have long percolated in the coffee maker of the ivory tower are now dripping down into the mug of the commons. There can be no question that the academy is indispensable to (and perhaps even the sine qua non of) the Cathedral, the cultural potentate which exists solely to perpetuate its own power and aggressively advances a pre-approved slate of brain dead, suicidal, progressive ideas to achieve this end.

What Has Been Will Be Again



“Women Who Cover Up (Because They Are Incorrigible Conformists) (Even as the Temperatures Climb).” 

It’s hard to understand why anyone took women seriously when they started clamoring for “liberation.” Firstly, there was nothing for women to be liberated from but lives of ease and privilege. Secondly, even if women suffered oppression, submission seems to be the natural state of woman. When women have no established limits, they will always resort to self imposed strictures. If left unchecked, and in extreme cases, they will seek to impose draconian limitations on the whole of society. Prohibition represents a time worn example of this impulse at work. Women do not truly value freedom. They retreat into the warm bosom of the safe, familiar, and conventional when confronted with unbridled liberty.

Examine the article and the photo. Each of the women pictured fancy themselves feminists. How do they announce their feminist bona fides?  How do they celebrate their hard-won liberation? By adopting neo-Victorian modesty codes and wearing woolens in June. Naturally. Lo, the sartorial splendor of the latter day feminist:

Young women are opting for socks (black ones), suede pants (in June!), turtlenecks, children’s denim jackets, tights, long rayon skirts, and chunky flatforms.

Intriguing. Freedom through infantilization. What’s up with that?

Many women today choose not to dress for a man’s gaze, even when the weather seems to dictate the baring of skin. The appeal of thrifting, a 90’s comeback (1890’s, I’m sure), the end of workplace dress codes, the rising tide of fourth wave feminism (whatever that is), a newfound combativeness towards street harassment, the current fluidity of gender-or some combination.

A hodgepodge of conformist reasons for adopting modified burkas. Das cool. But King Solomon was right when he said that there’s nothing new under the sun.

The irony here is that women could have kept modesty codes all along, had they simply kept patriarchy in place. The purpose of modesty codes was to preserve female virtue and prevent the “male gaze.” Instead, they upended everything only to cycle right back to where things were at the outset of the Women’s Lib Movement. Civilization had to be razed, so that women could rediscover what every simpleton from antiquity to modernity has always known about male desire and intersexual relations.

This is neither to imply opposition to a return to modesty for women, nor to suggest that women shouldn’t be permitted to dress as they please. This is simply to underscore the faddish, inarticulate nature of a feminism that has won all of its battles and is now wandering in an ideological desert, praying for manna to fall from heaven to sustain its dying cause. Feminism will always be regressive because its core demographic can’t comprehend or appreciate liberty and is not designed for its undertaking. Feminism 3.0 will continue its devolution into a retread of Feminism 1.0 because it has nothing left to achieve, and puritanical sensibilities are rushing in to fill the vacuum.

Rachel Dolezal & The Transracial Tipping Point


Rachel Dolezal is an American hero, a visionary far ahead of her time. As with all visionaries, she is misunderstood, ridiculed as an imposter, and cast out as a heretic. What is her heresy? Daring to boldly live her truth in a time when people like her are forced to live a lie. This brave woman is at the vanguard of the burgeoning transracial movement, intrepidly redefining what it means to be a black woman in a culture that refuses to recognize her humanity.

I admire her valiant efforts to become who she truly is but never was, and admonish all intolerant naysayers to check their privilege. Their transracephobic-nay, RACIST assertions that someone who isn’t phenotypically black cannot be black simply because they feel black, darken their skin, and wear outward markers of blackness has no place in a progressive society predicated upon the equality and freedom of all. They are simply on the wrong side of history. As we all well know, race is naught but a social construct perpetuated by The Oppressors to Other us and prevent us from recognizing our common humanity.

It is clear that Ms. Dolezal has a black brain that is trapped in a prison of whiteness, and I pray that race reassignment therapies will be developed in short order to allow her to fully and completely self-actualize through a full transition into blackness. I hope that these execrable RACISTS will realize that a new day is dawning, and will overcome their silly, old-fashioned prejudices.

Ms. Dolezal, I salute you.

Agenda Uber Alles II: When the Narrative Implodes

Apparently there was trouble in paradise, as the Griner-Johnson union that was so exultantly announced in the New York Times was reported to be headed for dissolution. On June 5, Griner filed for an annulment on the grounds of “fraud and duress,” alleging that Johnson coerced her into marriage by use of various and unspecified threats. The breakup is especially messy, as Johnson announced her pregnancy a mere day prior to the filing.

No finer a source than TMZ speculates that the fraud claim is “related to the pregnancy.” Griner says that she has “no biological connection to the baby,” which is obvious, but lesbian couples don’t typically highlight the fact that one of the “mommies” will just be along for the ride biologically speaking. You may read between the lines.

I have my own suspicions about the affair, all of which prominently feature a cuckolded Griner and Johnson’s desperate exclamations of “I know I slept with him, but I still love you baby!” Or some variation thereof.

Still think “marriage between a gay woman and a straight woman” is a workable notion, New York Times?

What am I asking? I’m sure the enlightened overlords of the Left just think that this is a one off case of gay marriage gone awry. Nothing to extrapolate here, move along you damn naysaying, homophobic Luddites!

Epochal Psychosis


The orthodoxy of the insane.

It’s said that order and civilization are exceptions to the general rules of human existence: entropy and barbarism. Thus, civilization is by its very nature, unsustainable, with all civilizations following a similar arc of glorious pinnacles succeeded by ignominious declensions. History, I think, shows this assertion to be demonstrably true (consider the British Empire, Rome, the Byzantine Empire, American Empire, etc.). Alongside the sundry (and more readily observable) geopolitical and economic implications of civilizational decline however, there are also psychological and spiritual aspects to decadence. This inexorable slide into dissolution is often accompanied by the psychic descent of the populace into an underworld of mass hysteria and collective psychosis.  As civilization unravels around them, an impotent bloodlust emerges, triggered by the slightest deviations from culturally imposed norms; a pound of flesh becomes the penance for the most trifling of peccadilloes.

Decline psychosis is extraordinarily destructive and leads to some of the bloodiest and most lawless excesses that history has ever witnessed. Paradoxically however, the havoc wreaked by this collective psychosis is always fundamentally aimed at the preservation of order in an era careening towards disorder.  It is an attempt to understand a world that is rapidly becoming incomprehensible in the face of the disintegration of the contextualizing force that is civilization.

So what is psychosis? It’s defined as being a severe mental disorder in which thoughts and emotions are so impaired that the sufferer’s connection with external reality is severed. The sufferer begins to perceive things that are not there and to believe things that are not true. Psychosis may be caused by any assortment of internal or external causes. In this state, the sufferer is unable to perceive reality and lives exclusively in an internal world of unreality. Once the sufferer has descended into psychosis, neither logic, nor reason, nor assertions that the sufferer has a false perception of reality will be sufficient to overcome the delusions.

The particular variant of psychosis that I discuss here arises from the correct perception by a populace of a civilization that their civilization has slipped into inexorable decline. The populace attempts to sublimate the stress generated by this realization into aggressive attempts to (re)establish certain orthodoxies of thought as a shield against the feelings of anguish and powerlessness created by the recognition of their society’s drift towards obsolescence. This is rational, done to reconcile the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and nihilism with the fundamental human tendency to believe that life has purpose and order in spite of the decay and apparent meaninglessness. Unconsciously, the push to enforce rightness of thought is held as a talisman of sorts against the forces of decay feeding upon the moribund society-the quasi-religious dimension of the psychosis cannot be denied.

This state of affairs, while destructive to the people, is a boon to the civilization’s elites and establishmentarians who utilize these distractions to obscure the fact that they are engaged in their own shifty machinations that contribute to their civilization’s destruction. Petty differences of opinion that would be tolerated in a healthy civilization become landmines in a decadent one incapable of rationally resolving difference. Why? Because psychologically, to be in possession of a “wrong” thought is to, in a small way, cede to the chaos at the gates. It is fundamentally magical thinking. The leaders encourage febrile witch hunts so that the frenzied populace doesn’t realize that the elites are selling off the patrimony, that the Vandals are at the gates, that the people haven’t had a decent meal in months, that the whole kit caboodle is on the verge of a very nasty implosion, and that there really is no version of the future that won’t prominently feature squalor and misery.

Consider the example of the United States, which enjoyed more than a century as the world’s leading superpower beginning approximately in 1901 with the Theodore Roosevelt presidency and its imperialist bent, reached its pinnacle in 1945 after WWII decimated the European powers, and lived to see the destruction of its primary philosophical and economic rival, the Soviet Union, in 1991. The decline of the American Empire began in 2006 and accelerated in 2008 with the derivatives/housing bubble fiasco that destabilized the global economy. Since that time the U.S. has:

Unquestionably, the signs of decline are everywhere and are apparent to anyone willing to take a hard look. But who wants to admit that they are living in the end days of an empire? Who wants to accept that things are unlikely to improve? And why would American elites want the American hoi polloi to become fully aware of the downward trajectory? The concentration of power has served them well, and burning tires create such an awful stench. So how does the psychosis manifest itself, and how do the elites fan the flames? Social justice. Crusaderism. Identity politics.

The statistics do not bear out the existence of a “rape culture” or of a rape epidemic. Professors in universities are not allowed to express an opinion that does not jive with this narrative, or they may be reported to the federal government (the modern day church) for the modern day equivalent of heresy. There is no evidence that this country “hates” black people, and that their higher rates of imprisonment is due to this institutional animus. There is, however, evidence that black Americans are overwhelmingly responsible for an outsize portion of the crime committed in this country relative to the size of their demographic. Nonetheless, the riots that took place in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD were seen as acceptable expressions of rage against a machine designed to oppress blacks.

The media offers us Caitlyn (ne) Bruce Jenner, Laverne Cox, and Chaz Bono, and dares us to say that the first two are men, and the last is a woman. These are the articles of faith within the current orthodoxy. Believers, in the throes of their psychosis truly believe the drivel and will ruthlessly enforce it against all heretics and deniers. That these assertions have no basis in fact is irrelevant. That these beliefs do not reflect an objective reality is beside the point. As painful as it must be to live life believing in these delusions, admitting to yourself that your nation is in its death throes will be infinitely more excruciating.