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What a night! What a GREAT day to be alive. I never know what to say on occasions such as these. Even though I wanted Trump to win and anticipate his win, I nonetheless find myself rather surprised. Some thoughts:

  • Crypto shitlords were out there and came out in force.  Based on the conversations that I personally took part in and conversations that overheard from time to time, it was clear to me that there were more people who understood the gravity of this election and had no intention of voting for a globalist, corporatist shill like Clinton over a nationalist maverick like Trump. However, much of Shitlord Nation felt cowed into silence by the bullying and the inquisitorial e-tactics of the #I’mWithHer crowd.
  • The Left is horrible at meme warfare.  This is clearly the New Right/Alt-Right’s forte. Perceiving the enthusiasm gap between (sometimes rabid) Trump supporters and (largely tepid) Clinton supporters, and also perceiving the success that the Right has had with such non-sequitur memes as Pepe and the hook-nosed Shylock, the Left seized upon Trump’s offhand comment about Clinton’s being a “nasty woman” in a failed attempt to meme the desirability of their patently shitty candidate and the inevitability of a Clinton victory into being. The fact that they had to derive such a subpar meme from the distracted musings of their archnemesis should have told them that they were doomed for failure. Nevertheless, a fawning and sycophantic press trapped in an echo chamber gave this meme far more attention than it actually merited. Which leads us to…
  • The Media is not in the business of reporting news, it is in the business of creating news and manufacturing faux consensus.  Rather than accurately identifying the nature of the zeitgeist, they tried to create an entirely new reality based on misrepresentation, aspersion casting and wishful thinking.
  •  The Media lies incessantly.  The MSM lied up until the last. They lied about Trump being a rapist, they lied about Clinton being the best candidate, they lied about Clinton being preferred over Sanders, they lied about Trump supporters being bigots, they lied about Clinton leading Trump even as he was polling ahead of her, they lied about the depths of Clinton’s corruption. Make no doubt about it. This election heralds the end of the MSM as we know it.
  • Third party bids are for faggots.  After this election, no one will ever take third parties in America seriously again. Trump won decisively even with asshole Gary Johnson playing spoiler. Third parties are typically infested with bitter nincompoops and faggots who think themselves righteous because they don’t like the “regressive Left” and think of the nation state as an unfortunate relic of the past while bowing to the gods of free trade, perpetual growth and marijuanas. Read: lolbertarians.
  • New Hampshire was a weird bellwether.  While viewing the election coverage, I couldn’t help but notice that NH was undeclared but seemed to be leaning red for much of the race. I found this interesting, as Clinton won the NH primary handily back in 2008 and Obama won the state both in 2008 and 2012. I realized that if a state that reliably left and thoroughly cucked was leaning red, that portended not so great things for Clinton. In fact, I thought to myself that this close call situation effectively meant that Trump was guaranteed the win. Of course, I was right.

I think that this win is great for the nation. In spite of all of the histrionics of the Left I think that the final analysis will show that this win served to temper some worse and far more destructive impulses that were in the groundswell while keeping a hard right reset/correction at bay for slightly longer. I know that the road ahead is still uncertain and rough, and that Trump detractors will seek ways to make his presidency a failure. While I refrain from placing my faith in man and while I know that hope is not a plan, I still hope for a great four years. I’m fairly certain that we’ll have it.


A Word on Brexit

Farage Victory.jpgBrexit was a success, contrary to what the naysayers, doomsday prophets, and the muh shekels EU loyalist crowd predicted. 17,410,742 (51.9%) – Leave vs. 16,141,241 (48.1%) – Remain. I think that this was the single most important thing that Britain has done for itself in its entire recent history, and I am happy for them. Britain chose its own side. It took a stand for nationalism and sovereignty, prioritizing these low time preference ideological intangibles over more high time preference materialist tangibles like cheap labor and slightly more affordable goods. And how this stand has scandalized the (((globalist elite))), who, comfortably ensconced in their ideological echo chambers and gated communities, fundamentally misjudged the nature and direction of the zeitgeist. People still cherish their nations and still take pride in their national identities. They do not relish the idea of an undifferentiated, borderless world. They are not ashamed to stand up against their eventual demographic replacement, regardless of how many times they are decried as racists/xenophobes/islamophobes.

Whether British leaders will effectuate clearly articulated will of the people remains to be seen. I’m certain that the (((elites))) have some punitive financial chicanery planned for Britain that in the short term, will make things slightly more difficult. Thankfully, Britain did not make the mistake of shackling itself monetarily to the European Union, and as for the coming economic trials – this too shall pass. Sterling has held strong; Britons have already shown themselves to be prepared to play the long game.

It will be interesting to see how things across the Continent (across the West in general, really) develop over the next few years as people rediscover the wonders of nationalism and national pride while eschewing globalism.

May 6/23/16 be the day that the European Uncucking begins in earnest.




In postmodern America, dwelling on social minutiae is the primary method of broadcasting one’s prog bona fides. Identification of structural problems and development of systematized approaches for their resolution is gauche; fixation upon relatively unimportant questions impacting vanishingly small populations is the mark of true erudition.Of course, small minds deal in trivialities. Mundanity masquerading as profundity has become a prominent feature of The Current Year and reflects the near total capture of the sociopolitical mechanism by fools and simpletons.

NFL Concussion-gate is in the news cycle again, on the heels of Bathroom-gate, it’s difficult not to notice a pattern. Last year it was gaymarriage; this year, it’s pervert bathroom rights panic and hand wringing over adult men risking brain damage for millions of dollars. Of course, as is the case with all of these fraudulently advanced social causes, none of it has anything to do with improving the lot of any particular target demographic. Rather, these largely irrelevant social causes are manufactured simply to condition the populace into acceptance of the gradual loss of small scale autonomy-with an eye towards stripping away fundamental rights further down the line. Precedent creation. Death by a thousand cuts. Slavery via the gradual imposition of silly prohibitions and freakish exceptions.

Naturally, because the endgame of all of this inane social engineering is confusion and chaos, none of its premises are consistent or logical. Grown men should be prevented from even having the option to choose a highly remunerative profession that may, over the long enough term, lead to brain damage while children as young as three should be permitted to make permanent surgical decisions regarding their sex (ones that will certainly lead to their destruction) based upon temporary, juvenile flights of fancy. To not acquiesce to child mutilation is bigotry of the highest order and of course, an ill for the government courts to remedy.  Schizophrenic morality advanced by mentally ill arbiters of good and evil.




West Virginia & Nebraska Primary Results

VW & NE Primary Results

Trump continues to roll towards clinching the Republican nomination. He’s now only 150 delegates and a general election away from Making America Great Again. There’s not much to say in this regard. Suffice it to say that I eagerly await the Trumpening and his formal coronation in July, not least of all for the soul-rending pain that it will cause naysaying cuckservatives and pleb tier progs alike. #MAGA2016

Sanders did excellently in West Virginia, capturing 51.4% of the vote and 16 delegates. His win came as a shock to no one but the Shillary drones. It’s not hard to see how Sanders’ folksy, avuncular style and staunchly populist platform would be more appealing to solidly working class Appalachian types than Clinton’s elitist & corporatist stance. Sanders has been gradually gaining on Clinton and trails behind her only by 286 delegates. Presently, he is 953 delegates away from nomination. While it is the case that Clinton carries the bulk of the Party’s superdelegates, it’s also abundantly clear from the numbers that a Sanders nomination is far from an impossibility. In the absence of superdelegates, it would be a distinct probability. Sanders has a demonstrated track record of success and has been steadily closing the Clinton-Sanders delegate gap, which makes the repeated calls for him to drop out all the more puzzling.

It is my personal opinion that Sanders would prove a more difficult foe for Trump to vanquish than Hillary. He has fewer defects of character, is also anti open-borders poz (albeit for shitty commiejewfuck reasons), and offers a smorgasbord of gibsmedat for the enticement of his rainbow coalition of economically illiterate constituents. I believe that he would be more difficult for Trump to defeat because like Trump, he is highly effective at cutting through the autism of data and appealing to voters on a limbic, emotional level-something that Madame Nehru Jacket is utterly incapable of. 2016 will not be an election year decided on the basis of sterile facts and figures; it will be an election year powered by principles and vision.

Indiana Primary Reflections

The Indiana primary has been all around good news for the Trump Train. His decisive win, combined with Cruz’s withdrawal from the race, all but ensures his nomination at the Republican convention in July. There was no question that Trump was favored to win-and favored to win big-in Indiana, as he was polling strongly against Cruz and Kasich going into the race.  The scale of Cruz’s loss in Indiana is astounding:

Trump Indiana


Cruz was handed a crushing defeat, winning only in perhaps more Evangelical/tradcon strongholds of the state, who knows. Overall, the bulk of his victories took place in states where the primary processes were heavily brokered and highly undemocraticThere are 9 remaining contests leading up to the convention with 520 delegates up for grabs. Without Cruz playing obstructionist, there is no doubt that Trump will obtain the necessary 190 delegates and thus garner the nomination:

Republican Delegate Count

Kasich has always been an irrelevancy, a plant in the race only for the purpose of spoiling the race for Trump in Ohio. With Cruz gone and with Trump only 190 delegates away from securing the nomination outright, the Republican Establishment can no longer plausibly flirt with a brokered convention, a very good thing. The Establishment cannot deny Trump the nomination without openly engaging in chicanery that will further undermine the Party’s legitimacy/put it even further down the road towards schism. Overall, events in Indiana telegraph clearly the Republican base’s disgust with politics as usual and with the open borders/free trade/foreign intervention stances characterizing the Republican elite that has served only to dilute the national character, export jobs abroad by the millions, compressed wages, and dispossessed and impoverished the average American.

On the Democratic side of the equation, Sanders won in Indiana, but it’s unclear whether his win makes a difference to the bottom line:

Indiana Head to Head.jpg

Sanders currently has 1400 delegates: 1361 pledged delegates and 39 superdelegates. Clinton, by contrast has 2202 delegates: 1682 pledged delegates and 520 superdelegates. The Democratic nominee needs 2383 delegates to secure nomination. 1163 delegates remain and realistically speaking, Sanders would have to score just about every last one of them to stay alive:

Democratic Delegate Count

While superdelegates can support any candidate and remain uncommitted until the convention in July, the vast majority of those superdelegates are Party functionaries likely to back Clinton come hell or high water, as she is the Democratic Establishment’s clear choice. It’s hard to tell if Clinton is better or worse off for relying so heavily on these SDs. On the one hand, the SDs are convenient way to circumvent the political process and place a modicum of power back in the hands of the Democratic Party machine (to the extent that democracy matters, or is desirable). On the other hand, Clinton’s delegate to superdelegate margin is massive and her reliance on them is substantial. 23.6 % of her tally is comprised of superdelegates whereas only 2.7% of Sanders’ tally is; it seems as though her win depends upon the caprices of a few people with the ability to switch sides at any moment. Improbable, but far from impossible.

An interesting development is how quickly the media has accepted the inevitability of Trump’s nomination, transitioning from Trump denialism and shifting gear into manufacturing reasons as to. . .the inevitability of Trump’s loss in a Clinton-Trump face-off in November. (See here, here, and here). While Trump may be trailing Clinton, he has been steadily closing that gap. Furthermore, now that Trump no longer has to spend time and resources rebuffing Republican competitors, he can train all barrels on Clinton. Clinton has failed at everything she has put her hands to. She is churlish, inauthentic, and utterly lacking in charisma. Her political career is entirely the byproduct of her husband’s political career. Left to her own extemporaneous devices, she’s liable to say things that piss off the various elements of her fractious and childish base. Trump by contrast is a YUGE business success who is relatable, jovial, and ultra charismatic. He also doesn’t have to worry about the hurt feelings of a perpetually aggrieved base-much of his appeal comes from his reputation as a straight talker. Barring some catastrophic skeletons-in-the-closet revelation, I think Trump has a great chance of winning the general.

It’s clear that Clinton stands for nothing more than the status quo of globalism, expansive government, and demographic replacement, propositions which the average American has decreasing tolerance for. I think that a Clinton presidency will serve to accelerate the decline, which is probably a welcome thought to the accelerationist set. At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see how things shake out over the next few months.

Edit: 2:57 PM CST: Kasich is out


Super Tuesday Celebrations

Super Tuesday Results.png

Super Tuesday has come and gone, leaving little question as to the parties’ presidential nominees. To the felicity of fashy goys and the consternation of shitlibs, the Trump juggernaut continues to roll along and roll over its insipid & limp-dicked opponents.  The Left is clearly beginning to feel the Bern burn and bracing for impact, as their best argument against the inevitable Trumpenreich is #makeDonaldDrumpfAgain and their finest candidate is a Machiavellian corporate shill, a ghoulish crone with a track record of failure.

Though schadenfreude is divine, the pragmatic implications of Super Tuesday are even more delectable. Trump’s unexpectedly successful bid for the presidency has created something of a win-win situation.  The Republican Establishment is mortified by the possibility of  Trump presidency, scandalized at the prospect of not having a candidate that they will be able to control body and soul.  The Republican Party is also a worthless and moribund institution that must die, as its prime directives for the last 20 years have been concession and conciliation rather than the conservation of even the least of conservative values.  If Trump secures the nomination (as he rightfully should) and is not cucked by the Establishment, he has essentially won the presidency.  If he wins the presidency and remains faithful to even 50% of his campaign platform, that would likely be sufficient to retard the decline, expel obstructionist Party malcontents, and perhaps even salvage the nation.

If instead-and I believe this to be the likelier scenario-due to some back room Establishment chicanery Trump fails to secure the nomination and Cruzio is pushed through over the unequivocally expressed preferences of the people (thus ensuring a Shillary win), the system’s fraudulence and the Republican Party’s fecklessness will be revealed.  The result will be twofold: (1) a Party schism sounding the death knell of the Republican Party in its present incarnation (2) the generation of a crisis of faith across the American political system that will spur Americans out of their passivity and into thinking critically about implications, next steps, and active measures.

Perhaps I’m being too sanguine.  But it’s still a great time to be alive.

Oscars Recap & Commentary

I’ve been away for a bit, primarily working on other projects, secondarily working on developing a pipeline of blog material that will be timely/thought provoking/interesting for my dear readers while giving serious thought to the direction that this platform will take over the next few months. So, please pardon my dust.

I had the displeasure of attending an Oscars viewing party yesterday night.  While I am typically loathe to partake of such thoroughly dildofied spectacles, the invitation came from a work colleague and I figured that it would be best to take this one on the chin and put in some face time.  The 2016 Oscars was more dreadful than I could have even anticipated, highlighting just how disconnected from reality and dour the ((entertainment establishment)) has become.  We are currently in an era wherein the entertainer’s greatest sin is that of merely wanting to be entertaining.  One must make a statement, one must pay lip service to the issue du jour, one must genuflect before the secular deities of tolerance and inclusivity.  Chris Rock was brutally unfunny as host, immediately launching into an insulting and frankly abusive monologue about lynchings, racism, and oppressive whiteness. . .before imploring the white Hollywood elites to open the gibsmedat spigot for the considerably less agentic black Hollywood elites  Upper echelon rent seeking.  It was all quite brain dead.

Rock’s main gripe is the gripe of every mediocre actor/entertainer of color in the industry: Hollywood fails to provide sufficient opportunities for non-white (read: black) actors, resulting in an #Oscarssowhite predicament year after year.  The remedy for this great injustice is to arbitrarily cast non-white black actors in a greater number of roles regardless of whether or not the castings make narrative sense.  Thus, Hollywood’s mandate is not to produce films that are thematically interesting, phenomenally plotted, impeccably acted, or visually sensual.  These elements do not a good movie make, according to the envious shills of color. Rather, a film’s goodness rests almost solely upon the extent to which its cast is diverse as determined by whatever metric these goons may happen to cook up.

As usual, this is a case of basic people coming to basic conclusions and proposing simplistic fixes due to their inability to think critically or logically. To them, the importance of the Oscars is merely symbolic.  They do not view it as an event shaped by other more. .  pragmatic. . .consideration$.  So, if there are insufficient numbers of black people cast into Oscarworthy roles, it’s not because the market is at best agnostic to diversity and at worst doesn’t give a fuck about it, it’s not because black celluloid offerings are generally vapid, trite, and poorly acted-it’s because the Academy is full of old white racists actively discriminating against black people because. . .reasons.

However, this is their mistake: their failure to understand what the Oscars truly are.  While the Academy Awards is ostensibly an event aimed at recognizing excellence in film making from a more artistic rather than commercial perspective, the films that are ultimately made must nevertheless scratch that proverbial (commercial) itch.  That is to say: the movie made purely for the sake of the art is an increasingly uncommon one and directors and actors are keen to work on and star in movies that not only pique the interest of the Academy, but also appeal to consumers further downstream.  Furthermore, producers are not interested in financing films unlikely to yield a significant return.  Why else would Inarritu have done his damnedest to snag Leonardo DiCaprio for the lead when Chris Pine or even Idris Elba would have arguably performed just as capably?  Because DiCaprio is certified box office platinum.  When he’s in a movie, he puts asses in seats and puts money in bank accounts. This is far less true of the other two. As the moviegoing public is still predominantly white, it prefers to consume movies starring actors they can recognize and identify with.

Artistically, Stuff Black People Like tends to be pedestrian and one note, with black audiences overwhelmingly responding to features like the Friday series, the Barbershop series, biopics about famous black people, and musical movies (think Dreamgirls) or movies about music (think Straight Outta Compton).  Their tastes don’t run particularly esoteric or experimental or conceptual (think Jonze’s Her or Garland’s Ex Machina). While the black movies listed may be somewhat commercially successful (even this is questionable, because the subject matter and the casts mean that these movies’ popularity will be limited to largely black audiences), they will for obvious reasons never be lauded by the Academy.  The problem here is very sharp.  Due to the expressed preferences of both black and white audiences, directors and producers committed to solving Hollywood’s “diversity problem” are forced to either sacrifice art for representation (no Oscars) or to sacrifice representation for art (no dollars).  You can guess how that tension is frequently resolved.  As Leo said in that other movie for which he was unceremoniously robbed: “money talks and bullshit rides the bus.”

The artistic and the commercial are inextricably linked, and black themed movies generally fail on both counts.  Enough black actors in a movie, and you already know what the movie will be like. These affairs are highly predictable.  The problem here is that black audiences don’t like the kinds of films that are either artistic enough to merit Academy recognition or broadly appealing enough to merit being made.

Hollywood is pozzed beyond redemption.  You’ll find no quarrel with me on that point. But, consider the range of subject matter in the films nominated for best picture this year:

  • Bridge of Spies (a movie about the Cold War)
  • Mad Max: Fury Road (a dystopian action film)
  • Revenant (a historical drama about American trappers set in 1823)
  • Spotlight (a movie about journalists uncovering sexual abuse in the Catholic Church)
  • The Martian (space travel)
  • The Big Short (a movie about the root causes of the 2008 financial crisis)
  • Room (a movie about a woman kidnapped and held hostage in a room with her son)
  • Brooklyn (a movie about an Irish immigrant living in 1950’s Brooklyn)

Which, if any of these films would appeal to a black audience?  One of Rock’s prerecorded sets provides us with an answer: precisely zero. In this segment, when asked if they’d heard of some of the pictures nominated like Bridge of Spies or Trumbo, the black individuals polled expressed bemused confusion. One even went as far as to accuse Rock of making the movie up. The one movie that all of the assorted blacks watched?  Straight Outta Compton.

Which serious director wants to toil to film the millionth MLK biopic?  Which ambitious actor wants to make a name for himself working in music themed movies and Barbershop spinoffs?  All of these BLM “we need more diversity in Hollywood” types fail to recognize the importance of the market in determining what gets produced and what doesn’t; who gets cast and who doesn’t.  The Academy will never be able to review movies not made due to lack of commercial viability. At the end of the day-in a roundabout way-the Oscars are about dollars and cents.  Who calls the shots in Hollywood?  The same ((ones)) who make the racist bottom line casting decisions in order to generate the most revenue while skating off scot free and letting white people hold the bag and play defense against a vast horde of ungrateful grievance mongers.