In postmodern America, dwelling on social minutiae is the primary method of broadcasting one’s prog bona fides. Identification of structural problems and development of systematized approaches for their resolution is gauche; fixation upon relatively unimportant questions impacting vanishingly small populations is the mark of true erudition.Of course, small minds deal in trivialities. Mundanity masquerading as profundity has become a prominent feature of The Current Year and reflects the near total capture of the sociopolitical mechanism by fools and simpletons.

NFL Concussion-gate is in the news cycle again, on the heels of Bathroom-gate, it’s difficult not to notice a pattern. Last year it was gaymarriage; this year, it’s pervert bathroom rights panic and hand wringing over adult men risking brain damage for millions of dollars. Of course, as is the case with all of these fraudulently advanced social causes, none of it has anything to do with improving the lot of any particular target demographic. Rather, these largely irrelevant social causes are manufactured simply to condition the populace into acceptance of the gradual loss of small scale autonomy-with an eye towards stripping away fundamental rights further down the line. Precedent creation. Death by a thousand cuts. Slavery via the gradual imposition of silly prohibitions and freakish exceptions.

Naturally, because the endgame of all of this inane social engineering is confusion and chaos, none of its premises are consistent or logical. Grown men should be prevented from even having the option to choose a highly remunerative profession that may, over the long enough term, lead to brain damage while children as young as three should be permitted to make permanent surgical decisions regarding their sex (ones that will certainly lead to their destruction) based upon temporary, juvenile flights of fancy. To not acquiesce to child mutilation is bigotry of the highest order and of course, an ill for the government courts to remedy.  Schizophrenic morality advanced by mentally ill arbiters of good and evil.





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