Anglo common law has managed to strike a harmonious balance between bloodless logic and the need to accommodate human frailty. It demonstrates a surprisingly intuitive understanding of human nature and as such, has, over time, gradually developed into a nuanced legal framework durable enough to promote the rule of law without forgetting the human element. I actually believe that the Anglo legal tradition is perhaps the culture’s single most important contribution to the world. In 50 years, this system will likely vanish, consigned to the dustheap of history, buried under the enormous weight of the mass of retards that the West has been steadily manufacturing within the public mis-education system for the past 50 years. The Current Year is very hostile to the the notion that truth is indeed ascertainable and that uniform rules (based upon an understanding of how humans actually are) can be applied in order to effectively thresh truth from lies.

The children of The Current Year possess neither the ability to sustain the current legal system nor to create a parallel tradition that would be equal in magnificence. A system like our current one could have never emerged in an age or a time like the one we currently inhabit. This is an age in which emotion reigns supreme, where logic and rigor are scorned, and in which denial of fundamental human nature is viewed not as stupidity, but as virtue. Nothing methodical, admirable, or interesting could ever come from it.


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