I often ponder what precisely is wrong with the average person. Look closely and it becomes abundantly clear there is something very wrong with the vast majority of people one encounters. Mere observation of the symptoms is child’s play; accurate diagnosis of the disease is considerably more challenging. More often than not, the disease vector is obscured due either to pure ignorance or to bald chicanery designed to defeat understanding. The answer to this question comes in quiet contemplation:

Misery is the consequence of valuing that which is degenerate.

An elegant yet simple truth. A lens through which to view the world and understand the brokenness of her myriad inhabitants. We are fallen and in our fallen state, we have pursued that which pulls us further into the quagmire of our own imperfections. We are fallen, and have embraced that which has degenerative effects on our societies and upon our souls. To make values out of antivalues-to worship at the altar of decadence-is to create hell on earth. This is why the average person is so vacant and bereft. Their souls have been obliterated after a lifetime of placing destructive filth at the center of their universe.

Consider your average American cubicle drone. In particular, consider the typical female cubicle drone. Observing women is instructive as they are disinclined to question prevailing wisdom and are more swayed by considerations of “propriety,” regardless of how inverted and bastardized the notion may have become. Observe the extent to which they are mindless automatons floating about through an empty existence. Listen to the way in which they rhapsodize about their pets’ every shit even while they express disgust at the thought of growing and nurturing another human being. Notice how dour they are before they have their morning jolt of caffeine. Look at the importance which they imbue their trifling makework jobs. These are people who live small and profoundly unhappy lives.

Why? Consider what the Average American Female values. She values the perfection of petty minutiae over the comprehension of the big picture. She values maintaining the *pretense* of economic independence over the management of hearth and home. She values a consumerist and promiscuous existence in Sodom and Gomorrah coastal megalopolises. She values good feelings over truth. She values the ability to acquire trinkets over the creation of durable relationships. She values human equality even in the total absence of evidence that such a thing exists. She values credentials over character. I focus on women but we all value ephemeral and meaningless things because we are dutiful slaves who do as our masters command without wondering: “what is the purpose of all of this?” We run the script we were handed over the protestations and screams of our spirit.

Where do these “values” ultimately lead? To the grave, over a long enough time horizon. In the short term they lead to isolation, loneliness, barrenness, bitterness, anxiety, and to despair.

We are miserable because we value that which is degenerate. We are miserable because everything we have been taught to value is a lie. 

This is not a uniquely Western (or American) phenomenon. As the West goes supernova, it spews its dreck far and wide. Contentment and tradition are gauche. Maintaining appearances up to the point of starvation and striving to reduce oneself to a perfect economic unit divorced from all other contextualizing forces is de rigeur.

Unhappiness is natural. That miserable feeling in the pit of the stomach is an indication that something is wrong, that something needs fixing. While I am far from critical of bona fide clinical mental issues, I believe that depression and misery are, more often than not, side effects of venerating the dissolute and losing sight of the upright. I think it worthwhile to be introspective when these feelings surface, to determine what has caused the psychic imbalance. Quite often, the anguish we feel results from valuing the worthless and destructive while letting that which we ought to cultivate lie fallow due to our inattentiveness.



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