The Normie Question


Extended social interactions with normies are torturous. Normalfaggotry-as-virtue is a concept so deeply embedded in the collective psyche of the average Westerner that it has de facto become the sole acceptable ideological orientation. Normies are disinclined to think critically about anything, preferring instead to substitute prepackaged slogans for independent thought. Undesirous of having your sleepy rural town culturally enriched by an influx of Syrians fleeing the war in Somalia? You racist! cries the normie. #Trump2016? Hie thee from here is the concise normie position on this. Unfortunately, the seeds of normalfaggotry were planted long before us: its roots run deep. The Poz wasn’t built in a day; it will take years to cure the cultural sepsis resultant from a 50-year steep in the waters of prog ideology. Herein lies the (normie) question: how to reclaim cogs inculcated with the pseudo principles of a pozzed culture? How will the culture ever be moved rightwards when the critical mass of unrepentant normalfags is content to drift further leftwards right along with Cthulhu? Secondarily, should the culture move rightwards over the clearly expressed preferences of the normie hivemind, how does the culture remain right short of gulags and liquidations?


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