The Anomaly


It’s occurred to me that the greatest victory that the Lords of Lies have ever achieved is in successfully convincing the vast majority of rubes that everything is anomalous. To have been able to incapacitate on such a massive scale the collective ability to perceive a threat and come to rational conclusions based upon observable patterns of behavior is quite the achievement. To so effectively have psychically neutered entire populations and generations of individuals that they come to view the augurs of their imminent destruction not with fear, nor even with resignation, but rather with dewy-eyed longing is a feat, no matter how perverse.

These brainwashed masses keep observing the same anomalous events again and again and again. How many times must one observe an anomaly before one comes to the realization that the anomaly is actually the norm? How many innocents must die at the hands of radicalized Muslims shouting Allahu Akbar as they carry out their slaughters before one can safely assume that these are not anomalous outliers and that Islam is not a “religion of peace”? How many times must minority groups agitate against the validity of liberal Western values while maligning whiteness before one realizes that these social justice movements aren’t just one off, unconnected anomalies? Before one realizes that they hate your civilization, they hate you for being heir to that civilization, and long for your annihilation? Before realizing that yes, they are more or less all like that, and that multiculturalism is a cruel and destructive hoax?

The Matrix is quite real. The job of its architects is to keep everyone imprisoned within it while convincing its captives that it doesn’t exist at all. This is done in one of two ways:

(1) Telling everyone that what they’re observing isn’t real.

(2) Telling everyone that what they’re observing is real, but that it doesn’t mean what they think it means.

The Architects’ exclusive responsibility is convincing everyone that the “narrative glitches” being observed are naught but meaningless coincidences. We see this at play in the coverage of the “European Migrant Crisis” and the Paris Terror Attacks. To make the connection between the EU’s suicidal policy of flooding Europe with almost exclusively male, fighting age Muslim “migrants” and the subsequent Islamic terrorist attacks that killed more than 100 people is to be impoli, an intolerant bigot. All of the Matrix’s mouthpieces have been deployed to make certain that few come to this (obvious) badthink conclusion. So, we are told that the bulk of these “migrants” are impoverished Syrian families seeking “a better life” in the West, even while we see images and hear reports of hordes of well-dressed young men bearing iPhone 6es as they stream across various European borders.

Okay, so what if “teh migrants” are predominantly male and seemingly well-off? That doesn’t mean that they’re entering Europe with hostile intentions and visions of jihad dancing in their heads! 

Except. . .they are. Now the Matrix Mouthpieces are deployed to downplay the threat that uncontrolled immigration into Europe is indubitably causing by doubling down on the narrative and expressing concern not about the importation of Islamic fundamentalism to the West and the carnage and mayhem that this will bring, but rather about the potential backlash against the poor, defenseless adherents of The Religion of Peace.

It must be remembered: the only way to show love for the Other is to hate yourself.

Those terrorists weren’t Real Muslims, because Real Muslims would never do such a thing.

They were just anomalies.


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