The Middle Class Death Impulse


For any transformative social movement or scheme to be successful, it must have the active support of the middle class. At the very least, such movements must have its passive assent. For as long as it has existed, the middle class has been the gatekeeper of political legitimacy, working to maintain a functional social order by filtering out potentially destabilizing elements before their poison has the chance to infect the mainstream. Consider the responses to both the manufactured “European migrant crisis” and to the incoherent and increasingly strident Black Lives Matter movement. The moribund European middle class finds itself cheering for the Muslim invaders that they will soon be financing on their dime; the American middle class submits itself to hectoring by BLM Minitrue operatives helpfully dispensing advice on how to be more effective allies cucks.

Neither the European immigrant dump nor BLM’s narrative hijack would have been possible in the face of a vigorous and oppositional middle class with the will to forcibly reject these propositions and censure the elites either for daring to foist foreign fuckery upon the nation, or for fecklessly failing to suppress a radical minority fringe group effectively holding the country hostage for gimmedats. A vital middle class is absolutely crucial to the continuation of civilization, as no one cares what impoverished lumpenproles think and as ultra wealthy overlords lack the raw numbers to push political agendas through without the support of a game middle class.

This is the very reason why collectivists of all stripes are antagonistic towards the middle class: they realized how instrumental the bourgeoisie was to the maintenance not only of a free market economic system, but of the civilizational status quo. The middle class has the power to check the degenerate impulses of the lower classes and to police the excesses of the aristocracy. In these tasks, the middle class found its purpose and the will to perpetuate itself.

The middle class across the West is currently in the process of extinguishing itself, the author and finisher of its own demise. It has become a casualty of the very prosperity that it was primarily responsible for creating. The middle class of the West, too clever by half, has “successed” itself into crises of faith and identity. Success has led to decay. Having accomplished everything that it sought to accomplish over the better part of the last 200 years-the achievement of political power, economic access, social liberalization, destruction of the aristocracy and replacement of hereditary leadership with meritocratic leadership, material comfort-it now turns to devour itself. The middle class has found its influence neutralized by modernity and is now left bored and purposeless, trapped by stultifying, safe & meaningless office jobs all the while craving danger and play. What is an iconoclast with no icons to destroy? Not an ideological victor, but rather an ideological nomad.

These have all been hollow achievements, as it turns out that the perverse nature of man makes it so that vying for an ideal invariably brings him more pleasure than the achievement of it. And into the purpose vacuum left by the achievement of middle class goals seeps indolence, decadence and self-destructiveness, as there is nothing left to channel these energies and urges into productive things. Now rather than policing the lower classes, it gleefully adopts its vices; rather than checking the plutocracy, it accepts the imposition of policies and agendas diametrically opposed to its interests and to the best interest of the nations.

The middle class, particularly the Millennial middle class finds itself without a reason to exist: all the great battles have been fought, it would seem that all the great discoveries have been made, material comforts are assured, and they have managed to achieve an unparalleled level of social liberalism. So now what? What else is there? Without true ideals to strive for the middle class turns its passions inwards and begins to hate itself, flagellating itself and seeking to dismantle an unjust “system” that does nothing but transmit undeserved “privilege” to a select few. The middle class plunges to the depths of degeneracy while calling declension “progress.”

With all the trappings of a middle class lifestyle secured, the middle class longs for death. 

There is no greater evidence of this than the response to the European migrant invasion and the longevity of radical movements like Black Lives Matter.

What can one make of the overwhelming middle class support of movements and individuals who, if successful will be hostile to these sympathetic bourgeoisie and scornful of their sensibilities?What to make of the middle class’ enthusiastic support of movements and orgiastic welcome to peoples that will destroy them and the things they value most? How can the Millennial middle class of the West delude itself into believing that Syrian Muslims or ghetto blacks will have any respect for the rule of law, multiculturalism, or a well maintained commons? Why does the middle class accept its victimization at the hands of barbarians while it allows itself to be replaced by fecund foreign populations as it remains largely barren? The desire for oblivion leads them to cheer as the cities they love become thoroughly pozzed by vibrancy and turned into cesspools and war zones, while the childless middle class signalers become targets for their resentful, oppressed pets and their spawn.

What make them think that your standard savage will give a fuck about their bike paths, their farmer’s markets, or their separation of church and state? By supporting these culturally alien movements and peoples, the middle class sows the seeds of its eventual obliteration. These are the actions of a people numbed, who long for sensation again. And the modern middle class of the West has convinced itself that feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all.



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