Women & The Marine Corps

In an announcement that came as a surprise to no one but the most indoctrinated, a Marine Corps study found that all-male ground combat units were more effective than mixed-sex teams. This finding is completely unsurprising, as the core Marine Corps competencies are grueling and intensely physical tasks that men naturally excel at. Nonetheless, we live in an age where the most obvious knowns are repackaged and delivered as heretofore unknowns.  The all-male groups outperformed the mixed-sex groups on 69.4% of the assigned tasks. These findings are of particular relevance due to a January 2016 deadline for the opening of all military combat positions to women. The snippets of the report that have been released read like a realtalk primer on biological sex differences:

  • women were less likely to accurately hit targets than men
  • women have higher body fat percentages than men
  • women are more easily injured than men
  • women have less upper body strength than men

But who is any of this a revelation to? The commenters at NPR.org, for starters. Faced with the stark, black and white reality of women’s inability to perform up to military standards the NPR commentariat got right down to work, manufacturing counterfactuals and churning out excuses.

With these types, the goal is always to make an issue about everything that it’s not about. On face, it’s clear what these findings mean: that on average, women are weaker performers on key Marine competencies and the addition of these weaker on average female performers to the general Marine population brings down the overall performance of mixed-sex groups. Put simply: women are a liability and should not be admitted into combat positions. Naturally, this is clear to anyone who’s realistic about the physical and spatial limitations of women as compared to men. However, delusional liberals eager to preserve their equalist nurture versus nature fantasies in the face of indisputable evidence to the contrary prefer to turn this into a question of morale (mixed-sex groups don’t perform as well together, so that’s the cause of the sub par performance of those groups) and demand to know why the Marines didn’t test the performance of all-female outfits, perfectly blind to the fact that the mixed group essentially takes into consideration female performance-and this performance was found wanting.

At any rate, what these equalist wet dreamers don’t realize is that an all-female squad would be their worst nightmare, as it would do nothing more than expose everything they believe as balderdash and lies. Even if the Marines had enough female recruits to be able to put together an all-female outfit (something which I seriously doubt to have been a possibility) the performances of these pussy posses would, without a doubt, have been so abysmal as to call the entire gender integration of the corps project into question. The Marines mercifully spared liberals from having to look this ugly truth square in the face by only going so far as testing mixed-sex groups, thereby leaving open the question of whether those groups’ poor performances were due to poor morale of mixed-sex groups or due to the addition of shitty female recruits who will never be as effective as male recruits.

Though the results of this study are unlikely to change any thoroughly dildofied minds, there is humor in this situation, however black. It’s clear that none of the powers that be within the military are going to make the decisions that one would logically expect them to make given this evidence; to do so would be sexist. So I don’t expect any waivers to be requested. Nonetheless, what’s amusing about this is how clear it has become that the average liberal thinks that life is just one huge science project, an experiment wherein there are no consequences for operating under a false hypothesis. What’s funny is how ignorant these people choose to remain in the face of indisputable evidence that puts the lie to their harebrained equality schemes. They have no comprehension that a wrong decision in this respect can result in catastrophe, mayhem, and massive loss of life. To their minds, this is just a distant & low probability concern.

What’s most important to liberals is creating the semblance of equality even if it comes at the expense of national security and American lives just so that they can pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for being so inclusive and progressive. They’re the vanguard of equality, and they desperately need to signal how progressive they are. There’s no sense that they are on the verge of making a dangerous and costly mistake that will be hell to undo. None of this matters. Facts don’t matter. Reality doesn’t matter.

Agenda uber alles.


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