The Disease

The decay that has become a seemingly permanent feature of the age isn’t a result of one ideology or another. Make no mistake about it: the ascendant ideologies of the day are remarkably bankrupt and work to spread rot to all corners. Nonetheless, the problem lies fundamentally with the culture. It’s pointless to talk about rooting out the various distasteful ideologies because even though they foster decay and death, they are no more than byproducts of a culture that has already lost its way. They are enabled by a weak culture that produces aimless, credulous people. How foolish would a feminist appear were she to attempt to advance her scum ideals in a society that maintains a strong sense of standards, with a people who have an unshakable sense of purpose, destiny, and duty? How long would it be before she was ridiculed, discredited, and suppressed, prevented from spreading corruption to the rest of the society? Such ideologies can only take root in the foul mulch of a civilization that worships progress for progress’ sake while embracing the cult of radical self actualization. Everything that makes the individual “feel good” is acceptable and permissible, no matter what the cost to the civilization and regardless of whether the things in question are good for the individual.

What’s so puzzling to many is that post modernity promised liberation and improved quality of life, but it has delivered on neither of those promises. Everything that was supposed to make life better has made it qualitatively worse. We are none the happier for the receipt of all these post modern boons. We’d be freed from God, from duty, and from the confines of family. We could reallocate the time saved on mind numbing drudgery towards self discovery and leisure. Instead, we find ourselves free from faith only to find ourselves slaves to the basest impulses and to globalist elites. We dispatched family to pursue trinkets and status & to jockey for position. We gave up tradition and culture, and received iPads and Netflix in exchange. Meanwhile in China, people inhale industrial byproducts and fling themselves from factory windows. They died so we may stream.

It’s clear that these things are byproducts and symptoms, but everyone insists on viewing them as causes and disease. And we continue down the garden path.


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