The Wages of Tolerance is Death

The Kim Davis affair is interesting for several reasons and illustrative of several issues that are regularly discussed on this blog.

It’s being widely implied that Davis is an insincere hypocrite for having been married and divorced several times and having a child out of wedlock, even though it is undisputed that she dedicated her life to Christ a little over four years ago. So deep is the rot of this age that it is unfathomable to most people that one could turn away from degeneracy to embrace a more wholesome and spiritual life. It’s incomprehensible to the common person that people who sin and make mistakes (everyone) can repent of those sins and mistakes, avoid backsliding into their sinful ways and continue to live a life of faithfulness and probity. This is not the erasure of consequences, it’s simply the recognition that human nature is fallen but that redemption exists.

Though it’s not exactly accurate to say that your average degenerate doesn’t believe in redemption, it’s just that s/he worships a different faith. To them redemption can only be achieved through throwing standards to the wind, not through maintaining them. None of these homosexual terrorists would call Davis a hypocrite had her story been inverted. Had this woman initially been a diehard Christian, opposed to homosexuality who then threw off religion to become an avid proponent of homosex rights, these vindictive losers would do everything short of throw her a ticker tape parade and give her the keys to the city. Not one of them would imply that her “conversion” was insincere. She would be a gay hero.

This woman is in jail now, which highlights something else as well. Davis is being imprisoned for the crime of asserting that she has a conscience. For asserting that she is not a soulless automaton waiting to be animated by society and to be steered in whatever direction this corrupt society determines. Specifically, she is being imprisoned for asserting that she has a conscience that is divinely informed and that would bar her from undertaking a course of action that she would otherwise be willing to take. She is being imprisoned for daring to assert that forcing her to issue marriage licenses for gay couples is a governmental act that substantially burdens her right to free exercise. Kim Davis is being jailed for having the gall for having the wrong opinion. And all the liberals celebrate the fact that this woman has lost her freedom. #LoveWins, after all. Principles be damned. Though those were abandoned long ago.

This highlights what I’ve always maintained: this is precisely the kind of tyranny that necessarily emerges from the miasma of a “tolerant” “multicultural” society. The Davis affair is diversity in action. We must tolerate diversity of sexualities (gay culture is great), of races, of genders, of religions (except Christianity, naturally), of national origin or we stand to lose our freedom. The bottom line is that these principles are highly unnatural and to make these things possible, the government will always be called in to enforce tolerance through intolerance of certain viewpoints. Tolerance/multicult must be held in place at gunpoint, to borrow that very dildo phrase.

When the state religion becomes tolerance/multiculturalism/nonjudgmentalism, the government must necessarily expand to prevent people from acting in ways that are natural, instinctual, and logical. In a diverse/multicultural nation, freedom of association cannot exist in any meaningful form as that threatens the entire diversity project. The government must force association, because some people might choose to associate away from some other people. When nonjudgmentalism becomes the law of the land, the government must step in to make sure that discriminating people are unable to make judgment calls about right and wrong without running afoul of some stupid law (case in point, Kim Davis).

Thus radical tolerance, diversity, and the toxic sludge of principles from which these concepts arise will always end in totalitarianism and slavery.


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