Child Labor is Better than Indoctrination

There’s a seventeen year old kid working at my side gig. I was surprised when I found out how old she actually was, as I initially assumed that she was at least in her early twenties. When I took a second look at her, I realized that she indeed looked like a standard teen but that I’d automatically added a couple of years to her age simply because I was so unused to seeing teenagers in the workplace nowadays. I attribute this trend to a confluence of cultural and legal factors: cultural prejudices that work to discourage teens from taking up even limited employment and the legal reality of child labor laws that sharply curtail the types of work available for kids and the amount of time they can spend in the workplace on a weekly basis. Indubitably, these laws serve some purpose in that they prevent the exploitation of children by the more unscrupulous. No one wants to see the return of the 10-year-old black lunged chimney sweep.

Though the intended purpose of these laws and cultural attitudes is ostensibly the protection of minors, the effect is rather different. Instead of protecting children from exploitation, the cultural prohibitions do little more than work to create fundamentally useless people ripe for indoctrination. Teens by and large are told that to learn marketable skills is declasse, that prioritizing employment over indoctrination is to place themselves on a trajectory towards a future of prole squalor. So teens aren’t learning how to effectively engage with people, extemporaneous problem solving, mathematics, conflict resolution, or anything of this nature. They certainly aren’t developing skills or trades or learning to work with their hands. They’re not permitted to work more and a couple of hours a week, but they’re shunted into public schools to learn standard statist propaganda. They’re permitted to learn New Math and to graduate without understanding basic arithmetic. It’s preferable that these kids are miseducated & told false versions of history to inculcate self loathing and general ignorance of any and everything beyond their navels.

So rather than being gainfully employed and learning how it feels to create value and be rewarded for it, or learning the value of a dollar, these teens spend the majority of their time in government schools learning just enough to be ideal consumers but never enough to question what it’s all worth. They learn that every perversion under the sun is permissible, indeed, even more desirable than adjusted healthy behaviors. Kids are allowed to become drones. That is all.

After the standard kid has been thoroughly miseducated and mind pozzed and are useless for real work (because they were discouraged from working and because they learned nary a valuable or marketable skills in their government schools), they are herded into higher education to learn yet more worthless shit.

The design is to create a perfect circle from birth to death. Day care at three months, indoctrinated from K-12, and then further indoctrinated by the liberal shit machine that is the educational industrial complex, which teaches them to scorn everything Western and glorious while venerating everything foreign and despicable. They then graduate with some supremely worthless degree, then start paper pushing in some supremely worthless government agency, then die after suckling at the government gimmedat teat far into their dotage. The design is to create perfect drones, perfectly worthless people unable to think independently, bereft of soul, deracinated, detached from God, family, and nation. “Educated” to have the “right ideas” rather than to evaluate ideas or generate novel ones. “Educated” to be on “the right side of history” and crammed full of worthless trivia rather than information or skills of any utility. Kids are thoroughly abused by the system. But yet, we must limit child labor to prevent them from being abused by employers. What constitutes abuse that we must shield youth from? From learning how to be halfway worthwhile human beings.

The fact is that kids are trained to become worthless adults because worthlessness is currency in the marketplace of a fallen world. Worthless people do not generate, but they can be filled to the brim with nonsense: with destructive ideologies, with meaningless buzzwords, and with stupid opinions. Kids in their late teens, who would have been considered fully adult 100 years ago are now infantilized and encouraged to drift through an extended adolescence, qualified to do nothing but drift, consume, and regurgitate Party approved ideas.


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