The Middle Class Death Impulse


For any transformative social movement or scheme to be successful, it must have the active support of the middle class. At the very least, such movements must have its passive assent. For as long as it has existed, the middle class has been the gatekeeper of political legitimacy, working to maintain a functional social order by filtering out potentially destabilizing elements before their poison has the chance to infect the mainstream. Consider the responses to both the manufactured “European migrant crisis” and to the incoherent and increasingly strident Black Lives Matter movement. The moribund European middle class finds itself cheering for the Muslim invaders that they will soon be financing on their dime; the American middle class submits itself to hectoring by BLM Minitrue operatives helpfully dispensing advice on how to be more effective allies cucks.

Neither the European immigrant dump nor BLM’s narrative hijack would have been possible in the face of a vigorous and oppositional middle class with the will to forcibly reject these propositions and censure the elites either for daring to foist foreign fuckery upon the nation, or for fecklessly failing to suppress a radical minority fringe group effectively holding the country hostage for gimmedats. A vital middle class is absolutely crucial to the continuation of civilization, as no one cares what impoverished lumpenproles think and as ultra wealthy overlords lack the raw numbers to push political agendas through without the support of a game middle class.

This is the very reason why collectivists of all stripes are antagonistic towards the middle class: they realized how instrumental the bourgeoisie was to the maintenance not only of a free market economic system, but of the civilizational status quo. The middle class has the power to check the degenerate impulses of the lower classes and to police the excesses of the aristocracy. In these tasks, the middle class found its purpose and the will to perpetuate itself.

The middle class across the West is currently in the process of extinguishing itself, the author and finisher of its own demise. It has become a casualty of the very prosperity that it was primarily responsible for creating. The middle class of the West, too clever by half, has “successed” itself into crises of faith and identity. Success has led to decay. Having accomplished everything that it sought to accomplish over the better part of the last 200 years-the achievement of political power, economic access, social liberalization, destruction of the aristocracy and replacement of hereditary leadership with meritocratic leadership, material comfort-it now turns to devour itself. The middle class has found its influence neutralized by modernity and is now left bored and purposeless, trapped by stultifying, safe & meaningless office jobs all the while craving danger and play. What is an iconoclast with no icons to destroy? Not an ideological victor, but rather an ideological nomad.

These have all been hollow achievements, as it turns out that the perverse nature of man makes it so that vying for an ideal invariably brings him more pleasure than the achievement of it. And into the purpose vacuum left by the achievement of middle class goals seeps indolence, decadence and self-destructiveness, as there is nothing left to channel these energies and urges into productive things. Now rather than policing the lower classes, it gleefully adopts its vices; rather than checking the plutocracy, it accepts the imposition of policies and agendas diametrically opposed to its interests and to the best interest of the nations.

The middle class, particularly the Millennial middle class finds itself without a reason to exist: all the great battles have been fought, it would seem that all the great discoveries have been made, material comforts are assured, and they have managed to achieve an unparalleled level of social liberalism. So now what? What else is there? Without true ideals to strive for the middle class turns its passions inwards and begins to hate itself, flagellating itself and seeking to dismantle an unjust “system” that does nothing but transmit undeserved “privilege” to a select few. The middle class plunges to the depths of degeneracy while calling declension “progress.”

With all the trappings of a middle class lifestyle secured, the middle class longs for death. 

There is no greater evidence of this than the response to the European migrant invasion and the longevity of radical movements like Black Lives Matter.

What can one make of the overwhelming middle class support of movements and individuals who, if successful will be hostile to these sympathetic bourgeoisie and scornful of their sensibilities?What to make of the middle class’ enthusiastic support of movements and orgiastic welcome to peoples that will destroy them and the things they value most? How can the Millennial middle class of the West delude itself into believing that Syrian Muslims or ghetto blacks will have any respect for the rule of law, multiculturalism, or a well maintained commons? Why does the middle class accept its victimization at the hands of barbarians while it allows itself to be replaced by fecund foreign populations as it remains largely barren? The desire for oblivion leads them to cheer as the cities they love become thoroughly pozzed by vibrancy and turned into cesspools and war zones, while the childless middle class signalers become targets for their resentful, oppressed pets and their spawn.

What make them think that your standard savage will give a fuck about their bike paths, their farmer’s markets, or their separation of church and state? By supporting these culturally alien movements and peoples, the middle class sows the seeds of its eventual obliteration. These are the actions of a people numbed, who long for sensation again. And the modern middle class of the West has convinced itself that feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all.


Women & The Marine Corps

In an announcement that came as a surprise to no one but the most indoctrinated, a Marine Corps study found that all-male ground combat units were more effective than mixed-sex teams. This finding is completely unsurprising, as the core Marine Corps competencies are grueling and intensely physical tasks that men naturally excel at. Nonetheless, we live in an age where the most obvious knowns are repackaged and delivered as heretofore unknowns.  The all-male groups outperformed the mixed-sex groups on 69.4% of the assigned tasks. These findings are of particular relevance due to a January 2016 deadline for the opening of all military combat positions to women. The snippets of the report that have been released read like a realtalk primer on biological sex differences:

  • women were less likely to accurately hit targets than men
  • women have higher body fat percentages than men
  • women are more easily injured than men
  • women have less upper body strength than men

But who is any of this a revelation to? The commenters at, for starters. Faced with the stark, black and white reality of women’s inability to perform up to military standards the NPR commentariat got right down to work, manufacturing counterfactuals and churning out excuses.

With these types, the goal is always to make an issue about everything that it’s not about. On face, it’s clear what these findings mean: that on average, women are weaker performers on key Marine competencies and the addition of these weaker on average female performers to the general Marine population brings down the overall performance of mixed-sex groups. Put simply: women are a liability and should not be admitted into combat positions. Naturally, this is clear to anyone who’s realistic about the physical and spatial limitations of women as compared to men. However, delusional liberals eager to preserve their equalist nurture versus nature fantasies in the face of indisputable evidence to the contrary prefer to turn this into a question of morale (mixed-sex groups don’t perform as well together, so that’s the cause of the sub par performance of those groups) and demand to know why the Marines didn’t test the performance of all-female outfits, perfectly blind to the fact that the mixed group essentially takes into consideration female performance-and this performance was found wanting.

At any rate, what these equalist wet dreamers don’t realize is that an all-female squad would be their worst nightmare, as it would do nothing more than expose everything they believe as balderdash and lies. Even if the Marines had enough female recruits to be able to put together an all-female outfit (something which I seriously doubt to have been a possibility) the performances of these pussy posses would, without a doubt, have been so abysmal as to call the entire gender integration of the corps project into question. The Marines mercifully spared liberals from having to look this ugly truth square in the face by only going so far as testing mixed-sex groups, thereby leaving open the question of whether those groups’ poor performances were due to poor morale of mixed-sex groups or due to the addition of shitty female recruits who will never be as effective as male recruits.

Though the results of this study are unlikely to change any thoroughly dildofied minds, there is humor in this situation, however black. It’s clear that none of the powers that be within the military are going to make the decisions that one would logically expect them to make given this evidence; to do so would be sexist. So I don’t expect any waivers to be requested. Nonetheless, what’s amusing about this is how clear it has become that the average liberal thinks that life is just one huge science project, an experiment wherein there are no consequences for operating under a false hypothesis. What’s funny is how ignorant these people choose to remain in the face of indisputable evidence that puts the lie to their harebrained equality schemes. They have no comprehension that a wrong decision in this respect can result in catastrophe, mayhem, and massive loss of life. To their minds, this is just a distant & low probability concern.

What’s most important to liberals is creating the semblance of equality even if it comes at the expense of national security and American lives just so that they can pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for being so inclusive and progressive. They’re the vanguard of equality, and they desperately need to signal how progressive they are. There’s no sense that they are on the verge of making a dangerous and costly mistake that will be hell to undo. None of this matters. Facts don’t matter. Reality doesn’t matter.

Agenda uber alles.

Heroin, Harm Reduction, and Self-Defeating Leftists

As it relates to progressivism/leftism, there are two observations that we frequently make in these parts:

  • progressivism necessitates governmental expansion
  • progressivism makes possible the political entrenchment of corporatist & globalist interests that do not have humanity’s best interests at heart.

For these reasons alone, progressivism is an incredibly virulent agent of unfreedom and destruction that must be combated at every opportunity.

The thing about progressivism that I’ve always thought curious is the disconnect between the policies that progressives support and the consequent outcomes of those selfsame policies. What I’ve noticed is that the policies, systems, and actors that they favor more often than not create the conditions that inadvertently facilitate the rise of policies, systems, and actors that they disfavor. This occurs because the average progressive leftist is incapable of making connections between disparate and seemingly unrelated things.

To make things more concrete: leftists support unfettered social liberalism at all costs and either (1) ignore the societal decay that this extreme liberalism leaves in its wake or (2) blames the resultant decay on “the system.” They decry all formal attempts to police the decay and malign all informal criticisms of the decay as “intolerant.”  Leftists are, at the same time, intensely anti corporation. What they never realize is that by encouraging aberrant and destructive behaviors while handicapping all effective legal and social mechanisms that would control aberrant and destructive behaviors, they create a scenario wherein the very interests they oppose (corporations) become the only entities capable of dealing with the rot that is a direct consequence of the things they support.

Take this NPR article about an anti overdose drug, for example.

Around the U.S., a worsening heroin epidemic has more and more cities turning to the anti-overdose drug naloxone to reduce deaths from abuse. Also known as Narcan, the medication blocks the effects of opioids and reverses the respiratory depression that occurs during an overdose.

The article begins by unironically stating that another drug is what’s needed to control a drug epidemic that is already raging out of control. Naturally, the Brahmins at NPR won’t bother to consider the underlying causes of this terrible epidemic; they’ll just wring their hands and wail about how horrible this all is. I’ll venture this guess though: I bet that all of the hand wringers are the same people who support comprehensive drug decriminalization, because recreational drug use doesn’t hurt anybody. Except when it hurts everybody, of course.

So what’s been happening as a result of this epidemic and what’s going on with naloxone?

Baltimore recently stepped up its naloxone training, focusing on drug users, and their families and friends. So far this year, city health workers have taught nearly 4,400 people how to use naloxone. That’s more than quadruple the number trained in 2014. A big concern for Baltimore and other cities is the price of naloxone, which has risen dramatically as demand has gone up. In February, the Baltimore City Health Department was paying about $20 a dose. By July, the price had climbed to nearly $40 a dose.

It turns out that turning a blind eye to drug use and discouraging authorities from vigorously prosecuting users and dealers has had a deleterious impact on cities around the U.S. Liberal nonjudgmentalism has a rather steep cost, it would appear. Now, rather than penalizing drug users, keeping drugs off the streets, and cracking down on scum of the earth dealers and other drug trade operatives, American city leaders must contract with a third-party, institutional drug dealer pharmaceutical company to obtain licit drugs to prevent their residents from overdosing on illicit drugs that, due to the cities’ lax drug law enforcement, has been flooding their streets.

Of course, as these cities devolve into modern-day opium dens, city governments must expand their suite of services (and raise taxes) to ensure that their residents don’t drop like flies from overdoses. As cities across the U.S. race to stockpile the drug of all drugs from the same manufacturer, the manufacturer has begun to increase the price. This price increase only reflects the increased costs of R & D and not the realities of supply and demand, of course.

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, places the blame squarely on the manufacturers and, in particular, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes the naloxone most widely used by health departments and police.

“When drug companies increase their prices and charge exorbitant rates, they decrease the access to the drug,” Cummings said this summer. “There’s something awfully wrong with that picture.”

Amphastar says it raised prices because of increased manufacturing costs, including a rise in the prices of raw materials, energy and labor.

“What’s wrong with [the] picture” is actually that cities are looking to a drug company to deal with the effects of their bad governance rather than improving the quality of their governance and taking active measures to deal with the fallout from their shit policies.

While naloxone has been around for decades, Amphastar has excelled in drug delivery design. No icky needles. So for the time being, Amphastar is the only game in town.

Today, Baltimore and other cities are choosing intranasal naloxone for community use — naloxone that can be sprayed into the nostril and doesn’t require needles. The intranasal delivery method isn’t explicitly approved by the FDA. Amphastar is currently the only company that makes naloxone in a dosage that can be administered that way.

Great. So what’s the obvious effect of this? Demand for naloxone is rising (over 40 states have passed laws facilitating access to naloxone) while the supply remains pretty much flat, and Amphastar has an effective monopoly, so prices rise. Of course, this places the corporation in a pretty flush bargaining position and forces city officials to go cap in hand to it. So now, this corporation can call the shots. This corporation can manipulate prices. This corporation now has a seat at the political table. The corporation has the power extract money from cities and steer cities in directions that will be beneficial to it. And stupid prog drug liberalization policies have made this possible. But never will they question the wisdom of what they have promoted. Thus have the anti corporatist pursued policies that ultimately produced corporate capture, allowing this company to gouge the nation.

Rather than discouraging and penalizing vice (because that would be judgmental and cast the first stone and f*ck the drug war man!) and allowing the “prison-industrial complex” to do the job of keeping drugs, drug dealers, and drug users off the streets (because prisons are corporations man!), leftists make possible the creation of new, equally corporatist stakeholder interests that arise in order to deal with the blowback from policies that were designed to reduce the influence of such stakeholders in the political process in the first place. I bet these corporations also support moves towards more sensible drug policy and harm reduction.

Stupid, but square one always looks like progress to the dim-witted.

On the Migrant Shitstorm


What I hate most about crises of any sort, the current European “migrant crisis” being no exception, is that such events tend to trigger outpourings of the most asinine, basic bitch sort from the most unsophisticated and frankly, unintelligent of individuals. These crises are the worst because they invariably lead to the mobilization of half wits, followed by a deluge of retarded punditry belched up by people of a type who believe that because they feel deeply about the issue in question, that all of their vacuous mewlings in this regard have some profound meaning or contain some heretofore undiscovered truth or unconsidered perspective. To them, feelings should have complete dominion in a world of stark facts and hard realities.

Wrong. Millions of people are illegal and they should go back to where they came from posthaste.

Wrong. Millions of people are in fact illegal and they should go back to where they came from posthaste. Typical shit prog social media offering.

This is the liberal mind at work. And of course it must be, as no other viewpoint to the contrary can be platformed or articulated nowadays without a serious risk of reprisal to the dissident. There can be but one position on the crisis: the right one. And the right position is Western prostration and self flagellation before the uncivilized hordes. The opposing position, the notion that one would desire his country’s elites to institute policies to repel these invaders and preserve his nation so that it remains one predominantly of co-ethnics and co-nationals is of course, fascism. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

This is no exaggeration of what these retards think. From the bowels of Tumblr came this gem turd of commentary:

Migrant Dreck

The United States, like Western Europe is facing its own “migrant crisis” of sorts. The only difference is that our migrants, rather than coming from Mogadishu and Damascus, hail from Tijuana and points further south. As in Europe, the numbers are staggering: a critical mass of illegals have already comfortably taken up residence in the U.S. and go relatively unmolested while a veritable tidal wave of impoverished illegals is poised to hit the country in the very near future. Americans, who have been stunned into acceptance of this state of affairs by open borders hypnotists and by the soma of multiculturalism, are beginning to wake from their collective slumber and are taking a hard look at things. Ghastly people that they are, they are beginning to demand that America remain a country of Americans rather than being “fundamentally transformed” into an unrecognizable potpourri of the Earth’s wretched.

They are not happy that their elites have allowed their country to be overrun by peoples with whom they have nothing in common, who do not share their norms, and whom they will be forced to support indefinitely through their expropriated tax dollars. They are beginning to demand leaders who will take affirmative action against criminal invaders and to restore America to its former greatness, hence Trump. To leftists however, this awakening is little more than veiled racism. From the Tumblrina:

Y’all do realize that Hitler had similar views about Jewish people that Trump has about Latinxs (sic). Back then nobody thought Hitler would win and somehow he did and then fast forward to all the shit that went down. Y’all need to stop playing and start paying attention to Trump- he’s not kidding.

I’ve actually studied a lot about Hitler and the general formula that goes into the making of a genocide. Someone on my Facebook today said “Trump is just trying to define what it means to be an American” and it sent chills through me. Hitler was just trying to define what it meant to be German. And Turkey in the early 1900s was trying to define what it meant to be Turkish. Which was a large part of the Armenian genocide. Intense nationalism that leads to hatred is fucking scary, and this man is definitely a threat. I’m sure people don’t believe that Trump could order the same things to happen as Hitler did, but here’s the thing: there are two different schools of thought about the Holocaust. And that is that it was premeditated and the other is that it just built up. It was either his plan all along or the atrocities developed with time. Hitler didn’t begin his career with “burn the Jews” he began it with “re-empower Germany and deport the weaker non-Germans who are a threat to us.”

To these idiots, Trump is a neo-Hitler and nationalism is a precursor to genocide. Trump’s views are so similar to Hitler’s that the only rational conclusion that one could reach is that he intends to establish a Third Reich in America that will be mercifully and gloriously cleansed of mestizos should he be elected. But really, what Hitlerian views does Trump espouse? What are his views specifically on the Latixn Question? None, of course. Trump won’t even call for a moratorium on immigration. His views are on illegal immigration to the United States, of which Latixns indisputably comprise the vast majority. His further view is that we should prevent further illegal immigration to the country and deport illegals currently residing within the country, as they have broken our laws to gain entry, are by and large a drain on this society, and are incompatible with our values.

What this Tumblr post doesn’t say is far more interesting than what it does say. By its logic, to assert that nations have unique characters and identities that are worth preserving and will be obliterated by the arrival of hoardes of unlike “migrants” who are more often than not the shittiest of the shit tier of their respective nations is to advocate for genocide.

To assert that nations are sovereign and that they must defend their borders and peoples against impoverished shit-flinging Vandals willing to sacrifice their children for dentures, who desire not to contribute to their target nations, but to sack and pillage them, is to ready the Zyklon-B.

To recognize that porous, undefended borders are a sign of a failed state that has lost its will to exist and is ripe for ravishment and to fight to preserve the state for posterity, to prevent it from being torn asunder is to be a Nazi or a bloodthirsty Turk.

To believe that nation-states and their citizens have interests that do not align with the interests of citizens from other nations, and that its is a leader’s foremost responsibility to attend to those interests and to place them before the interests of global citizenry is not to “define what it means to be X,” it is to call for ethnic cleansing. You are not allowed to be nationalistic. You are only allowed to be cucked and fucked by all comers.

Mexico for the Mexicans, and America for the Mexicans too, I suppose.

The problem is that these types are such cretins who are so ignorant of anything beyond their own assholes that they are incapable of viewing historical events contextually and drawing parallels between historical events and current ones. They mention Hitler’s Germany without recognizing why or how the Nazi Party rose to power. The abortion of a government that preceded the Third Reich, the Weimar Republic was the context that the standard Tumblr prog fails to comprehend. This republic was star-crossed and plagued by instability from the start due to the staggering reparations that Germany had been forced to pay under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and due to the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Germany was piled upon by the international community, encouraged to be ashamed of itself and forced to grovel before the world for the role it played in WWI.

Weimar Germany had to contend with an expansive and increasingly expensive social welfare system, hyperinflation, waves of immigration to Germany from other surrounding poorer nations to the East. It also had to deal with the destabilizing influence of Jews within the society, who were often leftists determined to spread the reach of the October Revolution of 1917. (Note the ethnicity of the majority of the assassinated Reds listed under the “commanders and leaders” section). German society during this era was awash with decay and degeneracy. From 1919-1932, Germany was brought to its knees. Germans were demoralized, Germany was being infiltrated by immigrants hostile towards the country and ignorant of its values, deeply in debt, and had no prospects on the horizon for a future substantially better than the dim present.

Hitler promised to restore German greatness, to recapture lands ignominiously lost after WWI, and to stabilize the nation. He recognized what many other Germans recognized: that immigrants and leftist, radical Jewry posed threats to the sovereignty of the German state and diluted the national character. He promised to restore fiscal health. Though it could be argued that he arrived at a terribly wrong solution, he certainly came to the right conclusions-and Germans recognized this fact.

America and Western Europe find themselves in parallel situations. Both are seemingly in the winter of their respective existences. Once great empires fueled by the ingenuity and productivity of its citizens are now saddled with debt, plagued by cultural rot, assailed by hostile migrants who will do nothing but depend upon the every growing state for even basic sustenance. Unemployment is high and the native peoples are encouraged by agitating, envious minority interest groups not to feel proud of their history and accomplishments, but to feel shame for being oppressors and colonizers. They are bidden to let hostile, useless, and culturally incompatible foreigners into their nations as penance for these historical “sins.” The primary sin is having been capable enough to create flourishing oases of civilization in cultural deserts while most of the world has only been able to turn paradises into latrines.

The rising popularity of nationalist parties and candidates in Europe and more recently in America with Trump’s entry into the presidential race is a sign of things to come. Things cannot continue as they are, and the West must develop a backbone if it is to survive.

The Disease

The decay that has become a seemingly permanent feature of the age isn’t a result of one ideology or another. Make no mistake about it: the ascendant ideologies of the day are remarkably bankrupt and work to spread rot to all corners. Nonetheless, the problem lies fundamentally with the culture. It’s pointless to talk about rooting out the various distasteful ideologies because even though they foster decay and death, they are no more than byproducts of a culture that has already lost its way. They are enabled by a weak culture that produces aimless, credulous people. How foolish would a feminist appear were she to attempt to advance her scum ideals in a society that maintains a strong sense of standards, with a people who have an unshakable sense of purpose, destiny, and duty? How long would it be before she was ridiculed, discredited, and suppressed, prevented from spreading corruption to the rest of the society? Such ideologies can only take root in the foul mulch of a civilization that worships progress for progress’ sake while embracing the cult of radical self actualization. Everything that makes the individual “feel good” is acceptable and permissible, no matter what the cost to the civilization and regardless of whether the things in question are good for the individual.

What’s so puzzling to many is that post modernity promised liberation and improved quality of life, but it has delivered on neither of those promises. Everything that was supposed to make life better has made it qualitatively worse. We are none the happier for the receipt of all these post modern boons. We’d be freed from God, from duty, and from the confines of family. We could reallocate the time saved on mind numbing drudgery towards self discovery and leisure. Instead, we find ourselves free from faith only to find ourselves slaves to the basest impulses and to globalist elites. We dispatched family to pursue trinkets and status & to jockey for position. We gave up tradition and culture, and received iPads and Netflix in exchange. Meanwhile in China, people inhale industrial byproducts and fling themselves from factory windows. They died so we may stream.

It’s clear that these things are byproducts and symptoms, but everyone insists on viewing them as causes and disease. And we continue down the garden path.

The Wages of Tolerance is Death

The Kim Davis affair is interesting for several reasons and illustrative of several issues that are regularly discussed on this blog.

It’s being widely implied that Davis is an insincere hypocrite for having been married and divorced several times and having a child out of wedlock, even though it is undisputed that she dedicated her life to Christ a little over four years ago. So deep is the rot of this age that it is unfathomable to most people that one could turn away from degeneracy to embrace a more wholesome and spiritual life. It’s incomprehensible to the common person that people who sin and make mistakes (everyone) can repent of those sins and mistakes, avoid backsliding into their sinful ways and continue to live a life of faithfulness and probity. This is not the erasure of consequences, it’s simply the recognition that human nature is fallen but that redemption exists.

Though it’s not exactly accurate to say that your average degenerate doesn’t believe in redemption, it’s just that s/he worships a different faith. To them redemption can only be achieved through throwing standards to the wind, not through maintaining them. None of these homosexual terrorists would call Davis a hypocrite had her story been inverted. Had this woman initially been a diehard Christian, opposed to homosexuality who then threw off religion to become an avid proponent of homosex rights, these vindictive losers would do everything short of throw her a ticker tape parade and give her the keys to the city. Not one of them would imply that her “conversion” was insincere. She would be a gay hero.

This woman is in jail now, which highlights something else as well. Davis is being imprisoned for the crime of asserting that she has a conscience. For asserting that she is not a soulless automaton waiting to be animated by society and to be steered in whatever direction this corrupt society determines. Specifically, she is being imprisoned for asserting that she has a conscience that is divinely informed and that would bar her from undertaking a course of action that she would otherwise be willing to take. She is being imprisoned for daring to assert that forcing her to issue marriage licenses for gay couples is a governmental act that substantially burdens her right to free exercise. Kim Davis is being jailed for having the gall for having the wrong opinion. And all the liberals celebrate the fact that this woman has lost her freedom. #LoveWins, after all. Principles be damned. Though those were abandoned long ago.

This highlights what I’ve always maintained: this is precisely the kind of tyranny that necessarily emerges from the miasma of a “tolerant” “multicultural” society. The Davis affair is diversity in action. We must tolerate diversity of sexualities (gay culture is great), of races, of genders, of religions (except Christianity, naturally), of national origin or we stand to lose our freedom. The bottom line is that these principles are highly unnatural and to make these things possible, the government will always be called in to enforce tolerance through intolerance of certain viewpoints. Tolerance/multicult must be held in place at gunpoint, to borrow that very dildo phrase.

When the state religion becomes tolerance/multiculturalism/nonjudgmentalism, the government must necessarily expand to prevent people from acting in ways that are natural, instinctual, and logical. In a diverse/multicultural nation, freedom of association cannot exist in any meaningful form as that threatens the entire diversity project. The government must force association, because some people might choose to associate away from some other people. When nonjudgmentalism becomes the law of the land, the government must step in to make sure that discriminating people are unable to make judgment calls about right and wrong without running afoul of some stupid law (case in point, Kim Davis).

Thus radical tolerance, diversity, and the toxic sludge of principles from which these concepts arise will always end in totalitarianism and slavery.

Child Labor is Better than Indoctrination

There’s a seventeen year old kid working at my side gig. I was surprised when I found out how old she actually was, as I initially assumed that she was at least in her early twenties. When I took a second look at her, I realized that she indeed looked like a standard teen but that I’d automatically added a couple of years to her age simply because I was so unused to seeing teenagers in the workplace nowadays. I attribute this trend to a confluence of cultural and legal factors: cultural prejudices that work to discourage teens from taking up even limited employment and the legal reality of child labor laws that sharply curtail the types of work available for kids and the amount of time they can spend in the workplace on a weekly basis. Indubitably, these laws serve some purpose in that they prevent the exploitation of children by the more unscrupulous. No one wants to see the return of the 10-year-old black lunged chimney sweep.

Though the intended purpose of these laws and cultural attitudes is ostensibly the protection of minors, the effect is rather different. Instead of protecting children from exploitation, the cultural prohibitions do little more than work to create fundamentally useless people ripe for indoctrination. Teens by and large are told that to learn marketable skills is declasse, that prioritizing employment over indoctrination is to place themselves on a trajectory towards a future of prole squalor. So teens aren’t learning how to effectively engage with people, extemporaneous problem solving, mathematics, conflict resolution, or anything of this nature. They certainly aren’t developing skills or trades or learning to work with their hands. They’re not permitted to work more and a couple of hours a week, but they’re shunted into public schools to learn standard statist propaganda. They’re permitted to learn New Math and to graduate without understanding basic arithmetic. It’s preferable that these kids are miseducated & told false versions of history to inculcate self loathing and general ignorance of any and everything beyond their navels.

So rather than being gainfully employed and learning how it feels to create value and be rewarded for it, or learning the value of a dollar, these teens spend the majority of their time in government schools learning just enough to be ideal consumers but never enough to question what it’s all worth. They learn that every perversion under the sun is permissible, indeed, even more desirable than adjusted healthy behaviors. Kids are allowed to become drones. That is all.

After the standard kid has been thoroughly miseducated and mind pozzed and are useless for real work (because they were discouraged from working and because they learned nary a valuable or marketable skills in their government schools), they are herded into higher education to learn yet more worthless shit.

The design is to create a perfect circle from birth to death. Day care at three months, indoctrinated from K-12, and then further indoctrinated by the liberal shit machine that is the educational industrial complex, which teaches them to scorn everything Western and glorious while venerating everything foreign and despicable. They then graduate with some supremely worthless degree, then start paper pushing in some supremely worthless government agency, then die after suckling at the government gimmedat teat far into their dotage. The design is to create perfect drones, perfectly worthless people unable to think independently, bereft of soul, deracinated, detached from God, family, and nation. “Educated” to have the “right ideas” rather than to evaluate ideas or generate novel ones. “Educated” to be on “the right side of history” and crammed full of worthless trivia rather than information or skills of any utility. Kids are thoroughly abused by the system. But yet, we must limit child labor to prevent them from being abused by employers. What constitutes abuse that we must shield youth from? From learning how to be halfway worthwhile human beings.

The fact is that kids are trained to become worthless adults because worthlessness is currency in the marketplace of a fallen world. Worthless people do not generate, but they can be filled to the brim with nonsense: with destructive ideologies, with meaningless buzzwords, and with stupid opinions. Kids in their late teens, who would have been considered fully adult 100 years ago are now infantilized and encouraged to drift through an extended adolescence, qualified to do nothing but drift, consume, and regurgitate Party approved ideas.