In healthy civilizations, people are systematically prevented from detrimentally yielding to their baser, parasitic natures through force of law and/or through operation of custom. The combination of de jure and de facto prohibitions against social vampirism work to ensure the productivity of the populace while freeing a civilization to simultaneously sustain itself and to improve/expand itself. A civilization that has fair control over this problem & is relatively unhindered by human remoras and other assorted civilizational millstones is free to reach its zenith. In order to maintain functional civilizations, humans must be intimately acquainted with the ugliness that is unrestrained human nature and must be willing to engage with it head on and put it down if and when necessary (when it threatens to destroy the civilization). Creating and maintaining civilization is fundamentally an exercise in realism, as delusion and unwillingness to see the world and humans as they truly are only serves to degrade a civilization.

In a healthy civilization, those individuals incapable of or unwilling to contribute/produce/perpetuate the civilization are shunned, punished, and generally prevented from acting in a manner destructive to the civilization. Ultimately these non-viable individuals and groups will be culled to prevent them from dragging the civilization down to the lowest common denominator through the introduction of elements of instability and general degeneracy.

Cultures failing to develop and organize into true civilizations remain rudimentary societies. These societies differ from fully formed civilizations in that they either are not or cannot be as invested in eliminating parasitism & vampirism for one of three reasons:

(1) these societies have never developed anything worth protecting from potential parasites

(2) these societies have never developed anything for potential parasites to take advantage of

(3) these societies were incapable of developing self sustaining civilizations and instead developed subsistence societies predicated upon free riding or otherwise designed to turn a blind eye to the problem, realizing either consciously or unconsciously that this would be the only way to maintain a society in which the majority of the population lacks the ability to be truly generative and productive.

These attitudes/capabilities/predilictions are transmitted from generation to generation.

The values of advanced civilizations predicated upon norms of productivity and parasite elimination are completely incompatible with those of bargain basement societies and cultures that are concerned only with basic survival due to the limitations of its population. When an advanced (parasite control) civilization allows itself to be overrun by the populace of (parasite unrestrained) societies that have not developed similar mores against free riding or that have evolved cultures that either explicitly encourage free riding, or loses its will to control non native parasite agitators it begins to implode.

The West is no longer home to healthy civilizations. The West is currently at an implosion stage because it has embraced too many parasitic alien cultures and at the same time has made the mistake of taking these parasitic alien cultures seriously, in spite of observation, experience, and common sense. The West has begun to elevate the parasite rather than subduing it, which allows parasites to flourish in spite of lacking the ability to produce or create anything of value. In many cases, it allows them to flourish in spite of being net drains upon their host civilizations.

Observe the video above. The speakers and the audience more than likely all hail from uncivilized societies and cultures that turn a blind eye to free riding rather than stamping it out. They are the embodiment of the parasite class, fully embracing the idea that they should be allowed to wreak havoc upon civilized society with impunity while extracting the myriad benefits created by the productive elements of the very same society that they victimize and scorn. Why should they be held to account for any crime they may commit? What does it matter that they steal? What does it matter that they loot? Those organizations are insured against their crimes anyway. To assert that these organizations have rights in their property or that they should be able to take action against pilferers is to show your racism. And this man’s contention is taken seriously.

In a healthy civilization, any individual advocating for what this man is advocating for would be put down. The class of people subscribing to such degenerate and anti social ideas would be identified for the lawless and disruptive elements they were, and fully and ruthlessly suppressed. Now, human detritus like him is allowed to proliferate, contributing nothing while destroying things that they are utterly incapable of creating.



  1. In sub-Saharan Africa, lynching is common. Stealing fruit from a market stall can get a person beaten and/or burned to death. Here’s an example:

    Notice that this “instant justice” is delivered in full public view. Those taking part have no fear of reprisals, because what they are doing is accepted as just. When the police eventually turn up to clear away the body, no-one will be arrested.

    The reason the man in the video is suggesting that people who steal from Wal-Mart ought not to be punished is that Wal-Mart is seen by people as an entirely impersonal entity, incapable of being a “victim” of crime, so theft from Wal-Mart is a victimless crime, or as an agent of the enemy outsider, not part of the community, so that a theft from Wal-Mart is a heroic act. Perhaps both.



    1. Interesting note. Holding fast to this relativist morality will prevent people like him from thriving in the context of a complex & diverse society that isn’t kinship based and relies upon abstract concepts to represent concrete things.



      1. I think it’s a failure of education. Morals are not taught in school these days, except the pseudo morality of egalitarianism (largely due to the influence of John Dewey, who was a leftist, of course), so whether an individual gets a moral education or not depends on what sort of family they’re raised in.


      2. Yes, parents are charged with the education, civilization, and correction of their children. However, as the family is destabilized & marginalized, and as civilization declines and we’re going to see a rise in amorality.

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