Communique from the Cathedral: Time Capsule Edition

The thing about the culture’s incrementally leftward drift is that by the time the drift becomes noticeable, things have already progressed far beyond the point of no return. The reality is that the cancer of leftism is capable of lying dormant within a culture for years, waiting for an opportunity to metastasize and overwhelm the healthy tissues of its host.

The question that consistently occurs to me when I observe Cultural Happenings in the West and as I watch Western civilization sucked into the vortex of degeneracy and filth is: “do they know what they’re doing?” That is to ask: “to what extent has this cultural rot has been purposefully unleashed?” It’s comforting to believe that The Happening is just happenstance. But ever so often, one comes across some. . .indication that there is an intelligent design behind the cultural decay. Every now and again, one encounters confirmation that the odious conditions of the day are merely the fruits borne of the frameworks designed to produce these very results, frameworks constructed decades ago by the usual suspects/assorted merchants of cultural declension.

The field correspondence in question comes from one of those typical dildo team building/indoctrination events that white collar drones have to attend for work on a quarterly basis or so. Our first assigned task at this event was reading a keynote address delivered back in 1987 at another similar dildo indoctrination event at another western public university of no note. Most of the speech was feelgood pabulum about “leadership” and “taking ownership.” It then quickly veered into Newspeak:

In culture there is strength. [C]ulture is the thing that keeps the herd moving roughly West.

In other words: “in culture there is strength, and its strength lies in its susceptibility to subversive influences that would manipulate it-and by extension the philosophical zombies looking to it for cues and guidance-and shift momentum perpetually leftwards.” The idea is to use culture not for generative purposes or to enable humanity to reach its apex, but rather to use it as a weapon to further degrade an already debased sheeple and keep them lumbering unquestioningly “West” towards their eventual doom “progress.”

It’s interesting to note just how long the academy has been surreptitiously embracing its role as destroyer of civilization proselytizer of the Gospel of Lies agent of cultural transformation, working diligently to ensure that generation after generation is so thoroughly steeped in prog ideology that they become completely impervious to logic and blind to the fact that leftism will ultimately lead to their destruction and to the implosion of the society that keeps them aloft. Yes, undoing civilization is the aim and it’s purposeful and the narrative concepts that have long percolated in the coffee maker of the ivory tower are now dripping down into the mug of the commons. There can be no question that the academy is indispensable to (and perhaps even the sine qua non of) the Cathedral, the cultural potentate which exists solely to perpetuate its own power and aggressively advances a pre-approved slate of brain dead, suicidal, progressive ideas to achieve this end.


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