This Won’t End Well

Everything is odious in this foul year of our Lord, 2015. Everything around us is decaying and disintegrating, yet we’re continually told that we have entered a new golden age of Enlightenment, an era of infinite progress where self-actualization is not realized through achievement or self improvement, but through dissolution and self-abasement. Does this age have any redeeming qualities? Is there any salvageable in a world where the past is derided and then erased while the future is obliterated by the horde as it seeks to mortgage it to extend ephemeral pleasure for a second longer? Past and future are gone, leaving only the option of merely drifting through atomized existence in a permanent present.

Everything goes in Babylon, except nothing goes at all. Everyone is encouraged to save the planet, but woe betide the man who desires to save himself. Everyone must open his heart to vibrant and diverse peoples, but he must never seek to defend his people or to preserve his tribe. We are exhorted to be global citizens while watching dispassionately as our nations wither away. Anyone may be a man or a woman, but only after being surgically reconstructed and reconstituted. This is a time of inverted values. We seek transcendence. We seek purpose, meaning, direction, nobility and find that postmodernity offers us iPads, wet holes, and the cubicle monkey lifestyle. After all: God is dead. In Jobs We Trust.

The spiritual void must be filled with the material. In the alternative, it must be filled with devotion to causes and fervor for chimerical crusades. People have become so unmoored from everything meaningful that they look to the spectacle of the political process for something to cling to and look to men and figureheads for redemption and for hope. Suffocating under the weight of falsehoods, people look to anyone who will say something true. Thus, Father Donald and St. Bernard are venerated as future hopes. Such is the hopelessness of the current situation, that this is the best that can be hoped for.

We have all been forcibly dispossessed, and nothing that the postmodern world has on offer can indemnify us.  The problem plaguing us now is a fundamentally spiritual one and the cultural and social deficits so easily observable now are simply the manifestations of this fact.


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