Until the Revolution

Years ago, I was having a conversation with a far left friend of mine about some flavor of the week prog issue that I’ve long since forgotten. I kept thrashing her (verbally, of course), challenging each of her stupid assumptions, and taking great delight in watching her flounder in the morass of her retard ideology. After I determined that she was sufficiently triggered, I jokingly asked her how it was that she could manage to maintain friendships with the opposition. She responded: “what’s the big deal? We can be friends until the revolution.”

Until the revolution. I never forgot those words. She said them with such certitude, such gusto. Even though what she said stuck with me, I never really considered the meaning behind those words and I never questioned the fundamental validity of her assertion of the inevitability of revolution. Recently however, it’s dawned on me that the course of events has recently begun to accelerate towards the left singularity, and I don’t believe that any of the elements of civilizational disruption are discrete or acting at hazard. I think that the cultural forces making their presences felt of late have been cultivated, coordinated, and engineered. That there is a puppetmaster goes without question. What purpose this havoc is ultimately intended to serve is still up for debate. This entire blog is devoted to speculation in that vein.

I think that my friend was right, to a certain extent. At this point, a major conflict of some sort within this nation is inevitable. There are too many pressures building: too many identity based interest groups vying for power, too much repression, too much dependency, too much indebtedness, too much immigration and too many sustained assaults against the culture and the people and principles deemed to typify it. Pressure seeks release; it cannot continue to build indefinitely. The release will be chaotic, unpredictable, and destructive.

There is now a hodgepodge, ascendant leftist ideology that has become the de facto law of the land and of the political establishment after years of stealthily advancing its cause. Proponents of this ideology will brook no dissent, working to root out all positions standing in opposition to it and destroying all individuals and institutions attempting to advance alternative perspectives. This malignant leftism seeks to be the sole ideological product for sale in the marketplace of ideas, the only respectable outlook, the only opinion that one may properly hold-if one values one’s livelihood. Many have become cognizant of the intolerance inherent within this new state religion of tolerance and reaction is beginning to foment against both it and the ruthless progressivism that buttresses it.

What my friend got wrong is the form that the conflict will take. There will be no revolution. The chief agitators are not the least bit interested in any structural or organizational changes, in spite of what they may tell themselves and the public. They aren’t interested in throwing off the shackles of the present corrupt leadership. What the various social justice parasite movements actually desire is a repurposing of the machinery of the state, to make it possible for them ensconce themselves within the bloated system as permanent & exclusive client classes of the present ruling patron class.

The conflict will be a civil one, as the schism grows between those Americans wanting to maintain civilization and to improve upon it by establishing a durable & antifragile (and anti democratic) mode of governance built upon principles of virtue, truth, logic and order and those Americans who prefer to be clients of a massive (but decadent and brittle) patron state that purchases fealty in the form of votes & has been built and predicated upon theft, lies, superstition and dysfunction. The coming conflict will be between those who desire to break away from a system that has become a tool to satisfy the caprices of an ultra liberal plutocracy while making Kulaks out of any average man with the temerity to question this liberal New World Order. It will pit the generative & productive against shiftless appropriators and traditionalists against libertines.

She was absolutely right about one thing: none but the most durable of relationships will last as the world is pulled even further towards the poles.


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  1. What is a durable and anti-fragile form of governance built upon the principles of virtue, truth, and logic? For if it is to be built around virtue, truth, and logic, that must mean that taxation and other forms of property appropriation must not exist since for those to exist the government must have the “authority” to use violence to back up said appropriation, and without the ability to tax, the government could not exist.



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