Cucks Just Wanna Have Fun

This will likely be my last post on the topic of #cuckservatism. With that said, the more I analyze the situation, the more convinced I become that the Republican Party are cucks by design, happy to both defenestrate conservative principles and its constituents if it would ensure the individual successes of the party Establishment. The party’s ineffectiveness, which I initially interpreted as the unintentionally tepid byproduct of well meaning but milquetoast politicking, I’ve now come to view as a purposeful attempt to bring about its own destruction and discredit rightist political prerogatives. I think the Republicans have struck a Faustian bargain with the Democrats to ensure a seat at the table upon the arrival of the one party state that the Democrats have been feverishly working to create through demographic manipulation. The 2016 presidential election is a match that has already been thrown.

Look at the slate of Republican candidates. About 17 have thrown their hats into the ring at last count. The Democrats meanwhile have tightly controlled the candidate field, with about five contenders, two of which are even marginally viable: Clinton and Sanders. The purpose of this maneuvering is obvious: to steer the herd towards the candidate that the Democratic Party believes to be the most ideologically pure (Sanders) while creating the appearance of democratic choice. Furthermore, Party heavyweights have been assiduous in trying to impugn the candidates that the Party is least fond of.

Contrast the machinations Democratic juggernaut with the frenzied scramblings and petty infighting of the hapless Republicans. The Republicans have done nothing to manage candidacies, allowing the field to expand endlessly, attacking only the candidates actually willing to advance truly conservative policies and platforms rather than the Party traitors who’ve cravenly and avariciously sold out the country. It’s also difficult not to notice that many of the Republican candidates are mostly aligned with the Democrats on every major policy.

To the extent that any of this meaningful/more than a farce, what will the inevitable result of this large candidate field be for the Republican Party? Voter fatigue, voter ennui, voter confusion, and voter indifference. Republican voters not voting. It will put a nail in the coffin of the Party’s irrelevancy. When the Republicans’ core constituents turn on, tune in, and drop out in response to the Party’s fecklessness, they’ll stay home, delivering to the Democrats (who are constantly mobilizing their identity politics patchwork voter base) the appearance of a huge mandate in 2016 that will provide them with the political capital necessary to ram through every last one of their regressive socialist policies.

Any half decent student of politics could understand the implications of the Republican Party’s weakness and disorganization, so why can’t the Republican establishment? Why is the Party not mounting any opposition, allowing the Democrats to jizz on the face of the Party and the nation?

To me, the answer is clear: the Republican Party, Inc. has pimped itself out and the Democratic Party is playing john, scrambling to save itself as the country burns.



  1. I’ve only recently come across your writings and while I quite like what I’ve read, I am perplexed as to why, with all your insight, you still cling to the idea of statism. Who cares about the Republican party? ALL parties, regardless of ideology, are still a function of the violent imposition of government. Someone with your skill in prose could do some some real good by promoting actual freedom as opposed to futile political reform. Authority is nothing but a mythical social construct used to keep “us” obedient to the whims of “them”. I urge you to refocus on freedom and abandon the myth of authority.



    1. Thanks for reading. I’ve pretty much abandoned traditional politics, and don’t consider systemic reform to be a possibility or even something desirable. However, I try to write things that interest me and I that I think will give a broad base of people food for thought. You’ll always find people who are at various stages of their political/ideological evolution, and I want talk to people who “get it.” But I also want to reach people who intuit that things are screwed, but can’t articulate exactly why. I enjoy discussing these issues to show that the parties are mostly aligned, don’t give a damn about anything other than their bottom lines, and that subscribing to basic bitch politics (Democrat v. Republican), is an exercise in futility.



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