Stupid Abortion Arguments

Both sides of the renewed abortion debate are equally annoying to me. I’ll hear libertarians and right edgelords saying things to the tune of: “why defund Planned Parenthood? It’s doing such good eugenic work!” Then I’ll hear liberals saying things like: “well? Even if the accusations are true, what’s so wrong with selling/donating the parts? They were going to be aborted anyway! What else should be done with them?”

Responses like these, besides being callous in the extreme, are annoying because they fail to (1) answer the threshold question of why abortion should be available, on demand, everywhere, for any or no reason and (2) consider that anything could be done on the front end to reduce the incidence of the policy failures that they’ve identified.
To those critics on the right: why would it not be preferable and more humane to scrap the laws that incentivize dysgenic and irresponsible breeding, AKA the massive welfare state, as opposed to slaughtering the unborn to achieve the same effect?
To those ghouls on the left: why are you refusing to consider how and why these organs come to be sourced? Why it should be legal to kill humans on a whim, and then dismember and peddle the parts of these butchered humans as though they have no inherent value?
The arguments are frustratingly boneheaded & disingenuous on both sides.


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