What’s the Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist?

H/T The Last Refuge:

CM: “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?”

DWS: *crickets*

The veil slips again. DWS could have been punchy and said something to the effect of “about 100 million bodies, Chris.” But she’s not that quick witted. It wouldn’t have been entirely true, at any rate. What Matthews doesn’t realize is that he didn’t prove a damn thing, because everyone knows that there’s no functional difference between a Democrat and a socialist. The Dem base knows this, and so does Dem leadership. Had he been interviewing a more enterprising and transparent sort, say, Lord Sanders himself, he might have gotten this more accurate response:

“There’s really no difference between a Democrat and a socialist, and it really doesn’t matter.”

Or something along those lines.

That would have been the shot heard ’round the world.

Rather than exposing the Democratic Party as craven and bloodthirsty commies as Matthews would have hoped, a response like that would have galvanized the fractious base and put the noncommittal pinkos on notice. In that moment, Matthews would have done more harm than good. “Socialist” is not a dirty word to these people. Matthews revealed nothing but his own naivete.

He doesn’t realize just how radical the Democratic Party’s supporters have become. These radical elements are waiting for a candidate that is willing to unequivocally commit the Party to the advancement of a slate of socialist and redistributive (retributive) “reforms.” It’s why they fawn over Col. Sanders and scorn Madam Clinton. In this game of political Pokemon, Hillary is still in the first phase of Democratic evolution. She is Squirtle to Bernie’s Blastoise and the base will have none of her. Of course Sanders should speak in a prime time slot! Front and center! What kind of question is that? He’s the crystal ball of the Democratic Party; look into his eyes and see the Party’s future. This much is evident.

In 5-7 years, they’ll be calling themselves the Democratic Socialists. In 25-27 years, making reference to a place called the United States of America will be a criminal offense of the first order. Meanwhile, the Republican Party will be getting the memory hole special. And worse.

Incidentally, DWS was right to assert that the 2016 elections will come down to the question of “what’s the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans?” Many voters will discover to their dismay that there isn’t any, and they will vote (or not vote) accordingly. The Republican Party is nothing more than a vassal party, controlled opposition. As the Cuckservative Party fades into the ether of obsolescence due to its own lack of testicular fortitude, the DemSoc Party will tighten its stranglehold over the nation, eventually ushering in a Venezuela of epic proportions.


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