A Note on the Shitlord Insurgent

A point of clarification on my previous Donald Trump article is in order. I know that some folks on the right have been looking at the Trump developments with consternation, and I get it. None of this is about what it’s actually about, and people ought to be wary of taking this dissolute system seriously again just because some guy comes along saying All The Right Things.

I don’t applaud Trump because I think that he can win the presidency or because I believe that a Trump presidency would be some sort of panacea that would cure all of the nation’s ills. The American political system is dead. It now exists only as a conduit to channel money and influence from wealthy elites to other wealthy elites. It’s now nothing more than a massive, sophisticated money laundering scheme. No restoration will come from within the system, and the sooner it collapses, the better. To adapt a quote from Fight Club: we’re a generation of people raised by systems. I’m starting to wonder if the continuation of this system is what we really need. To that end, I could easily see a Trump presidency being co-opted by the same decadent Washington influences that have co-opted many a well intentioned presidency. There’s nothing to get too excited about.

I applaud Trump because the cuckservative phenomenon is real.  

Even Bill O’Reilly, perennial scourge of the Left, is developing a full blown case of cuckitis. Gelded Republicans have faked us out and are selling the country down the river, all the while pretending to be the opposition party. The Republican establishment plays at conservatism while spurning conservative propositions on every issue and at every opportunity. They’re folding under pressure and handing this country over to the barbarians at the gates while demanding that we view the loss of our country as a positive development. They want to play nicey-nice as these degenerate leftist radicals seek to destroy them and this country.

The political faggotry must end. 

This is where Trump comes in. He’s loud. He believes in what America stands for. He’s brash and he takes no shit. He says the things that everyone has been observing but has been too neutered by political correctness to say out loud. He wants to solve problems rather than capitulate. And yeah, he’s a total shitlord, but compared to the phony Republican pieces of shit that have been cocking things up for the last 20 years, he’s refreshing. I’ll take shitlord over conservacuck any day.

Even if he doesn’t win, he still wins because his power doesn’t come from within the system. He wins because he’s showing Americans that there’s power in talking back & being yourself. Trump showed that the left has an Achilles heel: it cannot thrive in the face of logic and casual observation. He’s inadvertently developing an army of realtalkers unafraid of the Left and its goons and he’s encouraging Americans to observe, talk back, mock, scorn, and ridicule the Left. The conservacucks meanwhile are encouraging Americans to spread their legs so that the rape goes a little quicker. For that reason, I’m cheering Trump on.

But of course, Trump isn’t the answer and no one should be fooling themselves about this.


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