Democracy as Farce

Take a gander at this voter registration form. I requested mail forwarding services, as I’m moving soon. I was prompted to update my voter information at the same time. Click to expand. Take note of the highlighted areas.

Voter Registration Form

Some observations:

  • If you have neither a state ID nor a social security number, you may still register to vote. You’ll just be assigned a “unique identifier” by the state.
  • Yet, you must promise that you’re an American citizen, because only American citizens can vote. So if you’re not a citizen, you shouldn’t submit the form. That would be fraud. But if you have no documentation proving citizenship (which would cast reasonable doubt upon your being an American citizen), the state will nonetheless provide you with a “unique identifier” enabling you to vote if you do submit the form, however fraudulently.
  • If this analysis is correct, is American citizenship any longer a requirement to vote in American elections?
  • All you need is WiFi to register to vote nowadays, but liberals always conveniently leave this out when they bemoan the disenfranchising effects of voter ID laws. While voter registration may be done at the state level and may vary, if other states have voter registration processes as lax as the one that Illinois has, how else would the states be able to verify citizenship except for requesting identification?
  • Unless of course, the aim is to obscure the question of citizenship so as to make it possible for any Tomas, Enrique, and Mohammed who seeps through our porous borders to vote, tipping the scales in favor of the Left. Which it is.
  • Corollary: what’s to stop non citizens from voting and subverting the American political process to their own ends?
  • It’s pretty clear that American citizenship is becoming increasingly meaningless.
  • When the Left tries to concern troll Americans into thinking that they’re delusional for thinking that voter registration fraud is a problem, why does everyone accept it? Sidebar: check out the name & credentials of the chick peddling the argument.
  • Donald Trump is still right.

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