Film Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

I finally saw Kingsman: The Secret Service in its entirety last night. Quite a sick piece of cinema, though it’s endlessly fascinating to observe the cultural messaging that the elites try to advance through the medium of film. There are times when the veil slips, or the hand is revealed either intentionally or inadvertently. Kingsman qualifies as one of those times.


The movie begins innocently enough, with Kingsman Galahad delivering a medal of valor to his fallen comrade’s widow. Feeling guilt over the man’s death, he instructs her and her young son Eggsy to call a number written on the back of the medal and deliver a coded message should they ever need help. Years later, Eggsy, now a shiftless adult and petty criminal, dials Galahad after being arrested for car theft. Eggsy learns of the existence of Kingsman, an elite secret intelligence agency to which both Galahad and Eggsy’s father belonged. The Kingsman recently lost one of its agents (Lancelot), and Galahad becomes Eggsy’s sponsor in a competition to find a successor to fill the vacancy. Eggsy proves himself a fierce competitor, but ultimately loses out to another female competitor after balking at shooting a dog that he was charged with training as a part of his Kingsmen training.

Simultaneously, the agency has been investigating billionaire technology mogul Richmond Valentine (an Elmer Fudd-like character who is oddly squeamish about gore) in connection with the disappearances of various high ranking officials worldwide. Valentine announces his “philanthropic” plans to give everyone in the world a free SIM card, allowing access to free telecommunications on his dime forever. It’s later revealed that Valentine subscribes to what is basically deep ecology, and views humans as “viruses” and the Earth as their “host.” He believes that global warming is something akin to a “fever” that Earth is developing to cure itself of its human virus. In one noteworthy quote he states: “either the host kills the virus, or the virus kills the host; either way, the result is the same.”

The SIM cards are just a Trojan horse. Valentine plans to depopulate the Earth by transmitting a signal through the SIM cards that triggers human aggression while diminishing inhibitions, driving anyone within earshot into uncontrollable, bloodthirsty rage. The viewer is given a taste of the signal’s potential in a rather blood-soaked scene taking place in a church (discussed after the jump). Valentine has been recruiting a cabal of global elites who he sequesters in his bunker where they plan to wait out the slaughter, planning to establish a “new world” after the carnage.

Ultimately, the plan is found out, and Eggsy along with the remaining members of Kingsman defeat Valentine & his hench wench and save the day.

This film was perverse to say the least. Nonetheless, it was interesting to watch the Left reveal its inky id, as it indulges in fantasies of slaughtering racist/sexist/homophobic Christians and dabbles in doomsday global depopulation strategies, all while passing off its masturbatory desires off as entertainment. This film is a glimpse into what the far Left is all about: the denigration/destruction of Christianity, population control, global depopulation, One World, global elitism, mainstreaming of homosexual behavior, and marginally, feminism.

Kingsman reveals how hostile the Left is towards Christians and Christianity, and how willing it is to defame Christians at any opportunity. The viewer is treated to one scene in a church quite reminiscent of the Westboro Baptist Church, where a fire and brimstone preacher rails against the “fagniggerJew” menace threatening to bring damnation upon humanity. Valentine decides to use the church to test his signal, whereupon Galahad proceeds to brutally slaughter the worshippers under the shadow of the Cross. The scene’s gratuitousness cannot be understated. It did nothing to advance the plot; it was just gleeful fantasy. Implicit in the scene was that “those people deserved what they got” because they were “intolerant bigots.” The faithful who refuse to adopt the secular religion of  “tolerance” must pay for their recalcitrance with extermination.

The film also prominently features the far Left fantasy of holocaust, cleansing the world of the undesirables and leaving nothing but an oligarchical master race of elites to begin anew. In polite settings, Leftists will often discuss their concern for the “environment” and “global warming.” However, the initiated understand this to require depopulation of vast swaths of the Earth combined with human concentration in dense urban areas. Kingsman flirts with the idea of effectuating this through technology, but it’s unclear the form that this plan will eventually take. Technology is already being used to construct a massive global surveillance superstructure, so it’s entirely possible that the existing structure will be repurposed for decimation. What is clear is that the process of depopulation has already begun, as birthrates around the world have already began to plummet. The masses have already begun to internalize this radical ecological conservation message, and are beginning to view humans as a blight on the face of the Earth deserving of extinction.

The Left is absolutely obsessed with homosexuality and homosexual behavior, and will try to inject it into every aspect of the culture, even in contexts where it has no relevance. This is done to subvert. Towards the end of the film, Eggsy discovers a Swedish princess that Valentine imprisoned in his bunker after she refused to go along with his scheme. Eggsy requests a kiss from her, as he’d “always wanted to kiss a princess.” After a moment, he heads off saying: “sorry. Gotta save the world now.” The princess, who up until then spoke flawless English, says in a preposterous pidgin: “if you save world, we can do it in zee asshole.” Gratuitously scatological and crass, but the message is clear: “anal sex is normal now, preferable even. Everyone’s doing it. It’s just like any other version of sex.” Realistically, this dovetails nicely with the elites’ depopulation strategy for obvious reasons, so that this messaging is advanced isn’t too surprising.

And of course there’s the throwaway bit about the “girl having more balls than the guy” when the girl shoots her dog and wins the spot that Eggsy lost.

The elites don’t necessarily want to force you into slavery. In the best case scenario, they want you to choose a sort of soft, quasi-slavery of your own free will, where your basic needs are met at little cost or effort to you: your utilities are free, forever: so long as you unquestioningly accept their dominion over you. Everything is provided for: so long as you don’t think too deeply about whether it’s worth it to exchange liberty for a guaranteed monthly pittance from the state. Life is easy, and everyone is equal; it’s just that no one ever has very much. In the worst case scenario, you are an obstacle to “progress” and eligible for extermination or internment in a population dense urban ghetto. You are a virus to be “expelled” by the host.

Kingsman had a happy ending, but it’s likely that movies like this will feature apocalyptic endings with increasing frequency as events are escalated and accelerated towards a second Year Zero of elite design.


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