The Suicidal Pursuit of Equality

This was inevitable, I suppose: “Lawsuit challenges constitutionality of male-only draft registration.” Petitioner Elizabeth Kyle, 18, through her mother Allison Kyle, filed a federal complaint protesting the injustice of women not having the right to register for the Selective Service; thereby limiting their freedom to become state property and potential cannon fodder.

“With both males and females available for such roles today, the two sexes are now similarly situated for draft registration purposes and there is no legitimate reason for the government to discriminate against the female class, so equal protection applies,” the complaint states. “Further, with both males and females available for such combat roles, there is no reasonable basis for infringing the associational interests of the female class by preventing them from registering.”

These are the kind of outcomes one can reasonably expect when adults allow teenagers, in their infinite wisdom and foresight, to play at civic engagement. It’s also the kind of outcome one can expect when en entire culture becomes so demoralized that it is unable to explain to its youth that there are biological differences between the sexes and why, in some cases, biology might militate for disparate treatment of the sexes before the law.

“If the two sexes can fight and die together, they can register together; if not, then no one should have to register,” the complaint states.

Good point poorly made. It appears that Kyle is attempting to challenge the validity of the Selective Service as an institution, which is a worthy goal in itself. What she doesn’t realize, however, is that she’s just a pawn and that her gambit is likelier to backfire, resulting in the expansion of the Selective Service rather than its abolition. This has to be feminism at its most brain dead. This demonstrates that feminism fundamentally has no interest in liberation, but rather has as its goal indoctrination along with the complete primacy of the state.

This lawsuit is incredibly stupid for several reasons. The petitioner is clearly in over her head, using terms of art that she doesn’t fully comprehend. She doesn’t realize that a lawsuit claiming sex discrimination by government would be subject to intermediate scrutiny rather than rational basis review before the Court, which would actually bolster her case, as it is a more stringent standard of review that would place a heavier burden upon to government to prove the legitimacy of the litigated policy. Minutiae, I know, but it’s just my inner peevish lawyer talking.

Nevertheless, to the extent that the state should even have the power to compel citizens to register for a draft before being able to partake in civic life, the prohibition is in fact “substantially related” to furthering an “important government objective:” to secure national sovereignty in the event of war by supplying the military with individuals that are the most physically and mentally capable of dealing with the rigors of conflict. However, with the feminization & degradation of the corps nearly complete (women serving on front lines, homosexuals serving openly, transgenders serving openly), it seems as though intermediate scrutiny (at least as it relates to the military) may be done for. Actually, it may be done for as a standard of review in sex discrimination cases across the board within the next few years as progressives continue to advance the notions that there’s “no real difference” between men and women and that men can be women and women can be men.

Secondly, the petitioner suffers no harm that can’t be remedied by going down to her local recruitment office and signing up to join the military. She can easily “opt in” to military service.

Thirdly, who the hell believes that personal liberty includes the liberty to be conscripted into war?

There is a chance that this case will end up being thrown out on procedural grounds. A court could potentially rule that women exempt from draft registration don’t have standing to sue because they don’t actually suffer any harm as a result (draft registration is usually considered a burden, not a benefit).

As it should be. But who knows how this will be determined these days, with the Supreme Junta making law up as it goes along and consigning logic and reason to the dustbin.

Along with intermediate scrutiny, this nation will be done for too should any serious conflict erupt, as we watch the military’s ranks filled by weak and unqualified women, degenerate male cucks, and delusional transgenders all in the name of “equality.” Decline, obsolescence, and irrelevancy is our future.



    1. You’re probably right. I like to think that the courts will see how ridiculous this case is and handle it accordingly, but stare decicis and logic aren’t things anymore. She might have a fair shot.



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