Planned Parenthood Scandal

This story broke today. Planned Parenthood, caught dead to rights brokering sales of the organs & tissues obtained from expertly aborted babies. Here is the WaPo account and here’s the New York Times’ spin heavy version of events versions, for those concerned about the first site’s ideological bent. Some observations after watching the truncated video & following the coverage:

  • Right wing/alternative media outlets were covering this story almost from the start. The major news outlets in contrast, only began breaking the story late this afternoon and then only with generous spin doctoring. Goes to show that there is no longer any such thing as objective, factual reporting. The media is no longer in the business of disseminating information; it’s all about ideology and agenda.
  • This is disgusting, but hardly that surprising.
  • The good doctor Nucatola’s sang-froid concerning Planned Parenthood’s aborted fetus offal trafficking is unbelievable.
  • Does anyone genuinely still believe that abortion is about “choice” as opposed to bottom lines and mild eugenics?
  • Ultimately, these revelations aren’t grizzly enough to deter thousands more “liberated” women from becoming dupes for what amounts to a federally funded organ sale cartel operation.
  • This explains why the pro-choice hooligans are so eager to define potential human life as “clumps of cells.” The purpose is to dehumanize the human fetus, justify and encourage abortion as “freedom” and “choice” in order to have a steady stream of organs to harvest and sell.

Honestly though, if it required a story like this to wake people up to the inhumanity of legalized abortion murder, this country has truly descended into the abyss.


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