Donald Trump and the Shitlord Insurgency

No one knows what to make of The Donald. It’s hilarious to watch as establishment hacks on the Left and the Right join forces to torpedo his credibility. The predictable Left seeks his utter destruction, while the cockroach Right scrambles to distance itself from him in order to maintain its veneer of “respectability.” Nevertheless, Trump has proven to be the Kevlar King, with his popularity skyrocketing even as the PC firing squads launch salvo after salvo at him.

The irony is delicious. The political incorrectness of his “Mexican criminals” comment combined with the Left’s hysterical agitation against him transformed him from a buffoonish loudmouth with a DOA presidential candidacy into a serious contender, to everyone’s chagrin. After abortively deploying the full force of their Weapons of Mass Deception against Trump, shitlibs are learning a hard lesson about diminishing returns and unintended consequences.

In an age of stultifying political correctness, the first person willing to go full shitlord will capture the hearts and minds of the masses.

Donald Trump is as much the spawn of prog ideology as is the retard broad on Tumblr claiming to share headspace with a dragon and a three-legged fox. They’ve both come to the same realization: there’s no country for moderate men. The extremists are now the only ones who are culturally and politically relevant. Trump wasn’t wrong. He’s the only person on the political scene willing to address the undocumented elephant that’s been sitting in the room for the past 50 odd years. He’s the Left’s worst nightmare come to life: a conservative too rich to be destroyed by traditional means and too aware to see playing by the rules of politics as being anything but an exercise in futility. The establishment Right better take notice. There will come a day when being anything but the most unabashed shitlord in the face of militant progressivism will be viewed as treachery and treated accordingly.



  1. We all know Donald Trump will not be President. The fix is already in for Hillary. But we should all thank him for the entertainment, for demonstrating the true spinelessness of most of the Republicans, and for raising issues no other candidate dares. In any case, the 2014 elections proved beyond any doubt that federal elections are a scam and a fraud



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