Reject Guilt. Reject Shame.

The Left operates in a netherworld of emotion. Theirs is not a world of reasoned discourse and logic, but one of histrionics and delusion, where the lizard brain is given free rein to mold the world in its own atavistic image. Emotions are the means by which they seek to manipulate and control. The devious genius of this manipulation lies in its dual strategy. Leftists will, at once, appeal directly to the cockles of the id to encourage the individual to abandon himself to the most destructive, depraved, and hedonistic behavior and to the superego to manipulate the individual into feeling guilt for the commission of imaginary offenses.

Progressives have subverted the emotion of shame and weaponized the emotion of guilt, transforming them into tools of mind control and behavior modification. Consider the so-called “fat acceptance movement,” a movement predicated upon the belief that the obese are oppressed, unjustly discriminated against in nearly every facet of life. Rather than encouraging the obese to feel sting of shame for lacking the self control to avoid becoming dirigibles, and allowing that shame to be a catalyst for self improvement, fat “activists” prefer to encourage delusion. These activists mendaciously tell the obese that they are beautiful, healthy, and worthy in spite of their heft. They lie to them, convincing the obese that their lack of self control is not what is causing the problem; society’s shallowness is at fault.  Society, not the obese person, should be ashamed for “privileging thinness,” for being unwilling to hire the obese, and for being unwilling to enter into romantic relationships with the obese. Heaven help those having the temerity to suggest that an obese person should lose weight to improve their lot. Thus, the individuals with the most to be ashamed of are all but canonized while society (and those who adhere to standards) are demonized and shamed until they buckle under the weight of the guilt and conform to the dictates of the cultural commissars. The obese should not be shamed into changing their size; society must be shamed into changing its mindset and ultimately, its actions.

“Privilege” is naught but a piece of emotional blackmail that the Left uses to coerce the feeble minded and highly suggestible into acts of self-flagellation to atone for circumstances of birth and accidents of fate. Consider this clip:

And this one:

The propaganda bombardment is brutal and unremitting, its purpose to assail the individual’s defenses until they collapse, and he is overcome by feelings of guilt for circumstances over which he has no control. Thus, one’s guilt does not stem from the commission of some wrong act, he is guilty by virtue of being born. Privilege is nothing more than the prog iteration of Original Sin, a sin that can only be atoned for through psychic self immolation. The white person is in a position of privilege relative to the black person; he must feel shame. The male is in a position of privilege relative to the female; he must ablate himself to accommodate her. The heterosexual is in a position of privilege relative to the homosexual; he must mind his “heteronormativity.” The college student whose parents opt to pay his way through is privileged relative to the college student obligated to take out loans to finance his education; he must always be cognizant of his unearned privilege.

This is done to demoralize. It is done to keep the unaware in a mental straitjacket, mired in a lacuna of emotion and self loathing. The aim is to short circuit logic and critical analysis and to prevent anyone from challenging the progressive narrative.

The aim is control.     

Do not be controlled. Reject guilt. Reject shame. Take pride in your identity. Recognize “privilege” for the codswallop that it is, and fight their hysterics and manipulations with cool, bloodless logic. There is nothing to be achieved through prostration.


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