Big news day today. Ladies first, so we’ll start with the

Cannibalization of Amy Schumer

Pox Vox asks: “Amy Schumer’s comedy is smart on feminism. Is it bad on race?” A liberal (heh) dose of sycophancy for Their Girl Amy before the hand wringing begins in earnest:

Amy Schumer is the most popular female comedian of the moment. Her eponymous Comedy Central sketch series, Inside Amy Schumer, is a critical darling that just won a Peabody Award. She’s been hailed as a groundbreaking feminist, a smart voice on women’s issues, and someone who oozes subtle brilliance. Time magazine named her one of its 100 most influential people of 2015, she’s got a movie coming out in July, and the buzz surrounding her comedy has reached the point where you feel like an outsider if you miss one of her sketches.

What Amy Schumer says matters.

Quite laudatory, but notice how they never once call her “funny?” Adjectives for this comedienne include “brilliant,” “award-winning,” and “feminist.” Adjectives for this comedienne exclude “funny.” The omission speaks volumes. The ax then drops rather quickly:

But Schumer has recently been in the spotlight for a different — and less flattering — reason. Instead of cracking jokes and showcasing the subtle brilliance that everyone keeps going on about, Schumer has found herself defending her comedy against an allegation that she might not be as smart or as funny on the topic of race as she is on some of the other topics she tends to cover, like feminism and beauty standards. And Schumer’s justification of her material has inspired many people to listen to her past work a little more closely, and to think about what comedy is and what it’s supposed to be — two big, important questions that go beyond Schumer’s stardom.

Seems like someone’s gone off script. Not even the Left’s Crown Princess of Comedy is safe from the scourge of the progressive stack. Now personally, I find Schumer to be a tedious, unfunny bore. But I say: let her carry on with her tedious, unfunny, boring sets. This is how it goes these days, though. The Left will always put you in a position where you’re defending people and things you really don’t want to defend for the sake of the principles they’re trampling.

The article goes on, with some rival no-name skewering her and a few videos of her performing stand up. I didn’t link the videos because I’m not a sadist. Finally, they go in for the kill:

Isn’t comedy supposed to be subjective rather than absolutist? Why is this argument so rigid?

Schumer, her defenders, and her critics seem to be caught up in the idea that whether Schumer is racist — and whether her jokes about race are funny — are yes-or-no, end-all-be-all questions. Schumer, who stated in her Twitter post that “I am not going to start joking about safe material” and pleaded “don’t ask that of me,” clearly believes she should be able to joke about whatever she wants to joke about and not be criticized for doing so.

The trouble lies in her implication that jokes should be untouchable because they are jokes: “I know that because people laugh at it. Even if you personally did not.”

Pwincess still doesn’t get it. She really thinks her Leftoid bona fides act as some talisman against this sort of thing. Meanwhile, her overlords are saying: “Look. You don’t get just to make jokes ‘because they’re funny and people laughed’ if you wanna hang with us. Remember: ‘four legs good, two minority people good, white people baaaaad.'”

The conclusion is brutal:

Just because something is labeled as a joke doesn’t mean it should be protected from criticism

[I]f Schumer is going to ask critics to give her the benefit of the doubt, to trust her and to be generous with regard to her comedy, then Schumer must also understand that her being a feminist comedian doesn’t give her words about race a free pass from criticism.

Well damn. I wouldn’t want to be tasked with the job of making these killjoys laugh. Moving along to the venerable New York Slimes Times.

The Sunny Side of Greed

Well, at least the NYT is finally showing its true colors as a foot soldier in the propaganda army of the Left. A syphilitic offering from the (toilet) paper’s resident queer, Frank Bruni. Bruni tells us:

In the dire prophecies of science-fiction writers and the fevered warnings of left-wing activists, big corporations will soon rule the earth — or already do.

Fine with me.

Because if there’s anything the Left loves more than fags, it’s corporate fascism. He recounts all the wonderful ways in which corporations have recently been complicit in trampling rights:

They’ve been great on the issue of the Confederate flag. Almost immediately after the fatal shooting of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., several prominent corporate leaders, including the heads of Walmart and Sears, took steps to retire the banner as a public symbol of the South; others made impassioned calls for that.

And when Nikki Haley, the South Carolina governor, said that the Confederate flag at the State House should come down, she did so knowing that Boeing and BMW, two of the state’s major employers, had her back. In fact the state’s chamber of commerce had urged her and other politicians to see the light.

And promises us that they’ll be equally game when it comes to flooding the country with wage depressing foreigners:

And if it were up to corporations, we’d have the immigration reform we sorely need. Early last year, the United States Chamber of Commerce publicized a letter that urged Congress to act on “modernizing our immigration system.” It was signed by 246 enterprises large and small, including Apple, AT&T, Caterpillar, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Google, McDonald’s, Marriott and Microsoft.

Well, if Frankie’s on board for the corporate sponsored third-worldification/pauperization of America, where can I sign up?

Corporations aren’t paralyzed by partisan bickering. They’re not hostage to a few big donors, a few loud interest groups or some unyielding ideology.

But they can be, stupid. And if they are, only the vagaries of “the market” can check them. And while they might not be hostage to a few big donors or ideology [debatable], they are certainly hostage to profits and shareholders.

Frankie B concludes:

The list goes on. And while it doesn’t erase the damage that corporations wreak on the environment or their exploitation of workers paid too little, it does force you to admit that corporations aren’t always the bad guys. Sometimes the bottom line matches the common good, and they’re the agents of what’s practical, wise and even right.

That tells you everything you need to know. The political Right and the political Left are essentially saying the same things. This should destroy any illusion of political polarity. There is no Left in this country, and there is no Right. There is no opposition party, and no resistance, only convergence. There are only mouthpieces who agree on a future of elites ensconced in mega corporations ruling the subjugated masses, who have been defanged by years of indoctrination, psychotropic drugs (they’ll be legalized, yay freedom!), Newspeak, and political correctness. These mouthpieces are working, writing, and agitating in coordination on behalf of large corporate interests.

Finally, we come to:

California Now Has One of the Strictest School Vaccination Laws in the Country

Yay freedom? In full disclosure, this one might have escaped my notice had I not read this article early this morning. This article was spot on in identifying the end game.

In the wake of the measles outbreak at Disneyland last year that infected 117 people, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Tuesday which requires almost all California schoolchildren to be fully vaccinated in order to attend private or public school.

Effective the 2016-17 school year, children will have to be homeschooled if their parents refuse to vaccinate them, the Associated Press reports.

Parents of school-age children will no longer be able to claim a personal or religious belief exemption.

Unless the kids are homeschooled. But I’m sure the Left will outlaw that too before long, as has already happened in the other Leftist swamps that the American Left admires.

But there it is. The author called 100%.

For those reasons, you’re going to hear a lot more about how terrible it is that people can deny science and opt out of vaccines. That will expand, in the painstaking way of both the stupefactively idiotic and the left alike, to a detailed discussion of how terrible it is that people use religious exemptions to deny science. Do you get it? The next step will be to eliminate religious exemptions, in the name of civil rights which is the blank check that has kept Leftists in power in the West since 1945, entirely. That way every baker must bake a cake for whoever comes into the shop, whether transgender, gay or radical Muslim, of course (“more icing on the suicide belt please, and ‘Happy Birthday Muhammad’ in green”). That way no one can say NO to progressive policies.

And that’s the game. I’m always suspicious whenever the Left clamors in one voice for or against some policy or another, because I know by now that there’s always some ulterior motive, tending totalitarian. I had the same suspicions about the vaccination “debate.” Most parents don’t want an iron lung for their kids, so the vast majority will vaccinate as a matter of course. Furthermore, the parents claiming religious exemptions probably aren’t sending their children to public schools anyway. So what was the brouhaha over? I just couldn’t identify the principle at work. But now it’s clear. Mow down religious objections in this arena and you create a precedent for mowing down religious objections in other arenas. Ultimately, there will be no such thing as a religious objection, and everyone will be forced to do exactly as the government and its corporate handmaidens dictate.

Three articles, and three ways to control your life: they want to control what you laugh at, they want to control you through corporations, and they want to control you through pharmaceuticals and “science.” The only things you’ll be “free” to do soon are obliterate your mind with increasingly potent and synthetic drugs, euthanize yourself, and kill your children.


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