What’s the Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist?

H/T The Last Refuge:

CM: “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?”

DWS: *crickets*

The veil slips again. DWS could have been punchy and said something to the effect of “about 100 million bodies, Chris.” But she’s not that quick witted. It wouldn’t have been entirely true, at any rate. What Matthews doesn’t realize is that he didn’t prove a damn thing, because everyone knows that there’s no functional difference between a Democrat and a socialist. The Dem base knows this, and so does Dem leadership. Had he been interviewing a more enterprising and transparent sort, say, Lord Sanders himself, he might have gotten this more accurate response:

“There’s really no difference between a Democrat and a socialist, and it really doesn’t matter.”

Or something along those lines.

That would have been the shot heard ’round the world.

Rather than exposing the Democratic Party as craven and bloodthirsty commies as Matthews would have hoped, a response like that would have galvanized the fractious base and put the noncommittal pinkos on notice. In that moment, Matthews would have done more harm than good. “Socialist” is not a dirty word to these people. Matthews revealed nothing but his own naivete.

He doesn’t realize just how radical the Democratic Party’s supporters have become. These radical elements are waiting for a candidate that is willing to unequivocally commit the Party to the advancement of a slate of socialist and redistributive (retributive) “reforms.” It’s why they fawn over Col. Sanders and scorn Madam Clinton. In this game of political Pokemon, Hillary is still in the first phase of Democratic evolution. She is Squirtle to Bernie’s Blastoise and the base will have none of her. Of course Sanders should speak in a prime time slot! Front and center! What kind of question is that? He’s the crystal ball of the Democratic Party; look into his eyes and see the Party’s future. This much is evident.

In 5-7 years, they’ll be calling themselves the Democratic Socialists. In 25-27 years, making reference to a place called the United States of America will be a criminal offense of the first order. Meanwhile, the Republican Party will be getting the memory hole special. And worse.

Incidentally, DWS was right to assert that the 2016 elections will come down to the question of “what’s the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans?” Many voters will discover to their dismay that there isn’t any, and they will vote (or not vote) accordingly. The Republican Party is nothing more than a vassal party, controlled opposition. As the Cuckservative Party fades into the ether of obsolescence due to its own lack of testicular fortitude, the DemSoc Party will tighten its stranglehold over the nation, eventually ushering in a Venezuela of epic proportions.


Higher Education is Becoming Increasingly Irrelevant

Progs hold as an article of faith the inherent value of education. In leftist/equalist cosmology, education is imbued with magical properties of a sort that can transform dim students with IQs of 85 into latter day Einsteins while somehow preventing the 14 year old project chick with the 28 year old mother from becoming baby mama number 5 to a resident stoop goon. Not only is education so magical that it has the power to spin straw into gold, it is so powerful that it can defy the economic law of supply and demand and retain full potency even after its value is diluted as a result of overmatriculation. Progressives are above all Credentialists who regard the credential as an amulet, a modern day rune that brings the bearer success and fortune regardless of whether he majored in Transgender Unicorn Studies or Electrical Engineering. Colleges and universities are above all concerned with bottom lines, easy money, and indoctrination: thus a credentialist culture that acts as a pipeline, funneling kids from institution to institution comes as a boon to the college-industrial complex. Any policy working to put more asses in university seats will be welcomed by higher ed for pecuniary reasons while being passed off as high minded “social justice.”

So, it should come as no surprise that institutions of higher learning have begun to drop standardized testing as an admissions requirement. George Washington University is the latest to join the party.

George Washington University on Monday became one of the largest and most prestigious schools to join a nationwide movement against admissions tests, announcing that it will no longer require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores. 

The Washington, D.C., school’s new policy will go into effect on Aug. 1 and applies to both freshman applicants and transfer students. The university said in a statement that it came to the decision based on the findings of its Task Force on Access and Success.

GWU now joins such (mostly) venerable schools as Wesleyan, Brandeis, Bryn Mawr and Temple in the standard lowering bonanza.

Members of the task force examined the value of test scores in understanding how a student performs at GW,” the statement said. “They reached the same conclusion as many other institutions: that the best predictor of academic success in college is a student’s high school record, especially their high school GPA. This conversation led GW to adopt a test-optional policy.

GWU should do whatever it wants with its admissions policy. What it shouldn’t do is try to force feed readers this disingenuous tripe. Everyone knows that not all high schools are created equal. The D student graduating from New Trier High School would be better equipped for life than the A student graduating from your average Chicago public high school. Common are the tales of public school graduates unable to properly read the words on the document certifying the achievement of basic academic proficiency. If 40% of incoming freshmen, whose high school grades were ostensibly solid enough to qualify for admission at public universities require at least one remedial course to bring them up to speed with the general college population, it would seem obvious that high school performance is not as predictive of fitness for or success in the university context as GWU and its ilk would like us to believe.

“The test-optional surge recognizes that no test — not the SAT, old or new, nor the ACT — is needed for high-quality admissions,” FairTest Public Education Director Bob Schaeffer said in a statement sent to The Huffington Post. “Many independent studies and practical experiences have shown that test-optional admission enhances both academic excellence and diversity.”

I hate to break it to you Bob, but there is no way that a lowering of standards will enhance both excellence and diversity. It will only enhance one at the expense of the other. GWU’s new admissions policy won’t attract “diverse” higher achievers capable of excelling in rigorous disciplines, but rather will attract “diverse” credentialist strivers who skate through cake majors. Consider this story:

Wake [Forest University]’s [test optional] policy drew Natalie Casimir to the university.

Casimir, 18, from Mooresville, N.C., said she thrived in the International Baccalaureate program at her public school and got mostly A’s and a few B’s. But she didn’t have the knack for testing. She took the ACT twice and got middling scores. Then she got a 1580 (out of 2400) on the SAT at the end of 11th grade. She was despondent.

“It really hit me hard,” she said. “I felt like my work in the classroom wasn’t adequately depicted in the test scores. I kind of panicked. I had only really known of schools that took SAT or ACT scores. I thought, maybe I’m not good enough to get into a really good school.”

Casimir’s gut conclusion was likely the correct conclusion. The story continues:

But she was. An older brother tipped her off to Wake Forest’s policy, and she fell in love with the school. She applied without submitting test scores and got in. A daughter of Haitian immigrants, Casimir is now a rising sophomore and plans to major in English with minors in political science and Spanish.

No further comment. Back to the original story.

A study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling last year found that at schools with test-optional policies, there was virtually no difference in cumulative GPA or graduation rates between students who submitted scores and those who did not.

Which is probative of nothing. As we’ve already established, high schools regularly churn out A average graduates who haven’t yet mastered the fundaments of reading and math. Furthermore, universities will stop at nothing to prevent attrition.

“For economic growth and social stability, America will need to find successful paths to higher education for hundreds of thousands of additional first-generation-to-college, minority, immigrant, rural and [learning differences] students,” the NACAC report said. “This study provides the research support for optional testing as at least one route by which that can happen.” 

But does it actually have this effect? What’s ironic about this push to foster “economic growth and social stability” through expanding access to higher ed will have the opposite effect. Academic rigor will become the first casualty, as standards are abandoned and fluff majors proliferate to accommodate the influx of inferior students. As educational standards plummet, the devaluation of the college degree will accelerate, leaving these subpar students with mountains of debt, no marketable skills to speak of, and a worthless degree. A glut of degrees on the market will depress the cost of hiring degree holders while intensifying competition for a dwindling number of positions.

Not only will credentialing even the most mediocre students not provide greater access to wealth for those students, it will entrench cronyism and nepotism, as employers scramble for ways to separate the wheat from the chaff of human capital. The marketplace will prove more brutal a threshing mechanism than university ever could be. Rather than becoming empowered, these students will become resentful and will blame the system for their inability to succeed, eventually becoming a critical mass of malcontents determined to topple the system they believe to have wronged them. They’ll become a huge liability.

Progressive utopianists will not stop their chimerical pursuit of equality. They can’t abide the thought that not everyone is capable of success in college. They won’t accept that not everyone should go to college or that the heritability of intelligence means that education cannot create what isn’t already there. The considered and compassionate response to these realities would be to encourage kids to pursue alternative paths to success and satisfaction, rather than forcing them in the direction of college where they will either become mediocrities or outright failures.

But who are we kidding. There’s nothing compassionate about prog social justice theology. They are happy to sacrifice as many lives as necessary on the altar of Leftism.  Education is magic!

“Lest Observation Become Racism”

When I was younger, my parents lived in an apartment in one of the more unfortunate parts of New York City. The place was a decrepit fifth floor walk up in a heavily minority (read, black) area with the usual pitfalls: limited space, shifty stoop dwelling characters who never seemed to be at work, constant noise, etc. However, the one impression seared into my memory was the filth. Not in our apartment, mind you, but everywhere in and around the buildings. The common areas were always overflowing with discarded trash and flyers, bags of trash were strewn everywhere but in designated trash cans, and the aroma of urine hung perpetually in the lobby area. Rodents and assorted vermin were the natural consequence of the disarray, and very early in my life I developed a very strong aversion to apartments and specifically, to the roaches that I associated with them.

After being accosted by one too many stoop goons and tripping over one too many discarded needles, my parents decided that enough was enough and decamped to the suburbs. To my great relief, there was nary a roach or rat to be found there. Incidentally, there were also far fewer poor minorities there. Nevertheless, for any dual income suburban family with children, summers require childcare arrangements. So, summers were spent with my grandfather. My grandfather lived in another equally unfortunate part of New York City, in an equally decrepit fourth floor walk up in a similarly heavily minority (black) area. There was one key difference though: the filth level was so extreme that it made my parents’ old apartment building look like paradise by comparison. Thus, my vermin free suburban existence was punctuated by summers of terror, and I spent two and a half months every year watching roaches scamper freely about. My hatred of multi family dwellings calcified.

In my adult life, necessity softened my position on apartments, and I lived in several. I overcame my distaste and found my first real world pad, a massive downscale apartment complex in an upscale Midwestern college town. I lived there for two years: not once did I have a vermin problem, not once did the common areas reek of piss. My next place was in a mid sized apartment building inhabited mostly by Asian graduate students. This building was even more delightful and clean than the last. I began to forget that roaches were even a thing.

Fast forward to this month. I found a spacious apartment in a building located in a more…vibrant (black)…part of town that had more in common with Grandpap’s place than it did with the Asian grad student collective that I’d last lived in. Given the demographics, I initially contemplated walking away and finding a space in a tonier locale. However, it was affordable & reasonably clean, and I’m cheap, so I decided to rent. My noisy superego even made the suggestion that it would be racist to do otherwise.

I’m sure you see where this is going. When I moved in, I realized that the property managers managed to clean up quite a bit before my showing. I also realized that I must have viewed the premises on a relatively quiet day. As soon as I walked up the stairs to my new place, I realized that a fraud had been perpetrated. Trash everywhere, noise to high heavens, filthy stairwells, people lying about at all odd hours. Once I flicked on the light switch, I realized that I’d been truly fucked.

I had friends. Of the cockroach variety.


View from a porch. Vibrancy in action.

Observation is, and will always be, the enemy of equality for good reason. Observation is liable to make a racist out of the most vigilant, tolerant anti-racist, which is precisely why anti-racists insist upon interpreting even the most casual of racially tinged observations as racism. It’s why they hate HBD. The anti-racists don’t dare say that discrimination is bad because the conclusions that one arrives at are wrong. They could never seriously make that contention. Rather, we are warned about being wacis’ because our conclusions are very often right; the decisions we make based upon these observations more often than not have a basis in hard fact and are completely logical. Admit this, and the social justice tapestry quickly unravels. Enough frank talk and clear eyed observation will imperil the whole Western equality project. Have enough realtalkers swapping anecdotes with strikingly similar features, and you have a problem. Sooner or later, the critical mass of anecdotes will run up against some hard racial truths. Give it long enough, and the realtalk cancer will metastasize, and your faux, house of cards equality is done for. This is precisely why the leftists are committed to doing aggressive battle against racial crimethink and vigorously squelching speech.

Knowing what I knew, had I passed on that apartment after seeing the demographics, would that have been racist? Would that have been the wrong decision? Absolutely not. Every time that I’ve lived in a lower income, majority-minority location, there have always been vermin. I ignored my experience and observations to make the tolerant yet completely illogical decision to live in my current apartment and I did so to my detriment. I’ve lived around poor people of every stripe but I’ve come to realize that black poverty is qualitatively distinct from poverty as it manifests itself amongst other groups. Black poverty has a certain quality that makes itself felt. It seems and feels more intractable and desperate than other groups’ poverty. It is infinitely more dysfunctional, noisier, filthier, disorganized, and annoying. It is intrusive. Why is this? One can speculate. Whatever the case, it’s clear that not every group is capable of everything. Observe enough “coincidental” patterns, and it’ll quickly become apparent that there’s no such thing as tabula rasa and that everyone is not the same.

What is decried as prejudice is very often postjudice. It’s clunky, but it fits. Postjudice isn’t irrational hate. Rather, it’s the act of coming to judgment after having experiences with a person or persons. Postjudice is using one’s faculties to observe, analyze, and catalog trends then making decisions in the present that have been informed by prior experiences.

It’s not racism; it’s realism.

A Note on the Shitlord Insurgent

A point of clarification on my previous Donald Trump article is in order. I know that some folks on the right have been looking at the Trump developments with consternation, and I get it. None of this is about what it’s actually about, and people ought to be wary of taking this dissolute system seriously again just because some guy comes along saying All The Right Things.

I don’t applaud Trump because I think that he can win the presidency or because I believe that a Trump presidency would be some sort of panacea that would cure all of the nation’s ills. The American political system is dead. It now exists only as a conduit to channel money and influence from wealthy elites to other wealthy elites. It’s now nothing more than a massive, sophisticated money laundering scheme. No restoration will come from within the system, and the sooner it collapses, the better. To adapt a quote from Fight Club: we’re a generation of people raised by systems. I’m starting to wonder if the continuation of this system is what we really need. To that end, I could easily see a Trump presidency being co-opted by the same decadent Washington influences that have co-opted many a well intentioned presidency. There’s nothing to get too excited about.

I applaud Trump because the cuckservative phenomenon is real.  

Even Bill O’Reilly, perennial scourge of the Left, is developing a full blown case of cuckitis. Gelded Republicans have faked us out and are selling the country down the river, all the while pretending to be the opposition party. The Republican establishment plays at conservatism while spurning conservative propositions on every issue and at every opportunity. They’re folding under pressure and handing this country over to the barbarians at the gates while demanding that we view the loss of our country as a positive development. They want to play nicey-nice as these degenerate leftist radicals seek to destroy them and this country.

The political faggotry must end. 

This is where Trump comes in. He’s loud. He believes in what America stands for. He’s brash and he takes no shit. He says the things that everyone has been observing but has been too neutered by political correctness to say out loud. He wants to solve problems rather than capitulate. And yeah, he’s a total shitlord, but compared to the phony Republican pieces of shit that have been cocking things up for the last 20 years, he’s refreshing. I’ll take shitlord over conservacuck any day.

Even if he doesn’t win, he still wins because his power doesn’t come from within the system. He wins because he’s showing Americans that there’s power in talking back & being yourself. Trump showed that the left has an Achilles heel: it cannot thrive in the face of logic and casual observation. He’s inadvertently developing an army of realtalkers unafraid of the Left and its goons and he’s encouraging Americans to observe, talk back, mock, scorn, and ridicule the Left. The conservacucks meanwhile are encouraging Americans to spread their legs so that the rape goes a little quicker. For that reason, I’m cheering Trump on.

But of course, Trump isn’t the answer and no one should be fooling themselves about this.

Some Thoughts

One assumption held more or less in common by the denizens of the anti-Left/post-modernity corners of the Internet is the intentionality of the current liberal world order.  Nothing is errant or casual; rather, everything about the postmodern world has been meticulously and expertly crafted, down to the minutiae. There is no such thing as happenstance: every output generated by the system is the result of carefully selected inputs & can be and has been anticipated by its nefarious engineers. The system itself is designed to produce a certain set of results, else it wouldn’t have been created in the first place. To us, it’s clear that there’s nothing incidental about dysfunction of the modern day, that the dysfunction serves a purpose: it’s a feature, not a bug.

However, let’s assume for a moment that there’s no vast, global, elite conspiracy to subjugate the world, evidence notwithstanding. Let’s assume for now that none of the Western elites are actively trying to destroy their countries and dilute their cultures through the introduction of alien populations. Assume that the economic and monetary policies that have been implemented and are currently being proposed aren’t meant to be totalitarian but simply have that effect, just an unfortunate unintended consequence? Assume also that there’s nothing conspiratorial about clandestine trade deals that undermine national sovereignty while facilitating the greater concentration of power in the hands of a cabal of corporations and supranational organizations.

What if everything that we’re observing now is the result of randomly selected, well intentioned policies, the negative results of which have been as much of a surprise and dismay to the elites as they are to everyone else? If we assume all these things, then the following questions present themselves: (1) how is it that all of these “random” policy choices are being simultaneously implemented in countries across the West? (2) if the purpose is not to ultimately impose an authoritarian global government ruled by a global plutocracy, then what purpose do any of these policies serve and why are they not dismantled now?

Back to immigration. A hypothetical, and some questions.

It’s 2050, and open borders are the law of every land in the (New) West. The leftists have gotten their wish, and interestingly enough, so have the libertarians. The New West has gone full Sweden, accepting the majority of third world immigrants reaching its shores. This inclusive and progressive policy has worked wonderfully until now, but now the New West is at critical mass: it has become horrifically overpopulated & impoverished. There has been a corresponding depopulation of the third world. 

Stability hangs on by a thread. Low level strife and tension between native Westerners (now the minority) and immigrants and successive immigrant generations has become a persistent feature in the new world, as the two populations clash over scarce resources and cultural misunderstandings. This state of affairs prompts many native Westerners to abandon hope for reclamation of their nations and to begin immigrating to the depopulated countries left behind by the immigrants to the West. The natives that remain are the ones that truly appreciate the diversity and vibrancy of the New West, even though that requires sustaining regular assaults by hostile natives on their way to the corner store or the occasional gang rape. 

Western immigrants to the third world begin to resettle the largely abandoned countries and soon develop thriving outposts and new civilizations. These outposts are explicitly anti immigration (they think that a ban will be fine for the first 20 years). They are also anti-Enlightenment, patriarchal, free market, decidedly traditional, anti democratic, monocultural and/or ethnic. 

The West meanwhile slips further and further into decline as native populations either exit or fade away through failure to reproduce at replacement level. Western leadership becomes desperate as the last vestiges of the productive classes disappear, and on their hands are left nations full of people who have nothing in common with the cultures they replaced, are largely dependent on the state for their sustenance, and are incredibly volatile, so disappointed are they that the Western nirvana they’d hoped for when they arrived from their home countries on their rickety boats never really materialized. 

The tax base is eroded, and the mean IQ of the New West hovers around 90, infrastructure is crumbling and innovation has stalled, as there’s no way to extract any more resources from the thin remnants of the productive class-lest they too begin to consider exit. Culturally, the New West has become a cesspool: FGM has become widespread, as has polygamy, child bride practices, illegitimate birth rates have skyrocketed, and family fragmentation is the rule rather than the exception.  

Now for the questions:

  • Why does the Left think the third world is in the condition that it is now?
  • How would the Left respond to the state of affairs presented in this hypothetical?
  • How would leftists explain why the West began to atrophy as third worlders streamed in while the 3rd world began to flourish as native Westerners streamed in?
  • Would this state of affairs cause leftists to reconsider their stance on equality and there being “no genetic differences between populations” and any observation of differences is “racist”?
  • Based on the hypothetical, would the left concede that there could be any link between the intelligence of a population and the types of civilizations they are able to produce?
  • If this prediction is inaccurate, what do the alternative predictions look like given present trajectories?
  • Would the left be willing to consider a colonial solution?

Democracy as Farce

Take a gander at this voter registration form. I requested mail forwarding services, as I’m moving soon. I was prompted to update my voter information at the same time. Click to expand. Take note of the highlighted areas.

Voter Registration Form

Some observations:

  • If you have neither a state ID nor a social security number, you may still register to vote. You’ll just be assigned a “unique identifier” by the state.
  • Yet, you must promise that you’re an American citizen, because only American citizens can vote. So if you’re not a citizen, you shouldn’t submit the form. That would be fraud. But if you have no documentation proving citizenship (which would cast reasonable doubt upon your being an American citizen), the state will nonetheless provide you with a “unique identifier” enabling you to vote if you do submit the form, however fraudulently.
  • If this analysis is correct, is American citizenship any longer a requirement to vote in American elections?
  • All you need is WiFi to register to vote nowadays, but liberals always conveniently leave this out when they bemoan the disenfranchising effects of voter ID laws. While voter registration may be done at the state level and may vary, if other states have voter registration processes as lax as the one that Illinois has, how else would the states be able to verify citizenship except for requesting identification?
  • Unless of course, the aim is to obscure the question of citizenship so as to make it possible for any Tomas, Enrique, and Mohammed who seeps through our porous borders to vote, tipping the scales in favor of the Left. Which it is.
  • Corollary: what’s to stop non citizens from voting and subverting the American political process to their own ends?
  • It’s pretty clear that American citizenship is becoming increasingly meaningless.
  • When the Left tries to concern troll Americans into thinking that they’re delusional for thinking that voter registration fraud is a problem, why does everyone accept it? Sidebar: check out the name & credentials of the chick peddling the argument.
  • Donald Trump is still right.

Film Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

I finally saw Kingsman: The Secret Service in its entirety last night. Quite a sick piece of cinema, though it’s endlessly fascinating to observe the cultural messaging that the elites try to advance through the medium of film. There are times when the veil slips, or the hand is revealed either intentionally or inadvertently. Kingsman qualifies as one of those times.


The movie begins innocently enough, with Kingsman Galahad delivering a medal of valor to his fallen comrade’s widow. Feeling guilt over the man’s death, he instructs her and her young son Eggsy to call a number written on the back of the medal and deliver a coded message should they ever need help. Years later, Eggsy, now a shiftless adult and petty criminal, dials Galahad after being arrested for car theft. Eggsy learns of the existence of Kingsman, an elite secret intelligence agency to which both Galahad and Eggsy’s father belonged. The Kingsman recently lost one of its agents (Lancelot), and Galahad becomes Eggsy’s sponsor in a competition to find a successor to fill the vacancy. Eggsy proves himself a fierce competitor, but ultimately loses out to another female competitor after balking at shooting a dog that he was charged with training as a part of his Kingsmen training.

Simultaneously, the agency has been investigating billionaire technology mogul Richmond Valentine (an Elmer Fudd-like character who is oddly squeamish about gore) in connection with the disappearances of various high ranking officials worldwide. Valentine announces his “philanthropic” plans to give everyone in the world a free SIM card, allowing access to free telecommunications on his dime forever. It’s later revealed that Valentine subscribes to what is basically deep ecology, and views humans as “viruses” and the Earth as their “host.” He believes that global warming is something akin to a “fever” that Earth is developing to cure itself of its human virus. In one noteworthy quote he states: “either the host kills the virus, or the virus kills the host; either way, the result is the same.”

The SIM cards are just a Trojan horse. Valentine plans to depopulate the Earth by transmitting a signal through the SIM cards that triggers human aggression while diminishing inhibitions, driving anyone within earshot into uncontrollable, bloodthirsty rage. The viewer is given a taste of the signal’s potential in a rather blood-soaked scene taking place in a church (discussed after the jump). Valentine has been recruiting a cabal of global elites who he sequesters in his bunker where they plan to wait out the slaughter, planning to establish a “new world” after the carnage.

Ultimately, the plan is found out, and Eggsy along with the remaining members of Kingsman defeat Valentine & his hench wench and save the day.

This film was perverse to say the least. Nonetheless, it was interesting to watch the Left reveal its inky id, as it indulges in fantasies of slaughtering racist/sexist/homophobic Christians and dabbles in doomsday global depopulation strategies, all while passing off its masturbatory desires off as entertainment. This film is a glimpse into what the far Left is all about: the denigration/destruction of Christianity, population control, global depopulation, One World, global elitism, mainstreaming of homosexual behavior, and marginally, feminism.

Kingsman reveals how hostile the Left is towards Christians and Christianity, and how willing it is to defame Christians at any opportunity. The viewer is treated to one scene in a church quite reminiscent of the Westboro Baptist Church, where a fire and brimstone preacher rails against the “fagniggerJew” menace threatening to bring damnation upon humanity. Valentine decides to use the church to test his signal, whereupon Galahad proceeds to brutally slaughter the worshippers under the shadow of the Cross. The scene’s gratuitousness cannot be understated. It did nothing to advance the plot; it was just gleeful fantasy. Implicit in the scene was that “those people deserved what they got” because they were “intolerant bigots.” The faithful who refuse to adopt the secular religion of  “tolerance” must pay for their recalcitrance with extermination.

The film also prominently features the far Left fantasy of holocaust, cleansing the world of the undesirables and leaving nothing but an oligarchical master race of elites to begin anew. In polite settings, Leftists will often discuss their concern for the “environment” and “global warming.” However, the initiated understand this to require depopulation of vast swaths of the Earth combined with human concentration in dense urban areas. Kingsman flirts with the idea of effectuating this through technology, but it’s unclear the form that this plan will eventually take. Technology is already being used to construct a massive global surveillance superstructure, so it’s entirely possible that the existing structure will be repurposed for decimation. What is clear is that the process of depopulation has already begun, as birthrates around the world have already began to plummet. The masses have already begun to internalize this radical ecological conservation message, and are beginning to view humans as a blight on the face of the Earth deserving of extinction.

The Left is absolutely obsessed with homosexuality and homosexual behavior, and will try to inject it into every aspect of the culture, even in contexts where it has no relevance. This is done to subvert. Towards the end of the film, Eggsy discovers a Swedish princess that Valentine imprisoned in his bunker after she refused to go along with his scheme. Eggsy requests a kiss from her, as he’d “always wanted to kiss a princess.” After a moment, he heads off saying: “sorry. Gotta save the world now.” The princess, who up until then spoke flawless English, says in a preposterous pidgin: “if you save world, we can do it in zee asshole.” Gratuitously scatological and crass, but the message is clear: “anal sex is normal now, preferable even. Everyone’s doing it. It’s just like any other version of sex.” Realistically, this dovetails nicely with the elites’ depopulation strategy for obvious reasons, so that this messaging is advanced isn’t too surprising.

And of course there’s the throwaway bit about the “girl having more balls than the guy” when the girl shoots her dog and wins the spot that Eggsy lost.

The elites don’t necessarily want to force you into slavery. In the best case scenario, they want you to choose a sort of soft, quasi-slavery of your own free will, where your basic needs are met at little cost or effort to you: your utilities are free, forever: so long as you unquestioningly accept their dominion over you. Everything is provided for: so long as you don’t think too deeply about whether it’s worth it to exchange liberty for a guaranteed monthly pittance from the state. Life is easy, and everyone is equal; it’s just that no one ever has very much. In the worst case scenario, you are an obstacle to “progress” and eligible for extermination or internment in a population dense urban ghetto. You are a virus to be “expelled” by the host.

Kingsman had a happy ending, but it’s likely that movies like this will feature apocalyptic endings with increasing frequency as events are escalated and accelerated towards a second Year Zero of elite design.