No Country for Moderate Men

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.

In a time predicated upon falsehood, in a culture drifting towards dissolution and oblivion, there can be no center. Centrism is a luxury of civilized times: it is a state of affairs made possible by an order built upon principles of law, rationality, and tradition. This anarchic, irrational, and progressive epoch obliterates the possibility of committed moderation. This is neither a normative statement nor a feasibility assessment; it is simply to say that in times such as these, one may be moderate only to his peril. The moderate will watch as the world he blithely assumes to be indestructible collapses and as the radical inheritors of the fallen world crush him in their fervor.

As the global establishment peddles greater and greater lies, the Aware make their calculations are are lead to one of two conclusions: (1) understand the nature of the lies, engage with the lies, and become a merchant in the Marketplace of Untruths in the hopes of having a seat at the table of the New World Order or (2) understand the nature of the lies, disengage from the lies, and launch an all out offensive in reaction to the untruths in the hopes of restoring the world to its former state, before the septic rot of delusion sets in permanently. The Aware become cynical collaborators on the Left, and firebrand reactionaries on the Right, as according to their personalities and idiosyncrasies. This state of affairs creates an antagonistic polarity that by its very operation, denies ground to the more milquetoast and tepid amongst us. The further the Western elites proceed with the propagation of their degenerate agenda items:

  • God’s death (hostility towards faith)
  • Cultural equality
  • Cultural relativism
  • Destruction of the family
  • Normalization and mainstreaming of various paraphilia
  • Economic pillaging
  • Rejection of logic and reality
  • Identity politics
  • State dependency
  • Thought policing
  • Denigration of the West
  • Globalism
  • Cultural uglification
  • Radical ecology (with an end goal of global depopulation)
  • Transhumanism  

The less relevant the man who says “I just think that we need to enact the kind of sensible policies that will get us back on track.” There is no “track” to get back on. That track was torn up years before and the metal sold off for scrap. Useless is the man who declares himself agnostic in all matters while the elites espouse their orthodoxy of oppression. In the age of the ideologue, the moderate is a deluded loser ripe for extermination, respected by neither side and looked upon with disgust by all. One either believes in self preservation and clings to the poles or he believes in his own extinction as he meanders in the middle. There is no appropriately centrist response to those who plan for your debasement, enslavement, and ultimate destruction. The Radicals understand this and respond with fundamentalist belligerence.

The center cannot hold, as salvo after salvo is launched at it. The battle lines have already been drawn and the world itself, so hell bent on lulling the acquiescent masses into the gulag through the adoption of pretty lies, has become a radicalizing agent. ISIS and the neo-Marxists have come to identical realizations. They differ only in their conclusions. As civilization continues its death march towards its inevitable implosion, the radicals on the Left and the Right sharpen their swords, determined to cut down the moribund entity that is the progenitor of the cultural rot plaguing the world. They long to refashion it according to their respective visions. There will be no tolerance for the conscientious abstainer, only the heel of a boot.

In a radicalized world, moderation is maladaptive. It is self annihilation.



  1. Moderate, no… Machiavellian playing along with the lefties to fulfill his own right winged agendas? That’s a different story…



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