Conservatism is easy, which is precisely what makes it so hard for so many. It doesn’t profess to have the wherewithal to create a “New Man,” it doesn’t ask anyone to ignore reality, and it doesn’t demand that abortive attempts be made to achieve nebulous goals like “helping people,” “social justice,” or “equality.” Conservatism is simplicity, but it is not simplistic. It recognizes that family, faith, and duty are the cornerstones of a functional & healthy civilization. It recognizes that humans are fallible but that this fallibility can be overcome (to a certain degree) through the implementation of functional institutions, formal and informal. Conservatism takes people as they are while trying to provide guidelines and context for navigating through a lawless and befuddling existence. Conservatism seeks out the lean and elegant solution rather than the byzantine and grotesque one. I believe that this outlook is what makes conservatism hard to accept for many. Most people have been conditioned to believe that utopia can be engineered and that man can be reconstituted as something other than man. The conservative has no such illusions. Fundamentally, conservatism is the logical conclusion rather than the suspension of disbelief.



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