Charleston Shooting: False Flag?

The Charleston church shooting is a tragedy, a waste of human life. Our deepest condolences go out to the victims’ families. No one should have to fear being massacred in their place of worship. The murderer, Dylann Storm Roof, has since been apprehended and we hope that he will be held accountable by law for his wicked actions. We know that he will be held to account before God.

It appears to be racially motivated, given some of the statements that the gunman made prior to opening fire on the congregation. We are old fashioned here, in that we believe that the designation of a special category of crime, “hate crime” is ridiculous and redundant, and does nothing to deter the commission of racially or ethnically motivated crime. Murder is no more or less reprehensible depending upon who the victims were or what the criminal’s motivations may have been. The terrible nature of crimes like these speak for themselves and the criminals responsible for these acts deserve our collective opprobrium because they have taken human life.

Nonetheless, this event screams “false flag operation.” The obviousness of the young dead eyed shooter with white separatist flags pinned to his lapel, the celerity with which he was caught, the historicity of his chosen target, nature of his victims, and the date on which he chose to carry out his attack. Even his name evokes spree killers of yore.

The church had several cameras mounted outside that captured images of the shooter in high resolution as he entered the building: do churches typically install cameras outside to monitor the premises? Is the church located in a particularly high crime area? These questions are not asked rhetorically. Answers would be appreciated. This looks suspiciously like an event designed both to gin up racial hatreds and fears about a racist society that hates and preys upon blacks and to provide fuel for the fires of the anti gun lobby. The endgame looks a lot like destabilizing riots, resulting in disarmament of the populace, followed by the imposition of martial law for the sake of “normalization.”



  1. Reblogged this on TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln and commented:
    The moment I heard of the events in Charleston last week, I was certain that the event was a False Flag…. that Dylan Storm Root was just “too” perfect a name for a White Supremacist, and that this kid showed all the signs of having had a mind and memory wipe by “men in black” several times over….His eyes aren’t quite as crazy as the Colorado “Batman Movie” killer—not yet anyhow—but he was arrested almost surreally quickly….it took them longer to arrest OJ Simpson in Los Angeles 21 years ago this month (after the murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend on June 13, 1994) when my ex-wife and I were still living practically next door on South Bundy in Brentwood) when they knew exactly where he was the whole time….(and there were no other suspects)…. Anyhow—I absolutely DETEST the way the Press is covering this case as basically about everything in the world EXCEPT the actual circumstances of the murder—NOBODY WANTS TO FOCUS ON THAT…. no, let’s just tear down Confederate Flags and Deface Statues of Confederate War Heroes…. but let’s not examine why this happened, except to say it’s all because of “White Racism”—the mainstream media is braindead….it acts in Zombie-like political obedience to whatever the Dictator in the White House (we no longer have constitutional Presidents, let’s face it…) wants to promote at the moment… I think that a careful and objective examination of THIS CRIME will lead, inescapably, to the conclusion that it was PLANNED either by the Obama Administration or someone closely connected to it… not merely for the purpose of confiscating our guns, or further suppressing our freedom of speech and expression, but for the primary purpose of suppressing ALL historical and constitutional dialogue concerning race, equal protection, and the separation of powers doctrine known as “Federalism” and/or “States’ Rights.”

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