Cultural Cleansing

This maudlin video has been fouling up my social media feeds recently: 

A description, for posterity. Angel Soft, purveyors of fine toilet paper, aired a tear stained ad featuring a few individuals blubbering on video and singing paeans to their mothers. They describe the hardships that their mothers faced in raising them, and the equanimity with which their mothers faced these hardships even without the speakers’ dead or otherwise absentee fathers.

OK, standard Women Are Wonderful fare, nothing to see here, right?

But WAIT. There’s a twist worked into the ad at the last minute. The ad doesn’t simply intend to recognize mothers for being long suffering and self-abnegating Perfecticons: the ad recognizes mothers-on Father’s Day. Each of the speakers in the video conclude their saccharine spiels with “Happy Father’s Day, Mom!” It’s really incredible, in its own grotesque way.

As someone who doesn’t hate men and who appreciates the masculine values that have made civilization possible, I found the video pretty tasteless. So I shared some of my opinions on social media, and that was that. I didn’t scream at anyone to take the video down, I didn’t demand that the marketing team’s heads be piked outside the palace, I didn’t require that Angel Soft make some supplicating apology to assuage my feelings of butthurt. I was satisfied with criticism, stiff ridicule, and a personal boycott of the brand.

Then I had a thought. What if another company was to make an analogue to this video, wherein each of the speakers noted that 67 percent of all divorces are initiated by women, fragmenting families and obliterating bonds between fathers and children? What if this hypothetical analogue video also had some folks crying about the fact that their fathers had been thrown in jail after defaulting on child support payments because family court imputed income to him even after he lost his job, but that they were really thankful that he persevered in the face of such dire circumstances? What if they thanked Dad for being there while Mom was off cavorting with her latest badboy boyfriend? What if, to top this all off, the company then aired this video in advance of Mother’s Day, using as its tagline “Happy Mother’s Day, Dad!”

Just imagine the hue and cry. That company would be pilloried by social justice warriors accusing it of misogny/slut shaming/single mom shaming, a social media lynch mob would be raised to demand a corporate apology and assorted gimmedats, everyone on the team responsible for the video would be ruined, and none of them would ever work in this town again. Time and time again, it’s been shown that these will be the consequences facing anyone who dares to challenge the Left from the Right: ruin, aspersion, and ostracism. Anyone, no matter how high or how low, daring to oppose the cultural narrative with hatelogic and hatefacts (or even just a politically incorrect opinion/action) will be purged. Consider Shirtgate. Consider more recently Yarvingate. With the Left, the aim is not dialogue, and it’s never intellectual exchange: it is cleansing. Cleansing of all positions athwart and of all those who hold those opinions. Cleansing of the culture of the Right. It’s becoming manifestly clear that the Left will not rest until those in opposition recant or are exterminated. Tolerance is after all, intolerable. Repressive, some say.

This is how they operate. This is what they believe in. These worthless, puritanical schoolmarms: the SWPL set, the feminists, the social justice warriors, the academy and their minions are nothing more than a patchwork hate group hell-bent on eradicating any organization and any individuals presenting with even the faintest whiff of rightist. Anyone who opposes gay marriage, anyone who views transgenderism as a category of mental illness, anyone who believes that feminism is a cancer, anyone who questions the value of democracy, anyone who believes that equality does not exist, anyone who believes that there is no such thing as male/white/whatever privilege, anyone who opposes socialism, anyone who believes in the validity of IQ and believes that it can explain divergent population outcomesanyone who questions the veracity of anthropogenic global warming claims, anyone who believes in God, and so on are candidates for destruction.

The time for civility has come and gone. Freedom in this country is fast going the way of the dodo bird. Our enemies regard the destruction of the Western way of life as a holy crusade, and themselves as combatants in a war that they are determined to win. It is necessary now to fight them tooth and nail. We must tear down their institutions, eviscerate their feeble arguments, challenge their disciples, educate our children ourselves, become self-sufficient, and utterly destroy their icons. I believe that bellicosity is becoming the only rational approach. Belligerence will be the only means of survival.


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