Rachel Dolezal & The Transracial Tipping Point


Rachel Dolezal is an American hero, a visionary far ahead of her time. As with all visionaries, she is misunderstood, ridiculed as an imposter, and cast out as a heretic. What is her heresy? Daring to boldly live her truth in a time when people like her are forced to live a lie. This brave woman is at the vanguard of the burgeoning transracial movement, intrepidly redefining what it means to be a black woman in a culture that refuses to recognize her humanity.

I admire her valiant efforts to become who she truly is but never was, and admonish all intolerant naysayers to check their privilege. Their transracephobic-nay, RACIST assertions that someone who isn’t phenotypically black cannot be black simply because they feel black, darken their skin, and wear outward markers of blackness has no place in a progressive society predicated upon the equality and freedom of all. They are simply on the wrong side of history. As we all well know, race is naught but a social construct perpetuated by The Oppressors to Other us and prevent us from recognizing our common humanity.

It is clear that Ms. Dolezal has a black brain that is trapped in a prison of whiteness, and I pray that race reassignment therapies will be developed in short order to allow her to fully and completely self-actualize through a full transition into blackness. I hope that these execrable RACISTS will realize that a new day is dawning, and will overcome their silly, old-fashioned prejudices.

Ms. Dolezal, I salute you.



  1. If you accept that Caytlin Jenner has successfully transitioned from one gender to another, (though biologically dubious), you must also accept, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you, that Dolezal has transitioned racially to Black.

    If you do not accept this, congratulations, you are a hypocrite and a bigot. Try to be more tolerant and open-minded next time.



    1. That’s just hatelogic. Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal have precisely zero in common.

      Seriously, though. I don’t accept any of it, as it’s all bunk.



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