Feminism’s Transgender Problem

Caitlyn (nee) Bruce Jenner, aside from being a freakish abomination is on the verge of becoming something else as well: a flashpoint for the impending intellectual schism on the Left between the (trans)gender essentialists and the “gender/sex as social construct” crowd, who deny the biological basis for the development of sex specific traits, preferences, and behaviors. In retrospect, it’s clear that this split was inevitable. Though the trans essentialists and the feminists radicals (who chalk all sex differences up to whether babies are draped in pink or blue blankets) constituted a natural coalition in feminist/LGBT movements’ earliest days, both movements’ shift from the periphery to the mainstream has caused the union to fissure.

United primarily in their disdain for civilization and their hatred of both males and masculinity, the femi-fascists and the LGBTROYGBIV+ brigade were natural bedfellows, and found solace in each other as marginalized fringe elements within a society that wasn’t completely insane & still maintained a robust interdiction against public displays of the grotesque.

This union, however, was always predicated upon the continued marginalization of the transgender issue, whether either camp realizes it. Feminism became respectable and left its pesky little trans sister behind, growing in influence to such a degree that it was able to force capitulation to even its most trivial demands. It was assumed that trangenderism would continue to be viewed as the ridiculous frivolity that everyone deep down realized it was. Superficially though, the semblance of solidarity between the two was important. I doubt that any first or second waver worth her salt seriously considered it an issue.

Of course, this is completely rational. Any other outcome would seriously challenge radical feminism’s main assumptions that sex differences are learned rather than innate, that there are no fundamental, biological differences between males and females, and that any differences in life outcomes are due to socialization/patriarchy/misogyny. Any other outcome would also pit feminists directly against transgenders in a battle royale for privileges and status and various other grievance goodies. As we are all well aware, transgenderism didn’t stay marginal. It is now front and center with ever more people lining up to butcher themselves, eager to declare themselves “trans and proud.”

This situation has been coming to a head for a while now and when Caitlyn Jenner was introduced to the world, all the dams broke. Caitlyn Jenner, who says inconvenient things like “[m]y brain is much more female than it is male” and does crazy things like posing for a spread in Vanity Fair gussied up in corsets and evening gowns and other feminine accouterments. The wailing and gnashing of teeth was deafening. (See here, here, and here).

Though there was the predictable congratulatory fluff encouraging Jenner to “live her truth” and whatnot, there was also a fair amount of criticism leveled at Jenner for being “too femme.” The noise is really nothing more than the Left staring into the maw of an ugly dilemma and being scared to death of what’s looking back. It’s beginning to dawn on the freak cavalcade that while solidarity requires feminists to stand with their transgender systren, they cannot continue to assert that everyone is a blank slate at birth and that there are no inherent sexed traits while simultaneously asserting that male minds can be born into female bodies and female minds can be born into male bodies. The feminists (the Left as a whole, really) are now in an uncomfortable position having to resolve the glaring inconsistency between their two pet projects: either admitting that (a) females and males are in fact different from birth, with certain distinct preferences and behaviors or (b) transgenderism is not a thing.

The fallout will be marvelous. *Readies popcorn*


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