Agenda Uber Alles II: When the Narrative Implodes

Apparently there was trouble in paradise, as the Griner-Johnson union that was so exultantly announced in the New York Times was reported to be headed for dissolution. On June 5, Griner filed for an annulment on the grounds of “fraud and duress,” alleging that Johnson coerced her into marriage by use of various and unspecified threats. The breakup is especially messy, as Johnson announced her pregnancy a mere day prior to the filing.

No finer a source than TMZ speculates that the fraud claim is “related to the pregnancy.” Griner says that she has “no biological connection to the baby,” which is obvious, but lesbian couples don’t typically highlight the fact that one of the “mommies” will just be along for the ride biologically speaking. You may read between the lines.

I have my own suspicions about the affair, all of which prominently feature a cuckolded Griner and Johnson’s desperate exclamations of “I know I slept with him, but I still love you baby!” Or some variation thereof.

Still think “marriage between a gay woman and a straight woman” is a workable notion, New York Times?

What am I asking? I’m sure the enlightened overlords of the Left just think that this is a one off case of gay marriage gone awry. Nothing to extrapolate here, move along you damn naysaying, homophobic Luddites!


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