Rules for Realists: 10 Tips for the Young Lady of Worth

It’s rare for me to bump into many kids substantially younger than myself anymore; just a sign that I’m one step closer to death. When I do interact with those in the 18-25 demographic, I’m always struck by two things: (1) how generally deluded about life they are and (2) how much worse the indoctrination has gotten since I was that age.

The problem is particularly acute for females, who tend to be more suggestible and are often diehard adherents of the “go along to get along” school of thought. Unfortunately, as societal indoctrination has grown all the more expansive and bizarre, the field of opinions that may be acceptably held and voiced has simultaneously contracted. Opinions that were considered laughably antiquated when I was 18 in 2005 (say, that women might be happier in the home or that it’s not economical for companies to hire pregnant women) are now considered thoughtcrimes of the highest order​ now that I am 28 in 2015. Expressing opinions like the former can now have catastrophic implications for one’s social life and possibly one’s employment opportunities.

Nonetheless, truth remains truth and the brave must not be afraid to speak it. Human nature will not be conditioned away by 50 years of false ideology. Men and women are as they have always been, and young girls especially ignore this fact to their peril (and great unhappiness). To that end, I have written a list of ten pointers for young girls. These are things that no one will tell you in this day and age, but that you should be aware of to avoid the lies put to you and the unhappiness that they will ultimately bring.

(1) Feminism is a Lie: feminism has jumped the shark. It has not been about equality or women’s rights in at least 30 years. At this point in its history, it is exclusively a misandrist, supremacist, and socialist movement that aims to torpedo relations between the sexes and to secure gimmedats for women at society’s expense using mechanisms of guilt and the machinery of the state. Feminists are insidious and will always try to get you to ignore both reality and your biological yearnings (for children, for a husband, for the hearth). They will try to convince you that the only meaningful things are being “educated” and having a job. Swallow this lie and you will squander your most fertile years in a cubicle, pushing papers at a job you hate, watching as your opportunity to have a family slowly fades away. Never make the mistake of believing that feminism has your best interests at heart. You must eschew this destructive ideology.

(2) Know yourself and order your life accordingly: what do you want out of life? What do you want to be? I will be the first to admit that being a wife and a mother is not for everyone. Some of you might be very ambitious honey badgers with big asses and big dreams. That is OK. What is not OK, however, is to go through your life on autopilot, blithely unaware of your desires. No one can “have it all” in life regardless of what feminists will tell you. Some choices necessarily foreclose others. If you want to be a go-get em’ tank grrrl career woman, then take the steps necessary to improve yourself and achieve your goals. HOWEVER: if family and relationships are your priority, realize that attending school until you are 30, moving from place to place, and incurring mountains of debt is a recipe for failure. You will not be an attractive prospect to men if you take this route. You need to be secure enough in yourself to avoid succumbing to the pressure to obtain more and more “education” and over leveraging yourself that will be put upon you by nearly everyone you will meet. You must realize that choosing one will make having the other substantially more difficult. You must prioritize.

(3) Read: turn off the goddamned TV. There is nothing of value there. Read deeply, improve yourself, learn new things. Read things that make you think; read things that make you laugh. Your erudition as compared to the average culturally lobotomized female in your age cohort will be noted. Furthermore, reading will endow you with the tools necessary to be a fully actualized individual and come to sensible conclusions about your world in a time when nonsensical pap is treated as gospel.

(4) Don’t Whore: do not believe the feminists. The rules are still the same in that the rules are still different for men and for women. Men are admired when they have lots of sex because sex is hard for them to get. Women are scorned when they have lots of sex because sex is easy for them to get (and because it cheapens the value of sex and makes men less likely to commit). Men do not wife whores. As a female, you will feel the worse for wear if your mileage is up. Sleeping around excessively will make it harder for you to pair bond with one man and makes it likelier that you will divorce in future.

(5) Stay in Shape: your personality is not the only thing that matters. Most men will not be attracted to the fat girl with the beautiful face, or the fat girl with the heart of gold. Men are visual and are attracted to visual cues indicative of health and fertility. Fat has never been one of those indicia. Being overweight will impair your chances of obtaining a high value man who maintains attraction for you. Do not believe the hype (fatkini, HAES) Fat acceptance is a cancer, and there is nothing wrong with looking good. If you’re currently eating right and maintaining an exercise regimen, good on you. If you currently aren’t where you’d like to be physically then get a gym membership (make sure to do weights AND cardio), dial in your diet, and work towards your goals. The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

(6) Don’t be a harridan: living that virago lyfe will leave you single in a kitty litter scented apartment. You can be “strong” and “independent” without being strident and annoying. Learn how to radiate strength rather than shouting strength from the mountaintops and pushing people around.

(7) Have reasonable expectations: not everybody is beautiful. Not every body is beautiful. If everyone were beautiful, no one would be beautiful. Not everyone will have a life of wealth and leisure. Leagues are real. You must be aware of where you stand on the 1-10 scale and act accordingly. If you are a 5, do what you can to improve and be honest with yourself. Female fives do not get male tens, except in the rarest of instances. If you are an average girl (and most are), learn to be happy with the average guys who will take interest in you. The alternative to this is to be pumped and dumped by attractive players who will never commit to you, negatively impacting your happiness and your self worth. Never confuse being realistic for being fatalistic.

(8) Develop cooking skills: there is nothing more disgusting than a woman who takes pride in not being able to cook. Aside from being unable to feed yourself, it projects an image of slovenliness and worthlessness. Cooking is one of the most fun and meaningful things you can do for yourself and for others. It will also make you healthier and more attractive as a partner.

(9) Develop domestic skills more generally: learn how to decorate. Keep your home tidy. Learn how to sew, if the fancy strikes you. Overall, learn how to turn a house into a home. This ability will also make you more attractive as a partner.

(10) Do not listen to your female friends: like it or not, they are always in direct competition with you and will dispense advice to you that will cause you to take serious losses. They don’t know what men want, they don’t know what they want, and odds are that they’re thoroughly indoctrinated and will give you drone advice that will lead to disaster. Don’t listen to them about “career” advice, don’t listen to them about romance, don’t listen to them when they say that you’re “too young” to do X, Y, or Z. Reality must always factor into any considerations that you make. Most young females have a tenuous grasp on reality as it is. Their advice often reflects this.

That’s all I have. Stay up, girls.


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