The Abortion Con

Abortion is hitting the front pages again. In a time when the immoral has become moral, it is necessary to state this unequivocally and unapologetically: there exists no “right” to abortion.  This putative right, created whole cloth by judicial fiat, masquerading as a privacy right (which itself masquerades as a due process right under the aegis of the Fourteenth Amendment), has been the greatest con and the worst fraud practiced upon the American people.  The con lies in the fact that we are encouraged to believe that there are “sides” to choose in the “debate” on the sanctity of life.  We accede to this lie when we analyze abortion from within a legal framework rather than a moral one.

Abortion is the intentional extinguishment of life and as such, is incompatible with principles of natural law—the source from which all rights spring.  Any claim by authority to either positively grant this right or to protect the ability to obtain an abortion as a “fundamental right” lacks legitimacy.  The right to abortion is frankly, a fiction.  That so many Americans are unable to pierce the propaganda veil to see the “abortion issue” as an essentially moral question rather than a legal or political issue is indicative of the decay to which the American body politic is rapidly succumbing.  It is tragic evidence that our moral compass is gone, and with it the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

As simplistic as it may sound to the postmodern sophisticate, abortion is the murder of a human being and an immoral act, as it destroys rather than preserves human life.  Jurisprudentially, the American Constitution contemplates no “emanations and penumbras” that could work to create a federally recognized and fundamental right to abortion.  Medically, abortion is not a “health issue” except in the extreme minority of cases, in spite of how it has been framed by the pro-choice lobby and the political elites eager to exploit the moral bankruptcy of that constituency in order to generate votes and consolidate power.  Logically, abortion is not question of “reproductive justice” or “equality” or any such pablum.  There is no justice in the externalization of costs that occurs when an individual forces the unborn to pay the ultimate price for their indiscretions; the principle of equality is violated when it is unilaterally determined that a one life can be ended by another on a whim.

Ultimately, this is a false debate.  Underneath the subterfuge, this battle is fundamentally one pitting those who celebrate life against those who luxuriate in death.



  1. Even if the bill passes the Senate, it would receive a Presidential veto, which they haven’t got the votes to override. So what’s the justification for wasting my tax money on an unwinnable fight? Probably some lame pronouncement of “principle”, certainly easier to do than any actual governing…



    1. Agreed. To be honest, I think it’s all smoke and mirrors deployed to keep people blind to the fact that the U.S. is for all intents and purposes a one-party state, so aligned are the parties on almost any issue you can think of: immigration, foreign policy, economics, government expansion etc. This show bill demonstrates that both parties essentially agree on abortion; they’re just quibbling about timelines. Neither party values life enough to stand up for the unborn. There is no opposition party in Washington now, just two peas in a pod.



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