Immigration and the Internationalist Agenda

The dream of global collectivist utopia did not perish with the death of the Soviet Union. This vision remains alive and well in the hearts of the most radical elements, who, now unmoored from a communist nation state, continue to pursue their radical “one-world” agenda through the shadowy manipulation of both the machinery of the state and of public opinion. Immigration is now the cudgel yielded by global elites and leftist radicals alike to batter the hoi polloi into the submissive acceptance of a bloated, omnipotent, and oppressive world government.

To understand how and why immigration has been reengineered and weaponized, it is necessary to understand precisely what the internationalist agenda is. Put simply, this agenda aims to unite the entire world under a unitary and explicitly collectivist form of governance to consolidate power in the hands of an elite oligarchical political class. Naturally, the imposition of this system through means of naked aggression would be a shock to the system, and would be violently resisted. The method therefore, must be one of gradualism: softening hearts and minds so that they become receptive to tyranny. First, language is perverted and meaning distorted. The Orwellian Newspeak of the elites serves as smoke and mirrors, obscuring the true nature of the agenda. Evangelists of “progressivism” proselytize that their doctrine will bring enlightenment and freedom, when in reality it ushers in darkness and leaves the individual in thrall to the all- powerful state.

Secondly, the fires of class resentment are stoked and then transformed into bugbears that only centralized government can remedy (income inequality and urban gentrification spring immediately to mind).  Third, the First World is browbeaten into self-flagellation before the rest of the world, as penance for enjoying “privilege” that the rest of the world does not. To atone for this undeserved “privilege,” Westerners must abandon all antediluvian expectations of national sovereignty and secure borders, and open their countries to the world’s oppressed whose oppression, it is argued, is a direct consequence of Western chauvinism.

The idea is to destabilize and destroy the nation state through the fomenting of envious passions, the erosion of nationalism, the destruction of national sovereignty by encouraging porous borders and endless tsunamis of immigration, and the diminution of the individual. This is designed to smooth out the differences between peoples and nations so that they can easily be integrated into one global super structure designed to impose a totalitarian vision upon the world. The dupes may think that mass immigration is humanitarian, but in reality they are hastening their own enslavement.

To be clear, immigration is not per se problematic. Immigration, when permitted in a controlled, limited, and selective fashion can invigorate a nation and infuse it with new talent and new perspectives. The problem however, arises when either (1) governments lack the political will or ability to regulate and control borders (the failed state problem) or (2) political elites within governments have the specific political desire to import immigrants on a massive scale, whether for the purposes of consolidating power within the extant political system or for the purposes of radically restructuring the political system to reflect their own political tastes (the specific intent problem). The problem now is one of scale. Ironically, in the second scenario, the elites interested in the consolidation of the status quo unwittingly facilitate the destabilization agenda of the elites interested in societal reconstruction.

These guys were all interested in fundamental transformation of the West.

Immigration to the West in its current unremitting and unregulated iteration is problematic. It is utterly unsustainable, and it is being used to destabilize the West in a bid advance an internationalist agenda, one that is unfree, illiberal, and the end goal of which is to forcibly establish an all-encompassing collectivist monoculture. The wholesale importation of immigrant populations into the West introduces the types of destabilizing pressures that build precedent to nearly every leftist revolution. Pessimism spreads, ethnic tensions mount due to the introduction of new cultures that are actively discouraged from assimilating and intimately acquainted with tyrannical governance, and social cohesion declines. The nation’s ethnic stock is diluted, leading to unrest as resources become increasingly scarce and as incompatible cultures are forced together. The end result is nations in terminal decline and ripe for pillaging from within and without, and eager to accept the “order” that world government will appear to bring.

As it relates to mass immigration, the agenda’s work is done on two fronts: psychological and economic. Psychologically, citizens within the recipient countries are discouraged from viewing the ceaseless influx of outsiders as antithetical to their interests, but rather as beneficial to the nation. They are told that they should not have the expectation that their borders should ever be controlled. They are encouraged not to view their nations as unique and sovereign, the result of various twists of fate and history, but are rather encouraged to feel shame that their nation is not emulating nations further along the path towards communism. Borders become pregnable, blurring distinctions over time between one country and the next. The cultures of the recipient countries are eroded, indeed derided as privileged and supremacist. The result is an emasculated populace that turns on itself in masochistic fashion, paralyzed by guilt, and praying to be overrun to pay for the sin of its very existence.

Economically, the unmanaged surge of immigrants has the obvious impact of depressing wages amongst the native population. Employers may pay substantially less for labor due to competitive pressures caused by mass immigration. Wages fall, but without a corresponding drop in prices, people will be unable to afford basic necessities leading to greater reliance upon the government and less freedom for the individual. In the meantime, taxation will necessarily increase to generate revenue sufficient to support the demand for social services generated by immigrants. The burden of this increased taxation, however, will be a cross to bear for all but the wealthiest individuals and the corporations best equipped for legal tax evasion. Middle income individuals will experience a more hardscrabble existence than ever before as greater proportions of their earnings are confiscated to support an ever expanding welfare state; smaller businesses will struggle to break even and shutter. Of course, this will do naught but compound wage depression while further empowering multinational corporations, hastening the shift towards global unification.

At no point in our history was immigration ever permitted to the extent that it is now. There is no historical precedent for unregulated and perpetual immigration. Not only does it erode liberty, but it also provides the pretexts that governments need to justify greater meddling in private lives.  Furthermore, the current dispensation opens liberal Western countries to illiberal elements that neither understand nor appreciate the importance of such classically liberal values as limited government, free markets and individual freedom; rather they value socialism and the welfare state.

The signs of the times are all about.


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