The Death of Standards, in 45 Seconds

As we of the legal community like to say: res ipsa loquitur.

America’s ignominious slide into complete dissolution continues.


Red April

It should by now be manifestly clear to all thinking people that the “spontaneous” “grassroots” “unrest” that has been erupting in towns and cities across the U.S., ostensibly in response to fatal police brutality events is anything but.  These are not organic uprisings.  These are not principled resistance movements spearheaded by the people.  These demonstrations are nothing more than the organized and tactical release of the underclass Kraken, fomented by leftist operatives and designed to further destabilize an already flailing society and government.  This is Red April.

Let’s analyze this objectively.  Why Freddie Gray in Baltimore, MD but not North Charleston, SC, where Walter Scott was gunned down three weeks ago?  Why are we seeing “protests” for a killing where the evidence is unclear and largely unavailable, but not for a killing where there the events are unequivocal, caught on camera and aired for the world to see?  To take us back even further, why not New York City? Why not Cleveland, Ohio?  Folks, Baltimore is strategic.  Baltimore is part of a plan.  I can’t say that I know what the endgame is, but I do know that despite the lies, this “unrest” is part of a larger, finely orchestrated operation aimed at spreading chaos and disorder.

A number of the academic revolutionaries have let the mask slip, so convinced are they that Baltimore is the catalyst that they have been waiting for.  They openly congratulate the rioters, offer them support, and affirm solidarity with them.  The hashtags scream for revolution.

Why Red April?  Because these are the Bolsheviks of our day, prepared to turn the White House into the 21st century Winter Palace.  The lions of the left: academic revolutionaries, neo-Marxists, organizers, and undercover operatives are in league with each other.  They are opportunists intending to take advantage of the weakened city government of Baltimore and state government of Maryland.  They intend to further inflame the passions of a restless and resentful populace.  They want to use Baltimore as a launching pad for the revolution that they have been longing for.

One of these things is not like the other.

Examine this picture.  Here we have a young woman protesting to demand justice for a host of young black men killed by the police.  Fair enough.  But then we see something curious.  What does it say at the end of the list of names?  1199 SEIU, a branch of the Service Employees International Union representing the world’s largest local union.  What does union membership have to do with police brutality?  Absolutely nothing on face; superficially, this is a complete non sequitur.  Upon deeper analysis however, the link is easy to see.  Unions are nothing more than leftist/socialist front organizations.  They are “organizers” aimed at organizing the country into a collectivist Brave New World.  Of course a union would encourage violent uprising under the guise of “justice seeking” if the situation is volatile enough to potentially act as a catalyst for a socialist centralization of government power.

Baltimore is significant in a way that the other podunk localities were not.  Geographically, the city is naught but 40 miles northeast of the Capitol.  Our government is already in near terminal decline, poisoned by sympathizers, cronies, and power hungry tools.  It has been sold to the highest bidders by the ruling class.  It is headed by a president committed to a “fundamental transformation” of the nation he has been tasked with governing.  The neo-Marxists realize that they have a fellow traveler in Obama and that they would likely face little resistance in a takeover.  Should the subverters’ dreams come true, another police brutality event will likely take place nearer to or within the Capitol.  The “protesters” from Baltimore will join forces with another People’s Army raised in DC to create a situation that quickly spirals out of control.  Then comes the imposition of martial law.  Then comes the topplings, and a provisional government not too long after.  Even should their grand aspirations fail, the subverters will still have succeeded in bringing the entire country a step closer to collapse by feeding the spirit of cultural pessimism and mistrust.

Baltimore must be watched closely, as there is reason to suspect that something larger is at play here.  We live in an interesting and dangerous time, and for better or for worse it will be interesting to see how things play out.

Being & Becoming

I was listening to a Red Ice Radio podcast when I heard something so elegant in its simplicity, and so compelling that I couldn’t stop mulling it over for days after.  The best characterization of Red Ice that I can give is to describe it as a platform for far/alternative right and reactionary thinkers and thought—a hodgepodge of traditionalism, individualism, ethnocentrism, race consciousness, and nationalism.  Red Ice’s content appeal to me stems precisely from its resistance to the ascendant liberalism of the day which advocates a kind of shapeless and atomistic global citizenship in the context of a relentless modernity.  In some way, I think, the alt-right recognizes that humans are essentially tribal, and promotes identity politics coalescing around principles of racial preservation, nation, family, and faith with the aim of stimulating productivity and strength as a rejoinder to the identity politics of the present day which organizes itself around principles of collectivism, decadence, and resentment.

The podcast’s title was “Surviving the Global Monoculture,” an interesting discussion with Richard Spencer about the prevailing multicultural “one world” attitude of the times and the ways in which it works to deracinate individuals while encouraging greater identification with a generic world culture.  This is done to facilitate the top down imposition of an elitist, globalist control agenda.  At one point in the interview, Spencer mentioned Indian reservations and observed how horrible the conditions were, in spite of the fact that the reservations enjoy a degree of autonomy and decent revenues generated by casinos.  He noted that the native American residents have internalized the worst aspects of modernity and as a result, have succumbed to all manner of ills: alcoholism, drug addiction, pornography, etc. He expressed pity saying: “I wish that they could discover themselves—rediscover themselves—and become Indians.”

I was struck by this, mostly because advocacy for this sort of renewed racial consciousness almost never comes from a traditionalist/rightist orientation.  The current mainstream discourse encourages heightened racial consciousness not for the reasons that the right encourages it (that is, to fortify the individuals within the group and to serve as a buffer against the most destructive anti-values of modern society), but rather as a vector for these anti-values to enervate the individuals within groups by discouraging personal responsibility, stoking the fires of envy and hatred, and encouraging the internalization of the most dissolute aspects of society.  I was struck by the idea of “becoming” anything.  Becoming the truest form of oneself by rediscovering and returning to one’s roots.  ‘Becoming’ through the veneration of tradition and the understanding of what it means to be a part of a culture.  The modern world puts so much emphasis on “being” that it overlooks the “becoming;” people no longer have an understanding that it isn’t enough to be a thing—you only earn the right to be something after passing through the fire to become that thing. The becoming is as important, if not more so than the being.

Actualization through tradition.

The conversation made me reflect upon blackness and the current state of affairs within the black community.  Like the Native Americans on the reservation, black communities across the diaspora have yielded to many of the same decadent forces unleashed upon the world by liberalism.  The rampant illegitimacy, the drug and alcohol abuse, the underachievement, the broken homes, the hollowed out communities, and the rest of it.  To “be black” seems to be simply existing, to drift from degeneracy to degeneracy without roots to anything.  A large part of me wonders if this is the destiny of a people who have been cut off from their culture.  We are trying to be without actually becoming and the results have been disastrous.

What is blackness?  What does it mean to “become black,” and what forms could this becoming take?  Becoming is both static and dynamic, in that we must reach a stable valence, but we also must continue to transcend.  I think that we must rediscover purely African traditions, not the syncretic traditions that have evolved across the diaspora, but the animistic ones that predated them and the philosophy that evolved from it.  We must rediscover and then internalize these values surrounding family and community from a voluntary perspective that eschews forced collectivism.  We must reconnect to a common history and celebrate the achievements of our people while planning for the future, perhaps one that involves the creation of an autonomous nation.  I will try to develop these thoughts further.

On Beauty and Subversion

It’s difficult as a thinking person to examine the present zeitgeist without coming to the conclusion that something within society has gone completely awry.  We watch as all values are inverted and as all standards are abandoned as relics of a more judgmental, less enlightened time.  We live in an era of relative values and subjectivity, an era wherein nothing is knowable, objective, or true.  Nowadays, to assert that absolute truths do exist, or that the continued acceptance of cultural relativism within a society leads to decadence and ultimately, decline is to expose oneself to attack and ridicule, as well as the possibility of stiffer social and employment penalties.  Nowhere in the culture is this inversion of values more apparent than in the spreading cultural antipathy towards aesthetics and ideals of virtue and beauty.

Beauty is perfection.  Beauty represents goodness and transcendence.  Beauty elevates the human race.  Beauty is inspiration and pleasure.  Humans are evolutionarily programmed to recognize, appreciate, and seek out beauty, and to create works of heartbreaking beauty in music, literature, and visual arts. Above all, beauty is truth.  Preferences exist, but true beauty is undeniable.  One might prefer the clanging of pots and pans, but no one can deny the beautiful mastery of Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor; similarly one might claim to prefer the aesthetics of a urine splattered cross in an art installation but that individual can never deny the perfection of the Sistine Chapel.  Nonetheless, we are encouraged to ignore our senses, and to embrace the hideous in every form.  The urine stained cross is now high art; the cacophony of banging pots and pans we are supposed to consider the magnum opus of the finest musical minds.  Put simply, this is the complete uglification of the culture.

There are three key questions: (1) what causes this malignant attitude to develop and spread?  (2) Why has the notion that things are either objectively beautiful or objectively ugly become one that no goodthinking individual dare entertain?  (3) How exactly does this antagonism towards beauty manifest itself?  This denigration of the beautiful is nothing more than an effort to subvert society, brainwashing individuals into believing that the denial of absolute truths and concrete realities is acceptable, even necessary if the denial ultimately results in a “better” and more radically egalitarian society.

Subversion as it relates to accretive cultural destruction is best defined by Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet defector who worked as a propagandist during the 60’s.  According to Bezmenov, subversion is the gradual process by which an enemy undertakes measures to change the perception of every individual within a target country.  Perception is altered so severely through the constant use of various forms of propaganda that individuals are rendered unable to come to sensible conclusions about anything and become unwilling to fight for their very existence.  The target society becomes a sitting duck for the enemy.  Subversion succeeds in destruction by undoing logic and lowering defenses; it succeeds by twisting the mind so much that it becomes unable to discern the truth from a lie.  Bezmenov further explains that subversion proceeds in four distinct stages: (1) demoralization, (2) destabilization (3) crisis and (4) normalization.  We are concerned here with demoralization, as the erosion of the beautiful is in no small part a tool in the work kit of subversion.

To observe the assault on beauty, one need look no further than any of the various liberal pop culture e-rags that proliferate in all corners of the internet.  The so-called “body-positivity” movement (also known as HAES, or “Health at Every Size”), exhorting us to close our eyes to the ugliness of obesity to the cry of “all bodies are beautiful!” and to embrace it as “real beauty.”

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Transgressive obesity.

We see this in the efforts to do away with Barbie and to replace it with other grotesqueries that are said to represent “beauty across various spectra.”  It can be seen as comic book heroes peak physical perfection are redrawn to reflect the average and the typical.  Women are discouraged from attempting to achieve a feminine ideal of beauty and are instead encouraged to put as little effort into their looks as is possible and to adopt “gender neutral” fashion.  Graffiti is pushed upon us as art, and we see the veneration of Banksy, the graffiti artist whose “work” you can obtain as prints from any online art retailer.  We are told graffiti adds neighborhood character.  Whether that character is good or bad is of no relevance.

It’s not vandalism; it’s vibrancy.

There is, furthermore, the strange trend of photographing the abandoned flotsam and jetsam of American life to show the “haunting beauty” of these sites has become all the rage on electronic compost sites like Buzzfeed.  Musically, frankly scatological music is pumped over the airwaves and it hits the Top 40.

The process of demoralization continues unhindered because of a lack of standards combined with a deathly fear of passing judgment on absolutely anyone or anything, even if the person is acting in the basest manner, and even if the thing is completely lacking in virtue or value.  Why?  Because we are taught, almost from birth, that everything is the same, and that everyone is equal: to discriminate is to deny the inherent equality in all things and all people.  We are taught to ignore that the pursuit of the beautiful and the avoidance of the ugly is an evolutionary survival mechanism that enables the preservation of the species.  We are forced to internalize a lie.  Therefore, to say that obesity is bad because it causes severe health complications, and that obese people are disgusting eyesores is a thoughtcrime of the highest order. That would be to imply that the fat are not the equals of the fit.  We should think that Melissa McCarthy is as beautiful as Zoe Saldana.  We cannot say that gender neutral fashion is bunk, and that a woman in a flawlessly tailored dress looks better than some androgyne in a shapeless jumpsuit.  We cannot say that Banksy is a hack but Botticelli is a genius, because to juxtapose the bankruptcy of one and the beauty of the other, to recognize the objective truth of the relative value of each contribution to the artistic cannon, is to immediately make a statement about the inferiority of the former.

This is not petty.  Demoralization has a profound spiritual impact on society.  Interacting with the average lobotomized, zombiefied leftist makes this clear.  Nowadays, people are so used to being told what they believe that their minds lack vigor and are useless for critical thought.  This general mental lassitude makes people unable to resist lies and the imposition of inverted values.  It makes them likely to accept any harebrained assertion, truth or reality notwithstanding.  It creates a generation of people without strong beliefs about anything, who will regard the downfall of their country with little more than a shrug and a yawn.  This is the endgame of subversion: self-destruction through inertia.

Dr. Theodore Dalrymple should have the last word: “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”